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The Best Pat McGrath Makeup Products

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

If you are makeup lover it’s impossible not to have heard about the queen of the makeup industry, Pat McGrath. She has her own makeup brand so I invite you to keep on reading to find out what are The Best Pat McGrath Makeup Products!

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The Best Pat McGrath Makeup Products

I honestly believe that without Pat, many of my favorite makeup brands won’t be in the spotlight today. She is a British make-up artist and the creative design director of Procter & Gamble beauty.

She developed her luxury makeup brand just a few years ago and her products have really created an addiction among makeup addicts worldwide. Her products are one of the best on the market but her prices are high so keep on reading to find out what’s worth splurging on.

Everytime I’m buying Pat’s makeup I have to weight carefully my purchases because her products don’t come cheap at all and among the new ones are also repromotes. There are a lot of fans and makeup collectors out there who own every single palette of hers and will buy any limited edition release. Her makeup is top notch and often the products will surprise you with their superior quality.

If you haven’t yet tried anything signed Pat McGrath cosmetics there here are top 10 makeup products that you should definitely try!

Mothership Eyeshadow Palettes – $125.00 / £115.00 ($65.00 / £50.00)

She has a variety of eyeshadow palettes to choose from and some of them are limited edition and sell out in a blink of an eye. Her 10 pan eyeshadow palettes are iconic items featuring a variety of shades in different finishes from matte to duochrome, sparkle and glitter. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such creamy glitters or soft mattes that blend like a dream.

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The full size palettes are quite an investment so if you are not ready for those yet then you can start by checking out her 6 Pan Palettes which offers you a taste of luxurious eyeshadows. Here are some of my favorites:

Blitz Astral Quad – $65.00 / £50.00

She launched 3 eyeshadow quads for Holiday 2019 and I bought 2 of them which performed like a dream. Some of these shades have a gorgeous duochrome finish with a super creamy and soft formula that performs like a dream. Some of the toppers shades add such a unique sparkle to your makeup look that it will be hard to use any other glitter or topper after that.

It’s so easy to feel in love with her products once you swatch the eyeshadows and use them for the first time. You’ll be instantly addicted. These quads are quite expensive I won’t lie and they don’t feature any matte shades so they are best used paired with other palettes.

My favorite Blitz Astral Quads:

Sublime Skin Highlighter Trio – $50.00 / £38.00

This highlighter trio palette is intended for all skin colors and can be used in so many ways. Either you want glowy cheeks that will make an impact or you want to create a multidimensional effect, with this palette has never been easier. The textures are so creamy and fluid, the shades easily blendable and work beautiful layered on top of each other. You can go as intense as you want!

I just had to have Pat McGrath Sublime Skin Highlighter Trio (review, swatches in my collection and the investment was totally worth it!

Highlighter + Balm Duo – $48.00 / £37.00

This is one of the versatile products from Pat that can perform in so many ways. It comes in 3 variations for light to medium and dark skin and I have reviewed them all. The basic way to use these creamy products are as highlighter and lip balm but they can also be layered together on the cheeks to give a multidimensional glow.

What I love about the highlighter is not only the creamy formula and how beautiful it looks even on bare skin, but the fact that is more natural looking than the shades in the Trio Palette. If you prefer a more soft glow for an everyday makeup look than Highlighter + Balm Duo is your best bet.

I often use it on the eye as eye for a touch of glow, especially when I’m going for a very natural makeup look and I can’t be bother to wear foundation. With this product I can create a simple look in less than 3 minutes. 🙂

Pat McGrath Nude, Gold, Bronze Skin Fetish Highlighter & Balm Duo Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Lipsticks – $40.00 / £37.00

When it comes to lipsticks Pat McGrath overs a wide range of finishes and shades. My favorites are her matte formula lipsticks which feel so velvety on the lips without drying them. They apply like a dream and don’t emphasize lip lines. You can choose sparkling or creamy finishes with you want, there’s plenty for everyone. Here are some of her most popular shades that will often be released in limited edition packaging.

Pat McGrath Christy, Elson 2, Guinevere MatteTrance Lipsticks Reviews, Lip Swatches, Photos

Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil – $28.00 / £29.00

For every lipstick shade there’s a Permagel Lip Pencil that will match it to perfection. These waterproof lip pencils are highly pigmented and have a creamy formula which glides effortlessly and evenly across the lips. Each pencil comes with a sharpener! Here are some of my most used shades:

Pat McGrath Permagel Ultra Lip Pencils Reviews, Swatches, Photos

Lust Gloss – $30.00 / £27.00

It’s impossible to resist the seductive shine of Pat McGrath Lust Glosses. Whichever finish you choose from high shine, shimmer and glitter you’ll enjoy a non sticky, ultimate luxe formula. You have 32 shades to choose from that will plump your lips evoking three-dimensional lustre.

Lip Balm – $25.00 / £19.00 (Trios Set)

If you are willing to splurge on a luxurious lip balm formula then Mini Lip Fetish Lip Balm Trios are the perfect choice. They are not only travel friendly and easily to keep it in your purse everyday but will also embrace your lips in a hydration formula with a dewy, luminous finish. Your lips will feel sensual and soft while they’ll reflect an opaline finish.

They are also available for purchase as Full Size Lip Balm Trios in nude, bright and berry shades.

Sublime Perfection Foundation – $68.00 / £60.00

If you look for reviews you’ll find so many totally different opinions that will make you pause and think long and hard before purchasing this foundation. My review of Sublime Perfection Foundation is super detailed as I’ve tried it with different makeup primers and in different conditions, while showing you before and after photos.

It’s an universal flattering foundation available in 36 shades and definitely suitable for everyone who enjoys a natural coverage where skin still looks like skin. It will give you the best version of your complexion, while evening out your skin tone and make your complexion look fresh and rested.

I’m especially recommending it to those with mature skin as it won’t emphasize wrinkles or sink into your lines. The finish is a soft satin with a very liquidy and lighweight formula. It’s also wearable by combination / oily skin types (I’m one of them!) but check more details in my review!

Sublime Perfection Powder – $55.00 / £51.00

I tried this powder in store when I had my makeup done at Pat McGrath counter the day I purchased the Sublime Perfection Foundation and I must say it kept complexion shine free the entire day.

This powder is available in 5 shades with a silky soft and very fine-milded formula. It feels incredible weightless on the skin and doesn’t emphasizes your fine lines or wrinkles.

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