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House of Sillage x Disney Complexion Duo, Pink Bow Blush & Joyful Highlighter Review, Live Swatches, Makeup Look

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

House of Sillage x Disney Complexion Duo is one of the most beautiful, yet luxurious and playful looking cheek products I’ve seen this year. House of Sillage makes its makeup debut with a limited edition Disney collection that we talked about a few weeks ago. I’m honored to have received this Disney Complexion Duo as a gift so I’m happy to share with you my thoughts on the product.

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U.S. Launch Date – 26 March 2021 exclusively at HouseOfSillage


House of Sillage Complexion Duo, Pink Bow Blush & Joyful Highlighter Review

House of Sillage Complexion Duo ($58.00 for 15 g/ 0.52 oz) is a new cheek duo set containing a highlighter in the shade Joyful and a Pink Bow Blush. While House of Sillage is currently available for purchase only in the U.S. I’m happy to announce that they will be offering international shipping very soon.

I know many of you based in the UK and Europe were asking me about this pretty House of Sillage Disney Collection so just be a little more patient. Currently House of Sillage is working on arranging the proper conditions for international shipping so we can get everything from their perfume and makeup collections.

I admit that I wasn’t over the moon for these shades when opened the compact. On a first glance they don’t look very unique and neither when swatched. The situation completely changed when I applied them on the cheeks. They are the kind of colors that would be very elegant, yet very business, office appropriate.

At least to me these colors and the makeup looks that I created with them over the past few weeks, express elegance. I would see them worn by business women, entrepreneurs or any office related job. The highlighter is not overpowering and the blusher it can be universal flattering and suitable for a variety of skin colors. It’s the kind of color that you can wear everyday. Is not too playful or warm toned like a coral and not too barbie or girly girl style like a pink blush.


What can I say more! It’s playfulness mixed with elegance and luxury. While Mickey Mouse is displayed on the top of the compact and his little head embossed on the blush, you still get that sense of a luxurious item. The compact snaps shut, has a mirror inside and some weight to it. I love that ingredients are displayed on the back as well as other details. They really did an amazing job with the packaging and even though we are talking about a Disney collection which is meant to be joyful and playful you can still see and sense the luxurious style of House of Sillage.

House of Sillage Complexion Duo Live Swatches

Here I have swatches applied on 2 layers on bare skin. LIVE SWATCHES are on Instagram but you can also see how the highlighter and blush looks when blended on the skin.

House of Sillage Disney Complexion Duo Blush Swatches

Here I made separate swatches of the highlighter which is very soft but luminous yet natural looking on the skin. Very flattering, especially for fair and light skin.

House of Sillage Disney Complexion Duo Highlighter Swatch


House of Sillage Complexion Duo Detailed Review

Pink Bow Blush is a medium pink bronze with neutral undertones and a matte finish. It had a good color payoff in a single layer and rich pigmentation. It adheres well even on bare skin and it’s easily blendable. The color is not exactly opaque in a single layer and I personally need to layers on my light skin. This means it can be used even by fair skin and blend it gently so probably even one or one and a half layer will be OK.

If you are medium skin tone you can build up the color and you will get quite a natural rosy shade with a neutral undertone. I want “to blame” the elegance and natural effect of this blush on this neutral undertone. It makes the color look beautifully on the skin and pairs up great with the highlighter.

House of Sillage Disney Complexion Duo Open

The texture is very soft and silky and even though it’s quite hard press on the pan it’s easy to pick up product. I used a dense blush brush (synthetic) and applied the product evenly. There were no issues during the application and it lasted beautiful on me for about eight hours before it started to fade away gently.

Joyful Highlighter is a light golden pink with warm undertones and a luminous satin finish. It had a good color payoff in a single layer being easily buildable in two layers to full opacity. It’s a color that’s easily buildable but can easily be diffused and blend it out. The skin catches that gleaming light just like a multifaceted diamond thanks to the powder highlighter technology.

House of Sillage Disney Complexion Duo Details

The formula is hardly pressed in the pan but without being too powder. It feels very soft, quite creamy and smooth to the touch and applies without causing fall out or emphasizing pores and skin texture. The effect is a dazzling radiance, not overpowering even though you can see very fine shimmer in the texture.

It gives you a luminous yet natural look that will look good on everyone, that glow from within, fresh and looking radiance. You can wear this type of highlighter on a daily basis as it’s not too intense. On me it wore well for about eight and a half hours without moving around or emphasizing skin texture.

House of Sillage Disney Complexion Duo Makeup

House of Sillage Complexion Duo Makeup Look

This is the first makeup look I created using House of Sillage x Disney Complexion Duo. You could say it’s very pink but I’d say it’s very stylish and elegant and not so girly girl looking. I posted my video for this look on IGTV!

House of Sillage Disney Complexion Duo on the cheeks




House of Sillage Disney Complexion Duo Makeup Swatch



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