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SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 & 103 Pre-Holiday 2020 Review, Lip Swatches, Makeup Looks

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

I bought the entire SUQQU Pre-Holiday 2020 Color Collection which is a limited edition release currently available exclusively at Selfridges. I’m going to start with SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 & 103 Pre-Holiday 2020 Review because these lipsticks are just pure perfection.

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 & 103 Pre-Holiday 2020 Collection

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U.S. / UK Launch Date – Now at SELFRIDGES | 15 October 2020 at Harrods, Liberty London | SUQQU Permanent items at Cult Beauty


SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 & 103 Pre-Holiday 2020 Review

These two shades are a limited edition release, exclusively to SUQQU Pre-Holiday 2020 Color Collection. They are currently sold out for individual purchase but you can still buy them as a set. You’ll have a second try on 15 October when the collection will launch at at Harrods, Liberty London . All the other SUQQU Pre-Holiday 2020 items are still available.

Earlier in the Fall, SUQQU released two new lipstick lines with Fog and Glow finishes. These two colors right here have the Fog finish and will not be joining the permanent collection. For me this whole Fog finish presentation was completely new and I was thinking of a soft matte finish.

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 & 103 Pre-Holiday 2020 Close-Up

These are actually liquid lipsticks but not so liquidy as the formula is creamy but airy. When I tried these lipsticks for the first time I thought of those Milka Air, Bubble or Luflee chocolates. I hope you are into sweets and you know these chocolates because honestly, this is the nest way to describe this texture. Take one for the team and just buy a Milka Luflee chocolate and feel it’s texture, swipe it on your lips and then just buy one of these SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog. The SUQQU lippies are not eatable 🙂 so stick to the chocolate.

The formula is so creamy, light, airy and soft that is something I personally haven’t tried before. You just have to apply a SUQQU Fluid Fog on your lips to experience the sensation. Another thing that really blown me away is their lasting power. If you are regular follower on mine on Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen me testing these lipsticks already. I posted several Instastories throughout the days when I wore this shades to show you how long lasting they are. You can still see the videos on my SUQQU Highlights section!

I couldn’t believe that a lipstick that doesn’t dry down matte can last the entire day on the lips. Plus is ice-cream proof as it didn’t budge even after I ate 2 ice creams. 🙂

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 & 103 Pre-Holiday 2020 Applicators


Being the first time I’m trying these lipsticks I want to talk about the packaging. It comes in this rectangular matte black tubes with golden accents and a see-through matte glass at the bottom. I like it. They look not elegant but very stylish, chic and modern at the same time. SUQQU packaging always gave me this feeling of great quality products which are reflected through a simple, sturdy, serious and stylish packaging. It’s just a classy packaging without standing out through different colors. Their signature has always been a matte or luscious black with golden accents.

The lipsticks come with a flat and slim doe-footed applicator. I can apply the color easily but I admit I’d have chosen a different shape for this applicator. I prefer a pointed doe-footed applicator which can give me more precision, especially for cupid’s lip or towards the lip corner. Other than this doe-footed applicator, the packaging is absolutely perfect, better than most brand that are calling themselves luxury.

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 & 103 Pre-Holiday 2020 Live Swatches

Here you can have a look at SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 & 103 applied in a single swipe. I have live swatches on my Instagram post so click here and swipe left to check them out. Make sure to check out my SUQQU Highlight section as well to see my videos when I’m actually wearing these shades.

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 & 103 Pre-Holiday 2020 Swatches

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 Pre-Holiday 2020 Review

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 ( £33.00 for 6.6 g/ 0.23 oz) is a medium pink beige with slightly warm undertones and a creamy finish with a natural shine. It had excellent color payoff in a single layer being fully opaque on the lips.

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The texture is light, creamy and like nothing I’ve tested before. Like I said previously is just like an airy chocolate that melts onto your lips. It glides seamlessly across the lips without sinking or emphasizing lip lines. After I applied the lip color I was waiting for it to dry down matte, but it never happen. It has these natural sheen which doesn’t dry down matte not even after one hour. It’s absolutely beautiful and I don’t have the right words to describe it.

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 Lip Swatch

It’s very forgiving on the lips, it doesn’t feel dry, doesn’t suck up moisture from your lips so you can wear it succefully even if you have dry lips. I took photos of these lip swatches 5 minutes after I applied the color and you can see there’s nothing matte in here. A true fog finish, something between a dewy luminous finish that will turn a bit matte throughout the wear.

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 Lip Swatches

This lipstick formula really impressed me, like nothing I’ve tried this year. I honestly didn’t expect it to be so long lasting and to look impecable even after 7 hours wear. Please check out my SUQQU Highlights section on Instagram to see the wear test that I did. Drinking, having 2 meals, snack and dessert and the color was still on my lips.

You just can’t get better than this. I couldn’t tell you how much it lasts on the lips because after eight and a half hours wear I had to remove my makeup and the color was still there. I wish that SUQQU will come up with more vibrant shades in this fog finish because I’ll buy them all. I’d definitely see myself wearing a hot pink or any cool undertone pinks and purples.

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 Makeup Look

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 103 Pre-Holiday 2020 Review

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 103 ( £33.00 for 6.6 g/ 0.23 oz) is a medium rosy-mauve, nude pink with blue undertones and a natural sheen. It’s the kind of nudish pink with a cool undertone that will look flattering on almost everyone. The color was rich, intense and looked fully opaque on the lips in a single layer.

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I absolutely love this color as it creates such a chic look and goes well with the SUQQU Designing Color Eyes in 136 (upcoming review). It has the same phenomenal light, creamy very smooth formula that glides impeccable on the lips without emphasizing lip lines.

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 103 Lip Swatch

Everything that I said about the other color goes here as well. It felt nor drying nor hydrating and lasted on my lips for 9 hours until I decided to remove my makeup. I can’t believe that a lipstick with this fog formula can be so long lasting since is not completely matte.

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 103 Lip Swatches

Even after I had lunch and dinner the color was still on my lips without needed a retouch. Ups, forgot to mention I even had 2 ice creams that day. I absolutely love this color and I think it looks great paired with the eye makeup from SUQQU 136 quad.

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 103 Makeup Look

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 & 103 Pre-Holiday 2020 Makeup Looks

For this makeup look I used mostly new SUQQU products from the Pre-Holiday 2020 Collection. On my face I applied the new SUQQU Cream Foundation over Deciem Hylamide HA Blur Primer (review, best primer ever). I received a sample of this foundation in color 110 which is a perfect match for my skin color. I posted videos on Instagram (SUQQU highlights section) from two different days when I tried this foundation and shared my thoughts with you.

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102 Holiday Makeup Look

On my cheeks I’ve used the blush and highlighter from the new SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 102 (review, live swatches). This one is a limited edition Pre-Holiday 2020 release so grab it while it’s still available. I also have SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 (review, live swatches, makeup look) which I love dearly. It’s a complex face palette that I can use for bronzing, blusher and to highlight. Suitable for a variety of skin colors.

On my eyes I’m wearing the limited edition SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 135 (upcoming review). I created the edgy look using Kat Von D eyeliner and smuddged a bit of Antonym Cosmetics Brown Eyeliner on my lower lash line. For the lips I choose the SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 102.

SUQQU Pre Holiday 2020 Makeup Look

This is the second makeup look where I’m wearing SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 103 on the lips. On my face I’m wearing the same SUQQU Cream Foundation but paired with Benefit PoreProfesional gel primer. The combination was a disaster to tell you the truth as my face started to shine after 3 hours and became extremely oily afterwards.

The foundation performed so much better with Hylamide HA Blur but I don’t think is meant for my combination skin type. Probably it could work in the winter but even so I wouldn’t want to risk it.

It’s really a shame because the finish was so natural and looked so beautiful on me with a medium coverage. If you are dry or normal skin type I’d say to give it a try if you like something natural. It didn’t sink into my fine lines, didn’t look cakey or patchy, the only dowsize for me was the disco ball effect I got after just a few hours wear.

SUQQU Pre-Holiday Makeup Look 1

On my eyes I’m wearing SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 136 (upcoming review) which is my favorite from this collection (as color preference). I used the same SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 102 (review, live swatches) on my cheeks applying the blush from the second row and highlighter from bottom right corner.

The colors come on very soft and you need to build them up in 2-3 layers if you want more pigmentation. I personally prefer to layer on my blush color instead of applying a super intense color that I have to work it to blend it out. If you are a fan of Chantecaille blushes and highlighters you should definitely try SUQQU. You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

SUQQU Pre-Holiday 2020 Blush Compact Makeup Look

As a mascara for both makeup looks I’ve used Shiseido Imperial Lash which game me long but quite natural looking lashes. I consider this mostly like an everyday look mascara. Nothing dramatic or that fuller lash effect.

SUQQU 103 Fluid Fog Liquid Lipstick Look

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