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Huda Beauty Neon Pink Obsessions Palette Review, Swatches, Makeup Look

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

That I’m a fan of Huda Beauty makeup is not a secret anymore so purchasing Huda Beauty Neon Pink Obsessions Palette was a predictable thing you would say. This may be so just because we are talking an eyeshadow palette bursting with pinks but that’s not the main reason.

I had my disappointments with the brand and now I’m choosing my products more carefully. I’m not opening my wallet to every Huda Beauty launch like I was doing two years ago and I’m trying as much as I can to keep the temptations out and only the good products in.

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Huda Beauty Neon Pink Obsessions Palette Review

Huda Beauty Neon Pink Neon Obsessions Palette ($29.00 / £27.00 for 0.45 oz.) features a mix of pinks in warm and cool tones. In one from from packaging to the color selection, this is heaven in a palette for a pink obsessed like me.

A multitude of pink variations can be found in this palette and even though it has only 9 shades it can touch the hearts of so many. You will find coraly pinks, fuchsia, lavender and lots of shimmers. It makes an ideal Summer eyeshadow palette because of the brights it features but it has a good range of matte shades that you will want to use throughout the year. 🙂

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Some of the matte shades do stain quite a bit, but they are nicely pigmented and easy to work with. The shimmers and sparkling colors are quite good as well, but one thing I noticed after using this palette a lot in the past weeks, is they tend to become more firm and harder to apply. So in this case your best option is to give up the brush and use your fingertips to apply the colors.

Huda Beauty Neon Pink Obsessions Palette comes in a summery packaging, in a plastic pink neon case. It has a mirror inside which makes it handy to keep it in your bag for touch-ups and very travel friendly.

Huda Beauty Neon Pink Obsessions Palette Shade by Shade Review & Swatches

Neon Pink #1 is a medium pink with warm undertones and a matte finish. The texture was thin, just a little bit powder but very soft to the touch. It gave me a good application, blended easily and evenly while adhering well onto the lid. The pigmentation was opaque and not prone to sheering out. I got around eight hours wear.

Neon Pink #2 is a light silver pink with cool undertones and a sparkling finish. It has a good color payoff, being rich an quite pigmented. The texture feels creamy although is a little thicker and compact in the pan. The more I used this shade the more firm and compact it became in the pan. I always use my fingertips to apply the shade but I need more pressure to pick up the product. A brush, even dampened doesn’t do much apart from just a slight wash of color so applying it with your fingers is the best option. I like that is easily blendable and gives a high-shine finish. It lasted for eight hours on me.

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Neon Pink #3 is a medium-dark pink with warm undertones and a matte finish. It has a good and rich pigmentation with soft consistency that felt a bit dry. It applies well, even on bare skin, looking evenly and being easily blendable. It took me close to eight hours wear before starting to fade noticeably.

Neon Pink #4 is a bright, medium-dark fuchsia pink with cool-blue undertones and a matte finish. Needless to say that is my favorite shade from this palette, as you know how much I love a strong, intense pink like this one. The consistency is soft, even velvety if I can say, without kicking off too much powder in the pan. It applies and blends easily without any fall out. I got around 9 hours wear with this formula but it stained my lid pretty heavily that a soft hue was noticeable even the next day.



Neon Pink #5 is an intense, pink-lavender with warm undertones and blue-to-violet shifting shimmer. The color is beyond beautiful even though it needs some layering to be fully opaque. The texture is smooth and creamy so the best way to apply it is by using your fingers. I tried a dampened brush as well but I didn’t get so much brightness and intensity from this color as by using my fingertips. I guess it depends on how much pigmentation you want. It’s easily blendable, applies evenly and doesn’t causes fall-out. For about eight hours I enjoyed this shade before it started creasing slowly.

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Neon Pink #6 is a dark magenta with cool undertones and a matte finish. It had a great pigmentation, being almost opaque in a single layer. It is easily buildable and blendable without any fall out. The texture is soft, just a bit powdery in the pan but applies and adheres well onto the skin. I got close to 9 hours wear with this formula but it left a pretty intense stain just like No.4 shade.

Neon Pink #7 is a light lavender with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish. It had semi-opaque color coverage that can be intensified by wearing a primer. It’s not a very intense shade, I personally use it more for blending in the crease or as a transition color. The texture is soft and silky while the consistency is easily blendable. It did kick off some powder in the pan but it stayed well on me for about eight hours.

Neon Pink #8 is a light, pink-lavender with cool, blue-to-pink shifting sparkle. It had a semi-sheer to medium coverage being easily buildable but not to full coverage. The texture is very light and creamy although it may feel a bit thicker in the pan. The beauty of this color lays in its beautiful shifting sparkly finish. Overlayed on top of other eyeshadows just makes them pop. Depending on how intense you want the sparkle to be you can apply 1 or even 3 layers. I’ve worn it on top of darker shades just in a single layer or paired with other Huda Neon Pinks in several layers. It’s truly a great shade which adheres very well even on bare skin.

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The best way to apply it is patted onto the lid by using your finger. I tried a dampened brush as well but I got only a sheer and more transparent effect which is not necessarily bad as some eyeshadows look better with just a touch of sparkle on top. Wore well for almost 8 hours on me.

Neon Pink #9 is an intense fuchsia with blue undertones and a sparkling finish. It had a good pigmentation with a good color payoff that applied evenly and adhered well onto the skin. The texture feels firm in the pan so I had to use my fingertips again to press and pat the product onto the lid. It blends easily and intensifies and adds sparkle to the other matte shades in the palette. It lasted well on me for about 8 hours leaving a soft stain behind.

Huda Beauty Neon Pink Obsessions Palette Makeup Look

Too much pink? Now you know when I feel like a fish in the water. A makeup look where I used Huda Beauty Neon Pink Obsessions Palette is vibrant, intense and will definitely attract attention on you.

I love bright pink and fuchsia shades, but this palette had them all and so much more. The sparkle eyeshadows were the ones who really made this makeup look brighter, luminous and with a interesting twist due to their shifting sparkling particles.

Even my hair is pink and that may be too much, but that’s because I used a violet fuchsia shampoo that help me keep this color for about 3 washes. I will be soon sharing with you my favorite hair products and I’ll make sure to include this violet shampoo.

I wanted to go full pink so I needed Guerlain Rouge G No.888 (review, swatches) on my lips for a twist of sparkle. Yes, that’s the sparkling effect I caught right there in the photo and I’m happy I managed that.

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To push that neon pink makeup look even further I used Lancome Grandiose Liner in Pink No.04. For the waterline I used Rimel London soft kohl in 071 Pure White.

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