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Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership VII Palette Review, Swatches & Makeup Look

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership VII Palette took the beauty world by surprise with its launch. Just out of the blue, without any notice the palette launched online at Selfridges as sold out almost instantly, becoming available only as a Selfridges London store exclusive.

UK Launch Date – Now exclusively at Selfridges London Store (will be restocked online) | U.S. Launch Date – 7 November 2019 10 AM EASTERN SEPHORA, Pat McGrath


Availability in U.S. and UK

This launch simply took the beauty world by storm as everyone wanted to get their hands on it. Because at the moment is only available in London store it’s pretty difficult to get hold of if unless you know someone in the city or through personal shoppers.

Don’t panic as the palette will be restocked online at Selfridges at some point and it will be available through her website tomorrow. Pat just gave exclusivity for this palette to London Selfridges and is being sold very well at the moment. I can say that I’m really happy and feel lucky to finally have a London exclusive launch as so many times I saw U.S. exclusives products that I wasn’t able to buy. Some of you were able to shop for this at Sephora Australia from what I’ve been told. 🙂

Talking about knowing someone in London who can get you the palette this is what the gorgeous Canadian Youtuber Jena Froese did. She got in touch with me and knowing my birthday is coming she got me this palette as a gift also knowing I’ve already invested in Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection.

Definitely check Jena’s channel out as she doesn’t only review makeup but she has a passion for designer bags so get a pick into her collection. If you are passionate about traveling then check out Jena’s Instagram and be mesmerized by her photos.

VR Rose Venus vs Rose Venus EYEdols Single Eyeshadow

There were comments regarding VR Rose Venus shade from the palette thought of being the same with Rose Venus EYEdols single eyeshadow. It’s not the same shade and I addressed this by showing you LIVE SWATCHES comparison on my Instagram.

Rose Venus single eyeshadow is a rose with a metallic finish while the one from the palette is a peachy orange with some pink duochrome finish. Depending on how the light hits this one changes its appearance. Just check my photos from Instagram and also the video where I’m sure you’ll notice the difference.

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I’m addressing the DM’s I’ve got & comments I’ve seen regarding ROSE VENUS shade from the new @patmcgrathreal #divinerosepalette 🌹 being compared to Rose Venus single #eyeshadow . They are 2 totally different shades -> SWIPE LEFT ⬅️ for LIVE SWATCHES so you can see how the 2 shades look. LEFT: Rose Venus from Divine Rose Mothership VII palette – RIGHT: Rose Venus Single eyeshadow I think there’s a pretty noticeable difference won’t you say? 😉 The new one has a duochrome finish while the old one is more metallic. If I can get a ray of 🌞 tomorrow I’ll show you more live swatches in a better light than the ones I posted a few days back. YES the palette will be restocked at @theofficialselfridges but there’s no date for it!!!! Keep checking & refreshing. I shall have my review ON THE BLOG 💻pretty soon as well!!!! #patmcgrathdivinerose #patmcgrathmothershipVI

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Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership VII Palette Review

I’ll admit it right from the start the packaging really got to my heart with these notes of pink and the shade range from the palette is right up my alley. The 10 eyeshadow palette features new and repromote shades like the Iridescent Pink 003 from Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio. I do have to say it’s just a tiny bit difference between then but not quite noticeable from a normal distance.

Here are the ingredients just because I know some of you are interested in these as well. I noticed a bit of difference between the ingredients of the two Iridescent Pink 003 shades.

The other repromote shades from this palette are Skinshow Nude from Subliminal Palette, Rose Dusk from Sublime Palette and Astral Solstice from Midnight Sun Palette.

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership VII Palette ($125.00 / 115.00 for 13.2 g / 0.47 oz) is an elegant presentation of glamorous nudes and golds with matte, sparkling and duochrome finishes. The price is high I’ll admit that but the quality is there, the packaging is beyond gorgeous and the palette is well made overall. It comes with a mirror inside just like all her Mothership Eyeshadow Palettes and the palette has weight to it and feels really luxurious on my hands.

Skinshow Nude is a luminous golden beige with warm undertones and a metallic sheen. The eyeshadow is rich and pigmented with a great color payoff. The texture feels creamy, easily blendable and applies evenly. I had around eight and a half hours on me without creasing.

Velouria is a medium brown taupe with a soft matte finish. It had a good pigmentation and it was buildable to full opacity in two layers. The formula is very smooth and soft but kicks off some powder in the pan when I swatch  it or dipped my brush.

The application went well, adhered very well onto the skin without any fall out. It was applied evenly and was easy to blend. To my surprise I got more pigmentation when I applied it on my lid than when I swatched it on bare skin, overall it performed really well on me for around 9 hours.

Sable Bronze is a medium golden bronze with a metallic finish. It had an excellent color payoff in a single layer and looks totally opaque. The consistency is very smooth and silky, almost buttery I could say. Applies evenly and blends easily without any fall out.

Applied with dampened brush you can get more of that metallic finish if you wish. I also liked to apply it using my fingertips. It wore well on me for about 9 hours without any fall out.

Refined Gold 002 is a light gold with slightly warm beige undertones and a sparkling metallic finish. It had a good pigmentation but don’t expect full opacity in a single layer. The consistency is very soft, smooth and adheres well onto the lid without any fall out.

I got more intensity out of this shade when I applied it with my fingertips or by patting it with a dampened brush. It looks beautiful layered on top of the mattes. I got around eight hours and a half wear with this formula.

Iridescent Pink 003 is a very light lavender with pink-to-violet duochrome shift and metallic finish. As I mentioned there’s a slightly difference ingredient wise compared to the same shade from her Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio . I feel the color is the same but the texture definitely feels improved, more smooth and creamier to the touch.

It had a good color coverage which was easily buildable to full opacity. I love the fact that I can use this as a highlighter as well and I notice how well adheres on bare skin as well. Works very well on the skin, even coverage and blends out nicely. The duo-chrome finish with that pink shift is absolutely gorgeous. I wore it for almost nine hours without getting any fall out.

Xtreme Mahogany is deep chocolate brown with slightly warm undertones and a matte finish. It didn’t swatch quite well, revealing  an uneven color with a formula that kicked a lot of dust in the pan. To my surprise on the lid it performed so much better, showing a great color payoff in a single layer.

It was easily blendable while the texture is smooth but I feel it pressed hard in the pan so make sure to kick out the powder excess before working it into your lid. I got around eight and half hours wear out of this one.

Love Lace is a medium taupe brown with a rosy base, a fine shimmer and a metallic finish. It had a great color payoff being opaque in a single layer. The texture feels very smooth and soft, almost buttery just like Sable Bronze. It applied evenly onto the skin and blended out easily without causing any fall out.

This shade looks even more intense when applied with your fingertips or a dampened brush. You just get more of that metallic finish and sparkling effect. It wore well on me for almost nine hours.

Rose Dusk is a muted, medium-dark rosy plum with warm undertones and a pearly sheen. It has good color payoff with a smooth and silky texture that’s easy to work it. The color is buildable to an opaque coverage in two layers and is easily blendable. I had around eight and half hours wear with Rose Dusk.

VR Rose Venus is an orange peach gold with a duochrome finish. Personally this is my favorite shade from the palette and I know it may look a bit different on everyone. Depending on how the light hits it may look more peachy or gold and sometimes slightly goes towards a pink hue.

I’ve tried wearing this as a blush and highlighter as well and it looks absolutely stunning. It had a great color payoff being almost fully opaque with an extra half layer. The consistency is super soft and creamy to the touch while the shade is easily blendable. I got around nine hours wear out of this one.

Astral Solstice is a luminous golden beige with a shimmery sparkling finish. This one swatched so transparent applied dry that can be percieved as a topper. Things change when you apply it wet as it becomes opaque with a rich color payoff and a mettalic finish. I had a better experience applying this shade with my fingers, just gently patting it on my lid.

When I applied it with a dry brush I had some fall out but nothing came out when I used a dampened brush. Considering this shade has so much sparkle and shimmer the texture is very smooth and sats well onto the skin. Important details like this make you appreciate Pat McGrath palettes and justify the price. I had around nine hours wear with this shade.

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership VII Palette Swatches

I took swatches on bare skin (no eyeshadow primer or base applied) in a single layer. I could have built up the shades that didn’t come out opaque in a single layer but I wanted to show you the real thing. Those shades are easily buildable anyway and turn opaque from the second layer.

Even though the 2 matte shades Velouria and Xtreme Mahogany didn’t swatch that well, they do perform so much better on the lid.

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership VII Palette Makeup Look

This is the first makeup look I created with Pat McGrath Divine Rose Palette for which I used 5 shades: Skinshow Nude, Velouria, Xtreme Mahogany, Rose Dusk and VR Rose Venus.

The two matte shadows Velouria and Xtreme Mahogany were completely different on the lid comparent to how they swatched on my arm. They applied so well, the color payoff was amazing and the were so easily blendable.

Overally I’m super pleased with this palette and for me it’s totally worth it because the color variation inside is wearable for everyone. I think this type of palette can be work on a daily bases if you go towards the mattes and just choose a bit of sparkle or use it for special occasions and more intense looks and reach out for the metallic and shimmers.

Then you got shades like Iridescent Pink 003 that doubles as a highlighter or VR Rose Venus that looks beautifully as a blush. It is really hard to make a palette that will please everyone first color wise and then in terms of formula, quality and packaging. For me Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Palette delivers all that.

Final Thoughts / Price / Quality

Considering the price is on the luxury side and I’m very well aware that not everyone can afford a full size Pat McGrath Mothership Palette, but if you want to save and invest in quality then Divine Rose is definitely a good start.

Like I said for me it’s a great palette and worth the investment because I would use any shade of the palette, there’s none that I’d skip, plus some of them double as highlighter or blush.

I had no idea Pat was going to release a new palette so I made the effort and bought 2 of her quads from the Holiday 2019 Makeup Collection (swatches, first impressions). I do think her products are worth it, but I also see them as an investment in quality. I wish I could afford to collect every single palette of hers but since I’m buying makeup from other brands that I need to review I must be careful with my purchase choices.

That’s why if it weren’t for Jena, I would have purchased Divine Rose at some point as for me it became my favorite palette in terms of color range after Mothership III Subversive Palette. That one was always my first choice but I hesitated because there are 2 shades that I know I’ll never use (Gygabite & Blitz Amethyst) so I felt I’d be paying only for 8 pan eyeshadow palette. Pat McGrath Divine Rose Palette is just flawless for me.

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