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Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01) Review, Live Swatches, Makeup Look

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

I never bought any Burberry makeup in my life but when I saw Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01) it was love at first sight and I felt the urge to have it. This is my first Burberry product and I was really excited to play with it. I was really tempted to get the other palette in Harmony (02), yes because there’s one for medium and darker skin tones as well. The temptation is still strong so I may give up soon. I have LIVE SWATCHES and a makeup look for you so keep on reading.

Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01)

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UK / Europe Launch Date – Now at LookFantastic | U.S. Launch Date – September 2020


Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01) Review

Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01) (£62.00 for 16 g) features 6 shades: a contouring cream and powder duo, 2 pearlescent blushes and 2 highlighters. This palette was create and is more suitable for those with fair/ light and medium skin tones.

The palette comes packed as an elegant gold mirrored compact adorned with Burberry’s signature tartan. The mirror inside is quite big allowing me to easily see my entire face and use it for the face makeup as well.

If you have medium or dark skin then you should look towards the other version in Burberry Essentials Glow Palette in Harmony (02) which is beautiful as well. Honestly after playing with Harmony (01) for a few days I feel so tempted on getting the other one as well. I know I can work those dark shades as an eyeshadow and still use the rest of blushers and highlighters on my cheeks.

Then again if you have medium skin tone you can easily and safely enjoy both palettes so I’m a bit jealous on your skin color. 🙂 I wish I’d got a tan so I can make more shades work on me. 🙂

Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony

Burberry Harmony #01 is a dark chocolate brown with subtle warm undertones and a matte finish. The pigmentation is fantastic with a great color payoff that’s easily blendable and doesn’t emphasize pores or skin texture. I was afraid at first that it’s going to be too dark for my skin when I saw how pigmented it was.

Indeed even in the swatches bellow taken under natural light or the live swatches, this color looks intense. None of that when you apply it on the skin because this contouring cream shade blends seamlessly on the skin and doesn’t look to intense. One layer of color was enough for me but if you are medium skin tone then you should go on with a second layer.

I used this shade as a base on my lids and the applied on the other shades on top. It adhered so well on the skin without any eyeshadow primer applied previously and it didn’t make any eyeshadow crease throughout the wear. I was really impressed honestly as all the shades lasted without creasing the entire day and started to easily fade after 8 hours wear. When I tried them on with an eyeshadow primer they went on for about 9 hours so it was a small improvement.

Check out my videos with the makeup look inspired by this palette, posted on my Instagram MOTD highlights section. You’ll see this shade is an appropriate contouring shade for my skin color so don’t be afraid to use it even if you are fair skin. Just apply it with a light hand and use a damp beauty blender and a brush.

The consistency is creamy creamy and it doesn’t move my foundation around while it blends easily and evenly. It looks great with the bronzing shade on and lasts on me for about 9 hours.

Burberry Harmony #02 is a light lilac pink with cool undertones and a pearlescent finish with subtle silver sparkle. It had a good color payoff being almost fully opaque in two layers. I love how elegant and beautiful this shade looks on the cheeks. It has such a nice, almost like frosty glow that gives me that ice queen kinda of vibe. The color is beautiful so I used it as an  eyeshadow as well but it doesn’t look to intense on the lids. I tried building up the color but this luminous finish just doesn’t allow the color to be totally opaque and super pigmented.

The texture is soft and thin while it feels a bit gritty to the touch thanks to the pattern. I used the palette only 3 times so it wasn’t enough time to remove the pattern and see how it feels underneath. I like how the color performs as it doesn’t emphasize my pores or skin textures and stays on before fading for around 9 hours. There was no fall out during the application and throughout the wear.

Burberry Harmony #03 is a light silver white with subtle cool undertones and a pearlescent finish. It had a good color payoff with almost opaque pigmentation in one and a half layer. This color looks like your classic highlighter which is an universal shade for every skin color in my opinion.

It has a smooth but thin texture that adhered easily on the skin being applied evenly and without fall out. It looks really good on the cheeks providing a luminous glow, almost like a frost finish but I wouldn’t dare to say metallic. I prefer to wear it more subtle in a single layer but you can definitely intensify the pigmentation especially if you have medium skin color.

It lasted on me before eight and half hours without any fall out before it started to fade slowly.

Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony Close Up

Burberry Harmony #04 is a light-medium golden beige with warm undertones and a very subtle sheen. It had a good pigmentation which could be intensified with another layer. For light and medium skin tones I think 1-2 layers of this color would be more than enough to spread around the temples and cheeks as a bronzer. You don’t need much to warm up your complexion or apply this shade on top of the contouring cream.

I really enjoyed using this shade as an eyeshadow as it adhered well onto the skin and blended seamlessly. It had a medium pigmentation which allowed me to create a shadow and add some dimension to my makeup look. In order to intensify my makeup look I applied this shade on my outer part of the lid on top of the contouring cream which I used as a base.

The formula is smooth and thin, very well pressed in the pan but without kicking off any excess powder or creating fall out during the application. I got around eight a half hours wear before it started to slowly fade away.

Burberry Harmony #05 is a light peachy pink with warm undertones and a pearlescent finish. It had a good color payoff, being almost opaque in one and a half layers. I have to say that this shade was a bit more pigmented in a single swipe than the lilac pink and would look beautifully on a warm tone skin.

I love how subtle the color looks on my cheeks in single layer but also the fact that I can intensify it a little bit with an extra layer. For me, a subtle shade on the cheeks is enough as I enjoy more the luminous glow it gives to the skin. It blends onto the skin so easily for a seamless finish, giving my complexion dimension and a luminous finish.

As an eyeshadow works beautifully as well, without being overly pigmented on the lid. All the shades double very well as eyeshadows but don’t expect opaque pigmentation and very intense shades. Just enjoy the luminous sheen overall. I got around 9 hours wear without emphasizing my skin texture or having any fall out.

Burberry Harmony #06 is a light beige champagne with subtle warm undertones and a luminous sheen. It looked almost like a frosty finish, maybe even close to a metallic one if applied wet and intensified. This shade is so beautiful and I think I know why so many makeup lovers adore Burberry highlighters. I found this shade to be more interesting as a highlighter than the Harmony #03 shade which is pretty classic.

The pigmentation was on point, being easily buildable to full opacity. The texture is soft but just like the adhere is thin and the formula feels a bit gritty to the touch thanks to the pattern itself. I had no problems whatsoever during the application as the color blended seamlessly on my cheeks creating a beautiful, luminous glow.

It’s a glow that can be subtle but noticeably in the same time even if you apply a single layer of color. I see this more as an elegant highlighter that doesn’t have sparkle or shimmer in it, but that elegant pearlescent glow. I’d definitely see this shade worn by any lady going for work, even on a business environment where your makeup doesn’t have to stand out but just to emphasize your features.

As an eyeshadow looks beautifully, especially applied wet if you want a more intense color. Honestly I really enjoyed wearing this shade for about 9 hours without any fall out, before it started to fade on me.

If you are interested in seeing the Burberry Essentials Glow Palette in Harmony (02) then check out Breezy Tee Video on Youtube. She reviewed the (02) palette which is intended for medium and deeper skin tones. She shows not only swatches but does a makeup look using the palette. Since she’s a deeper skin you can get a really good idea how this palette performs on a different skin color so do check out her channel and give her some love. 🙂


Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01) Live Swatches

Take a closer look at these swatches taken on bare skin under natural light. If you want to see LIVE SWATCHES check out this IGTV video where I’m giving you a close-up of the palette.

Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01) Swatches

Here you can have another look at LIVE SWATCHES in natural light in another video. For the cream contouring shade I did two layers while I kept the other shades swatched in a single layer.

Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony Swatches

Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01) Makeup Look

I took this photo of my Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01) Makeup Look in natural light but it was so cloudy that day so excuse the poor light. I used the shades in the palette on my cheeks as well as on my eyes as eyeshadows.

On my cheeks I first applied a layer of the contouring cream and then just blended super easy with my beauty blender. It’s is not too dark for me as you can see as it’s super easily blendable. Then I went on with the bronzing shade to accentuate my cheeks and follow through with the pink blusher and bottom right highlighter.

Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01) Makeup

I applied the shades on my cheek in a single layer as I wanted something subtle since I knew I was going to use them as eyeshadows as well. Thanks to the pearlescent finish with the formula enriched with lustrous pigments, these shades don’t necessarily look intense but they have quite the sheen. So for this reason I didn’t want to build up the colors on my cheeks.

If I wanted a bit more pigmentation on my cheeks then I would have chosen matte eyeshadows for my eye look with probably just a subtle glow on the inner corner of the lid.

Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01) Makeup Look

On my face I’m wearing Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation (review, makeup looks) with Rouge Bunny Rouge Loose Powder. As a face primer I’ve used Benefit The Pore Professional Matte Rescue which I’m still testing with different foundations and concealers.

Burberry Pink Makeup Look

I’ve filled in my lips with a lip pencil from Essence Cosmetics and give a final shine with Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Excess Glassy Gloss in Rosehip Panna Cotta (review, live swatches, makeup looks). They’ve released an entire new range of shades this year and I’ve reviewed all of them, showing you lip swatches as well.

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