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Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette Review, Swatches

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I had my eyes on two palettes to be honest but at the end I went only for Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette. I’ve been wearing this one for over a week now so here’s a detailed review that I’m sure it will help you make a smart purchase choice when these palettes will launch at other retailers.

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette

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U.S. / UK Launch Date – Soon at SEPHORA, Nordstrom, Harrods, Selfridges , John Lewis, Feel Unique, Net-a-Porter , Harvey Nichols

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette Review

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette is just one out of 4 palettes that sold out almost instantly when they launched online. Since they are going to be released at other retailers pretty soon, you deserve to know if it’s worth buying or not as this is quite an expensive makeup piece.

Tom Ford makeup is on the luxury side but this doesn’t mean that you’ll always get the best quality you are paying for. For me personally Tom Ford items have been hits or miss so I feel I’m always risking when I shop this brand. As a blogger that’s a risk I’m taking so you don’t have to! 🙂

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette ($155.00 / £98.00 for .49 oz / 14 g) contains four eyeshadows, one highlighter and one bronzer. It’s a new release which doesn’t specify anything about being limited edition so I’m just going to assume is going to be part of the permanent line.

Just a heads up for everyone, either if you have pale or darker skin, don’t be fooled by how the colors look in the pan as I can guarantee you this baby will complement every skin tone and color. Yes, I’m referring to what it seems to be a white highlighter and a very contrasting bronzer.

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You are going to love this palette especially if you are cool skin tone but even as a warm tone you will find it suitable. 🙂 I’m a cool skin tone and at first I was reluctant in picking up this palette just because I could swear I wouldn’t get any use out of the highlighter and bronzer. Being described as a No.2 intensity is what made me decide on my purchase, along with the violet and lilac eyeshadows.

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette

I went for Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette in the end and not for Rose Cashmere which has intensity 0,5 (softer shades, sheer/ natural color payoff) just for reviewing purposes as I know the majority of my readers enjoy more pigmented and intense shades. I don’t regret my purchase for one second because all the shades are wearable for me.

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Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette Shade by Shade Review

Moonlit Violet Highlighter even though is perceived as white in the pan it changes color when I swatch it and apply it on my skin. Turns to a soft tint of pink with cool undertones which gives a beautiful glass effect to the cheeks. It will go tremendously well on fair skin tones and you don’t have to take my word for it, just go watch Angela’s YOUTUBE REVIEW of this same palette. She has live swatches of another palette as well, but especially for Tom Ford Moonlit Violet she created a makeup look. 🙂

This highlighter looks beautifully on the skin, without emphasizing skin texture or pores and gives a natural luminosity to the entire face, especially if you choose to apply it under your brow bone, inner corner of the lid or cupid’s bow.

It applies really well and blends easily so you can go from soft to a more intense shade if you apply it wet and with a moderately dense brush. Lasts on me for about 9 hours before fading easily.

Medium and darker skin tones may be reluctant at using it at first but trust me that it will look good on every skin color as it’s not about the shade itself but about overall luminosity and brightens that it brings to the skin. The color is universal flattering if you ask me and I don’t easily say this about many shades.

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette

Moonlit Violet Bronzer looks really dark in the pan but it comes on very quite sheer on the skin and it’s easily buildable. If you have fair, light skin then just go over it with a softer brush and easily build it up but I was good with one and a half layer that I blended out quite easily and seamlessly.

It doesn’t look muddy or orange, as it actually has cooler undertones that cool tone skins may appreciate it more than those with warmer skin. In terms of long lasting it didn’t disappoint me for about eight hours and a half when it started to fade easily.

Now let’s talk Tom Ford Moolit Violet Eyeshadows which have cool undertones and lean over the violet, purple family. The color story was very well chosen for this palette and the shades combine well with eachother.

The top two shades are definitely more light and apply more sheer so even though you’ll try to build them up don’t expect intense pigmentation and opaque coverage as they won’t give you that. They are more shimmery but they are meant to bring luminosity to your eye makeup so make sure to not play with them too much above your crease.

A very well balanced amount of shimmer is what these two shades will give you so if you are going for a luminous, elegant or even party look then do apply them on your lid, on the inner corner of your eye or just a bit on your brow bone.

I got very minimal fall out during the application when I used them dry and with a more fluffy brush, but definitely no fall out when I used a flat brush and especially apply them wet. I just got them to blend easily along with the other two darker shades and they worked really well together.

In terms of long lasting I got close to eight a half hours wear for all of the shades, without creasing but with very minimal fall out in the end.

The two darkest shade are more pigmented and easily buildable to a richer color payoff in two layers. I don’t think either of these shades are meant to look fully opaque in a single swipe but definitely the darker ones will offer you more opacity, especially applied wet.

I’m not picky when it comes to full opacity or intense shades and perfect opaque swatch in one swipe. If I can get fully opaque coverage in two layers than I’m good with that as I like layering the colors anyway and going back and forward with my brush, not to mention you can choose to have a mysterious, elegant day look with this palette as well.

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette Swatches

Here are all the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette swatches on bare skin without any primer or makeup base. For the first two shades which are the ones with more shimmer I went in with two layers, applied with my fingers.

For the other two darker shades I kept it simple, in a single swipe and applied dry. I’ll do a live demo that I’ll post on IGTV video so I can show you swatches comparison between how they apply wet or dry and in one or two layers. 🙂 Make sure you are following CHICPROFILEOFFICIAL on Instagram so you won’t miss it!

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette Swatches

Moving on to the highlighter which you can see is not a completely flat white shade but has a bit of a cool pink undertones. I kept the highlighter in a single pass and applied dry on bare skin.

The bronzer is swatched in two layers so you can see it can be intensified for deeper skin tones as well. 🙂

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette Swatches

If you are wondering what lipstick I’ve used in the first photo is Tom Ford Blow-Up Satin Matte Lip Color (Review, Swatches, Makeup Look) which you’ve seen me wearing several times on Instagram as well. 🙂

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette Makeup Look

For this look I used the 4 eyeshadows in the palette along with the bronzer but as a highlighter I used Bobbi Brown Flower Girl NYC Pink Glow Highlighting Powder (review, live swatches & video with makeup look).

On my face I’m also wearing Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation (review, swatches, makeup looks) and Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer (review, swatches) set with Chantecaille Perfect Blur Finishing Powder (review, swatches, makeup look).

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Moonlit Violet Palette Makeup Look

On the cheeks I’m wearing the Tied Up Blush from NARS Overlust Cheek Palette (review, makeup look) while for the lips I paired Tom Ford Blow-Up Satin Matte Lip Color (review, makeup looks) with Esscence Soft Contouring Lip Liner in No.07 Lost in Love.

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Haemah Ravanan July 8, 2020 - 1:17 pm

Wonderful review dear,at first I thought its only for cool fair skin tone but after reading your article, I thought I am wrong,atfirst white shade look shimmer powdery look but it’s not, I loved your review .,I would like to know answer for this ,before applying eyeshadow color I swatch it in my hand to check the colour combination, while washing my hand I saw most of them getting darker(oxidise),even in my eyes especially wearing chanel eyeshadows it blends well but in a few seconds it shows darker why this is happening to me ,I dont have primer but I use eye serum/cream and concealer before applying makeup on the eye.plz share your thoughts.regarding TF I own only badass palette which I love a lot ,plan to get honeymoon,suspicious palette.


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