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Charlotte Tilbury New Jewel Pots & Jewel Lips Available Now

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

This launch of Charlotte Tilbury New Jewel Pots & Jewel Lips is super hot as it’s happening right now as a VIP Presale. Check out the new products which are available for individual purchase or as a set if you want to save some coins.

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U.S. / UK Launch Date – NOW VIP Presale on CharlotteTilbury.com and CT.com.uk


Charlotte Tilbury New Jewel Pots & Jewel Lips

CHARLOTTE’S JEWEL LIPS – New – $32.00 / £22.00

Darlings, my NEW! Jewel Lips are where makeup magic meets a hypnotic dream of crystals and diamonds! Fall in love with these DECADENT, shine-bright glosses to dazzle and delight!

Jewel Lips in Pillow Talk is an easy-to-apply, diamond gloss for fuller, wider looking lips. With Hyaluronic Acid to flood the lips with plump-effect moisture and hydration, this Pillow Talk pink gloss has a dreamy rose-golden sparkle to MESMERISE!


  • Pillow Talk – pink glittering lip gloss with a dreamy rose gold 
  • Walk of no Shame – ruby-red glittering lip gloss with a dreamy copper sparkle!

CHARLOTTE’S JEWEL POTS – New – $35.00 / £24.00

Darling, bejewel your eyes in diamonds, rubies and gold! This is my secret to shimmering, SHINE-BRIGHT jewel eyes, dazzling with Walk of No Shame JOY and CONFIDENCE!

Inspired by my globally-loved, EMPOWERING, CONFIDENCE-BOOSTING berry-rose hue, Walk of No Shame is a copper red glittering cream eyeshadow with divine golden sparkle!

Capturing the BEAUTIFYING MAGIC of my russet-ruby Walk of No Shame hue, my NEW! Jewel Pots have been EXPERTLY CREATED so you can adorn yourself with a veil of jewels for MESMERISING, GLIMMERING EYES!


  • Pillow Talk – pink cream eyeshadow with a pink diamond-like sparkle to light up your eyes!
  • Walk of No Shame – copper red cream eyeshadow with a divine golden sparkle to light up your eyes!

Walk of No Shame Jewel Look – New – $51.00 / £44.00

Now if you like both products and you want to SAVE ON YOUR PURCHASE, getting them as a set will be much cheaper. You’ll be saving about 5% and 10% all together if you buy both sets.

A NEW! magical makeup kit including my copper red cream eyeshadow and plump-effect red lip gloss for a confidence-boosting makeup look to dazzle and delight!

Pillow Talk Jewel Look – New – $51.00 / £44.00

A NEW! magical makeup kit including my pink glitter cream eyeshadow and plump-effect pink glitter lip gloss for a makeup look adorned with a magical veil of jewels!


Eye Kit – New – $83.00 / £61.00

  • Magical red-toned eye makeup kit including my copper red cream eyeshadow and eyeshadow palette for a bedazzling Walk of No Shame gaze!
  • Magical pink eye makeup kit including a nude-pink eyeshadow palette & pink cream eyeshadow

Jewel Lip Kit – New – $51.00 / £37.00

  • Magical lip kit including my hydrating plump-effect red lip gloss and long-lasting berry-rose lip liner for a bejewelled, confidence-charging pout!
  • Magical lip kit including a nude-pink lip liner & pink lip gloss with a dreamy rose gold sparkle

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Kiwi August 12, 2020 - 11:12 am

Sadly bringing out any lip products is a waste right now. I have to wear masks everywhere and lipgloss is the last thing I would buy right now. I’m just glad that my make-up stays on and hope my waterproof foundation from asia arrives soon. The eyeshadow is pretty though.
The industry should focus on lip tints and felt tip lip markers like in around 2010-2012. These would be a hit with the right advertisement right now.

Tavia August 13, 2020 - 8:05 pm

Indeed Kiwi! You are right and it pains me because I’m addicted to lip glosses more than any other lip product honestly. I don’t wear the outside as I have to wear a mask everytime i go out but I do wear them at home with every chance I get. 🙂 I definitely think some transfer proof lip products will be they key for the upcoming years. 🙂 I may recommend Armani Lip Magnet, again one of my favorite products.


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