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SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 Review, Live Swatches, Makeup Look

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

After waiting over one week for the delivery of SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 now it’s time for a detailed review. I used this palette for the past 3 days so I can give you all the details on how it performs and also comparisons between Burberry Essentials Glow Palette or Chanel Fall 2020 Collection.

SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 Review

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SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 Review

SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 (£58.00 for 16.5 g) is a limited edition blush palette featuring 4 blush shades and two highlighters. It is suitable for every skin color thanks to the color story which was carefully put in place. The two darker blushes from the left (top and bottom) are suitable for medium to darker skin types. The intensity can be easily built up so even if you are deeper skin you can still make this palette work.

SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 Review

For those with fair and light skin colors these darker shades can work as bronzers in a way or just applied a bit lower than the blush to add dimension to our cheeks. Now the actual blusher shades that I’m excited about, the 2 in the center in pink and bright peach are definitely wearable for any skin color. Yes even for fair skin because they come on very lightly and if you use a light hand and a fluffy brush you barely need to work on blending.

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Now the highlighters from this palette are my favorite shades because they give such a special glow and definition to the cheeks. Even though we are looking at a powder blush compact, I used all the shades as eyeshadows as well. The look I created down bellow for eyes and cheeks was entirely with this palette.

I was asked to do a comparison between SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 and Burberry Essential Glow Palette Harmony (01) (review, live swatches, makeup look). So keep on reading to find out my thoughts at the end of this review.

SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 Shade by Shade Review

SUQQU Blush #01 is a medium-deep rosy brown with reddish undertones and a smooth matte to satin finish. It had a good pigmentation in a single layer being fully opaque in two layers. This shade would be too dark for me to use a blusher but it will complement nicely medium or deeper skin tones.

The consistency is just so smooth and buttery, almost like a cream to powder to the touch. It applies well, without any fall out, adheres well onto the skin and blends easily. I’d use it on my cheeks with a light hand just to add some dimension to my cheeks and a bit of shadow and the come over with one of the pink or peach blushes. I had around 9 and a half hours wear on me before it started to slightly fade away.

SUQQU Blush #02 is a medium berry pink with slightly cool undertones and a subtle matte-satin finish. It had fantastic pigmentation being almost opaque in a single layer. The texture is super smooth and soft and applies like a dream on the cheeks. It has that cream to powder feeling that it melts on the skin and blends seamlessly just like the other 3 blushers.

This is my favorite blush color from the pan as you could have easily guessed if you are a regular on Chicprofile. A little goes a long way so I don’t need much product to begin with to be honest. I’m using a fluffy brush everytime I pick up this shade and gently blended on my cheeks. It can be intensified with another layer of color if you are medium or deep skin and it will hold on to its pigmentation.

As you can see I used this shade as an eyeshadow and applied it all over my crease, building up the intensity in 2 layers. You can see in my makeup look down bellow just how intense this shade can be applied in 2 layers (dry). It wore well on me for about 9 hours without creasing or emphasizing my skin texture or any fall out.

SUQQU Blush #03 is a medium dirty orange brown with warm orange undertones and a matte to satin finish. It had a good color payoff with intense pigmentation in a single layer. The color is very rich and intense even in a single layer so it would definitely make a great blusher for medium to deeper skin tones. Now for fair and light skin this shade is too dark to be used as a blusher and because of it’s color I wouldn’t use it on my face as a bronzer either.

I was happy using it as an eyeshadow and it blended seamlessly and easily without any fall out during the application. I have to be honest here and say that this is my least favorite shade from the palette and I doubt I’ll be reaching for it too often. It lasted on me for about 9 hours before it started to gently fade away.

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SUQQU Blush #04 is a bright coral pink with strong warm undertones and a subtle matte finish. It had insane pigmenation with a great color payoff being easily blendable. The formula is very soft and smooth without being drying at all. This shade is not the usual blusher that I’d choose so I prefer to wear it as an eyeshadow. I’m all up for coral blushes if they are lighter and not so pigmented and warm toned as this one.

I bet it will look great on someone with a tanned skin but also on anyone who favorites warm tone blushers. Is just not a shade that I’d wear but I can’t complain about its performances. My mum actually loves this shade, she wore it yesterday to work as a blusher and eyeshadow and she really appreciated the warmth of the color. Just like the other shades this one lasted on me for 9 hours without emphasizing my skin texture or pores. On the lid it lasted beautifully for over 9 hours without creasing or showing any signs of fall out.

SUQQU Highlighter #01 is a light shell pink with soft neutral-cool undertones and a pearly sheen. The pigmentation is fantastic and the color looks beautiful applied in a single layer. It’s that kind of highlighter that will give you a luminous sheen without being sparkly or glittery and too intense. So this shade can work for an everyday look when you want that soft sheen or for a glam but elegant makeup look.

I absolutely love this shade on me both on my cheeks as well as on my eyes. You can intensify it a bit if you want and use a damp brush when you want to apply it and a second layer will definitely make the diffence. But again it won’t be a bomb highlighter that will be sparkling from the distance, but a more softer version.

It has a very smooth, buttery like texture that has no fall out during the application and blends seamlessly on the skin. It’s like melting into my skin so beautifully and naturally that I don’t even need to work my brush to much to blend the color. In terms of long lasting I had around eight and a half hours wear without emphasizing my skin texture or pores.

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SUQQU Highlighter #02 is medium beige peach-pearl with warm undertones and a lustrous satin finish. It had a good pigmentation with a great color payoff in a single layer. The texture is smooth but I do feel the other highlighter feels more softer and buttery. They both have fantastic formulas but to me the other one just feels slightly softer than this one.

Just like the other it applies on like a dream, melting into the skin and blending seamlessly. If you love warm toned highlighters then you really need to try this one. It’s meant to add luminosity to your complexion in that elegant way without being super pigmented and intense. I love more natural highlighters that can provide that glamorous sheen and be wearable for day time as well without being overly pigmented.

Although I know many people judge a shade performance by its pigmentation, I’m not like that. For me a pigmented shade doesn’t translate into high quality just like a softer shade doesn’t mean a lower quality. I prefer to be able to built up the color and this highlighter gives me the perfect pigmentation in a single layer.

For fair skin tones this one can be a bit too intense but it can be sheered out when blended. I got around 9 hours wear without emphasizing my pores or skin texture. Even as an eyeshadow behaved well, adhering well onto the lid without any fall out during the wear. It definitely looks more intense if applied on the lid with my fingertips or a wet brush.


SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 Live Swatches

Here are SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 Live Swatches (IGTV video) filmed after I took the photo bellow. They are taken on bare skin without any eyeshadow primer or base applied underneath. All the swatches were taken in a single layer so you can see the real pigmentation and decide if you want to built up the intensity or blend it a bit more to sheer it out.

When applied on the cheeks all the shades tend to be more softer than swatched on my arm, especially if you are using a fluffy brush. You can get a lot more pigmentation out of the highlighters if you apply them wet.


SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 Makeup Look

For this SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 Makeup Look I used the palette on the cheeks and on the eyes as well. On the cheeks I went on and dusted a bit of the darker shade (top left corner) as a bronzer to create some shade and then applied the pink blusher on top. I always admired SUQQU highlighters for creating that gentle glow and here I’ve used the pinkish blusher (top right corner).

For my eye makeup I choose to apply the pink blusher all over my crease and blended as much as I could towards the brow bone where I went with the pinkish highlighter again. I also dusted just a bit of the highlighter on the inner corner of my lid. I went on and applied the bright peach on the entire lid, gently blended a bit of the darker blush on the other V and up in the crease to create some dimension.

I finished my look by applying the new Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips in Walk of No Shame (upcoming review) on my lips in 2 layers for more pigmentation. You could definitely say I love wearing pinks but these shades are more tamed and soft than the ones from Chanel Candeur et Seduction (364) Eyeshadow Quad (review, live swatches, makeup look).

SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 vs Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01)

I’ve been asked by many followers on Instagram to do a comparison between these two palettes. I will post a video on IGTV about this comparison as well, showing you both palettes up close. While both are gorgeous face palettes that can double as eyeshadows too, there are some differences between the too. Obviously the price of the Burberry Essentials Glow Palette (£62.00 for 16 g) is a bit more expensive and contains less product by 0.5 g while with SUQQU you’ll be saving £4 and gaining more product as it contains 16.5g. These differences are really small in my opinion so it all comes down to performance, color preference, packaging and formula.

Both palettes provide the same pigmentation which is not fully opaque in one swipe but they are buildable colors so the intensity can go up a bit. They both apply nice, without fall out and blend easily and seamlessly without emphasizing skin texture or pores. While the Burberry palette has the shades which cast a more lustruous satin finish the SUQQU palette delivers more matte to satin shades. I guess it depends on the preferences to be honest and I can’t decide between the too of them.

I can very well wear the Burberry Harmony on my cheeks while I use the SUQQU Powder Blush Compact shades on my eyes and vice versa. The texture of the Burberry shades is thinner while the SUQQU shades are very smooth to the touch almost like a cream to powder finish. Thanks to the Burberry pattern on the shades you may think the texture is a bit gritty but is not that. I’m curious to know what will change when I’ll use the palette enough to remove the pattern.

Both palettes perform well, without fall out or creasing during the wear but I had a slightly feeling that SUQQU last a bit longer on the eyes by like 30 minutes extra.

Burberry shades have a special sheen while SUQQU shades are more tempered with a subtle matte-satin texture that will give a very natural finish if you want that. In my opinion both palettes are gorgeous, perform well so it’s up to you to decide what type of formula or finish you want to choose.

I may say that the Burberry with that cream contouring shade makes the palette unique and more multi functional. You can use the shade to contour your face but also to use it as a base for your eyeshadows. The color is very blendable up to the point that is super wearable by fair, light or medium skin tones. It depends on you how much you want to blend or if you want to add another layer. Earlier today I posted a Reels Instagram video demonstrating how this shade looks on me blended and built up gradually.

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