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Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Glow Face Palette Review, Live Swatches, Makeup Look

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

Dior Backstage line received 3 new Face Glow Palettes which are suitable for all skin tones and colors. First I’m reviewing Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Glow Face Palette which is my favorite, knowing my passion for pink. I bought all three palettes so keep on refreshing the blog for upcoming reviews of 003 Pure Gold and 005 Copper Gold.

Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Glow Face Palette Review

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U.S. / UK Launch Date – 16 September 2020 at Harrods, Dior Boutiques | 28 September 2020 at Sephora France (ships to UK) | TBA at SEPHORA | Nordstrom, Selfridges, Escentual, Harrods SAKS, Bloomingdale’s, John Lewis, Liberty London


Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Glow Face Palette Review

Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Glow Face Palette ($45.00 / £36.00 for 10g/ 0.35 oz) is a combination of pearly pink and pure pink with an intense finish, a rose gold and a golden peach with a metallic finish. It was create to suit fair and light skin tones alike. I’m not saying it may not work on other skin colors but fair and light skin tones will wore it best.

Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Glow Face Palette

The shades were beautiful, not fully opaque in a single layer which I personally enjoyed to build them up if needed. They can be used as eyeshadows but you’ll get fall out during the application. Try using a damp brush and just pat them on the lid and just slightly blend them towards the edges. The overall texture was thin, quite well pressed in the pan without kicking off fall out when I picked it up with a brush. I can’t say they feel creamy or buttery, they are soft without feeling dry to the touch and blend effortlessly on the cheeks.

Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Glow Face Palette Close Up


I know many of you are fans of Dior Backstage packaging but as many products as I try from this collection I can’t not get used to the low quality of the packaging. It’s not only cheap looking but it feels cheap as well and it creates a lot of problems to a lot of people. It’s one of the most problematic packaging I’ve met as the shades are either not very well glued in the pan, or they break up super easily when the packaging is miss-handled.

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One of the 3 quads that I bought already showed problems with one of the gold shade after the second use…it was just not properly glued in the pan. I’d gladly pay for a better packaging just so I can rest assure that the shades won’t come off if I won’t handle them super gently. Everytime I use a Dior Backstage Quad or Palette I have to be super careful how I grab them, use them and place them back up in the drawer.

Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Glow Face Palette Live Swatches

Here you have swatches of Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Glow Face Palette applied in 2 layers on bare skin without any primer, foundation or base applied underneath. Check out this Instagram Video for Live Swatches under natural, sunny light and see how sparkly they look.

Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Glow Face Palette Swatches


Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Glow Face Palette Shade by Shade Review

Gold Pearl is a luminous, light gold with slightly warm undertones and gold-peachy shimmer with a metallic finish. It had a sheer pigmentation in a single layer, easily buildable to medium opacity in a second layer. This color brings out luminosity either if you use it as a highlighter or as an eyeshadow.

It had a soft, smooth texture, without feeling buttery or velvety but it applied nicely and adhered well even on bare skin. It didn’t kicked off any powder in the pan but it did caused fall out when applied as an eyeshadow. The best way to apply it on the lid is by using a slightly damp brush or pat it on with your fingertips and then blended it gently around the edges.

On the cheeks looks really beautiful, not to intense and with a touch of shimmer. I wouldn’t built it up if you don’t want to emphasize your skin texture too much. It got around eight hours wear with this formula on my cheeks, while on my lids it started showing signs of creasing after six hours.

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Pink Gold is a  light baby pink with warm undertones and gold shimmer paired with a metallic finish. It was semi-opaque in two layers and it looks like a very luminous, sparkling color. It has a beautiful rose-gold reflection but it can’t be used as blush. I’d love to see this color as a blush but because of the high shimmer even though I build up the color, I didn’t get more pigmentation but actually more shimmer and intense metallic finish.

As a highlighter it works beautifully on my skin but I won’t see it as a blush. It doesn’t emphasize skin texture because those pink-gold shimmers reflect the light and just give this luminous, bright sparkling glow. I get that fresh, luminous and youthful look and I don’t even need to intensify the color. Even one layer is enough for me as you know I’m not into super intense sparkle.

Used on the eyes really makes the entire makeup pop, applies easily and blends well but it does have some fall out during the application. I’d use it wet so the shimmer wouldn’t move around too much and just pat it on the lid. The texture is smooth, soft and quite loose but without feeling dry at all. I got around eight hours wear before it started to fade noticeably on me. As an eyeshadow it didn’t lasted for more than 6 hours before I noticed signs of creasing. I’d wear it applied on top of other eyeshadows or over a creamy shade.

Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Palette Gold Pearl Pink Gold

Rose is a very light pink over a pearly white base and a shimmer finish. It had a good color payoff being semi-opaque in a single layer but buildable almost to full opacity. It has this beautiful finely miled shimmer, more like pearly finish without any glitter. I like the soft, elegant effect that it can give when used as a highlighter. It looks more subtle than the previous two colors and it will be ideal for fair skin especially.

If you want a more soft looking highlighter then this is the only one from the quad. The texture is soft and smooth and causes no fall out during the application. Applied wet it brings out more of that pearly sheen which gives a more intense glow and luminosity to your makeup. Applies and adheres well even on bare skin while it lasts on me for about eight and a half hours.

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Golden Peach is a light peach with warm undertones and golden shimmer with a subtle metallic finish. It had a semi-sheer color coverage in a single layer, more like a wash of golden peach glitter. It was buildable up to a medium opacity and when applied wet it had a more intense metallic finish rather than shimmer.

The texture was smooth but very thin, almost loose so it caused a lot of fall out during the application, especially when used on the lids. I prefer to apply this with a damp brush and just pat it on my cheeks instead of using swiping motions. On the eyes I prefer to use my fingertips and just apply it on top of a creamy eyeshadow (over glitter glue will work best and stay put). Applied over a matte eyeshadow it adds a bit of sparkle but is not very intense and still causes fall out throughout the wear.

I had around seven hours wear before it started to fade noticeably on me. Throughout the wear the shimmer moved around so my entire cheek, down to my jaw was covered in shimmer. Just because of that I can say it’s my least favor shade from the quad. You just have to be more careful with the application and set it properly in place.

Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Palette Rose Golden Peach

Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Glow Face Palette Makeup Look

With two more palettes waiting for me to test them, I wanted this look to be very simple, fresh, youthful yet flattering. So I’m not wearing any foundation, primer or concealer. I just applied the shades from Dior Rose Gold Palette directly on my cheeks, after using skincare of course.

Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Face Glow Palette Makeup on Cheeks

I just had skincare on and my go-to Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging Moisturiser SPF 30 (review, ingredients). This product provides a very sheer veil of color that helps even out my skin tone (in very natural way) and gives me a matte finish. It’s is available in 2 combinations for both normal to dry and normal to combo/ oily. In the Summer I tend to wear as less foundation as possible and this moisturizer is a must for me. I wore it everyday since last Summer and when we go in holidays at the sea my boyfriend uses it as well for SPF purposes as he doesn’t want a red nose or his skin peeling off.

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Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Palette Makeup Look on Light Skin

I tried the Metallic Pink Glow shade as a blusher but I got more of a luminous glow in a single layer. The more I tried to build up the color on my cheeks, the more luminous and metallic it looks so it’s definitely not a blusher. I love it as a pink highlighter and really complements my skin tone (cool skin tone). You know I just love a subtle glow!

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On my eyes I played with all the shades and they look quite discreet I may say, applied in a single layer. The color payoff is quite soft, semi-sheer or medium pigmented depending on the shade. They do look more intense when applied with fingertips or a damp brush but not fully opaque. I would wear them on top of other eyeshadows just for a pop of sparkle and a beautiful glow.Dior Backstage 004 Rose Gold Palette on the Eyes

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Saba Siddique October 10, 2020 - 5:55 pm

Hello, the finishes on the rose gold palette is described as metallic but it looks from the swatches that it’s kind of glittery, i am confused. The swatches from other channels on youtube also showed the swatches kind of glittery. Please help me.

Tavia October 11, 2020 - 8:24 am

Hi Saba! You can read the section where I reviewed shade by shade and described the First Shade. It has very fine shimmer, not glitter and it leans a bit metallic when it is build up. On me I’d have to build it up in 3-4 layers to get to that more metallic sheen or apply it wet and built it up. Is not a true metallic by any means, is more like a softer one if you wish and definitely has shimmer and not the usual metallic sheen. My swatches were done in a single swipe and apply dry on bare skin. You can also check the live swatches that I have on Instagram. 🙂


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