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Huda Beauty Cake Day, After Party Power Bullet Metallic Lipsticks Review, Swatches

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Here I am late with reviews of Huda Beauty Power Bullet Metallic Lipsticks that I should have posted back in December. Well, better late than never as I guess as these lipsticks are still available. To tell you the truth I did wore them a few times but since I got sick during the holidays, the blogging was the last thing on my mind.

For my birthday in December one of my dear friends who knows me so well offered me as a gift the shades Cake Day and After Party. As you know Huda Beauty came out with three shades but the NYE lipstick color is just not my speed.


U.S. Launch Date – 3 December 2018 at SEPHORA

UK & International Launch Date – 3 December 2018 at Selfridges, Harrods, Cult Beauty, Feel Unique, Sephora FR


Huda Beauty Cake Day, After Party Power Bullet Metallic Lipsticks Review

Before I’ll start the detailed review of each shade I’m going to mention things that are generally available for both shades.

If you are into bright, intense and sparkling lip colors then you should definitely keep on reading. If the thought of having glittery looking lips (without feeling the glitter) is something that’s not appealing to you then again you should skip this article.

I do strongly believe that Huda Beauty Power Bullet Metallic Lipsticks were made for festive occasions. That’s why she launched them as a limited edition just before the Holiday season, but I guess you can wear them anytime you wanna party of feel in a festive mood.

In the beginning when Huda Beauty was born I was a huge fan of the brand, but since I purchased so many of her products and got to use them, I saw that not every launch or product was a gem. To be honest I was really curious about these lipsticks because is actually the first solid lipstick that Huda is launching. You know she’s been famous for liquid lipsticks and glosses and these are actually the first real lipsticks of the brand if I may say so. They are a bit special nonetheless because of the metallic and glittery finish.

All of these colors leave a stain behind. I mean I really heavy, pigmented stain. On the photos bellow you’ll see the stain these 2 shades left on my hand, but I just wipe the colors off like 10 seconds after I swatched them. The more you wore the colors on your lips the more intense the stain will be. So if you don’t like that effect then keep away from these.

Huda Beauty Power Bullet Metallic Lipsticks Packaging

They come as a square plastic casing with a metallic looking finish. They have a magnetic closure but the bullet inside doesn’t have a rounded tip. I personally prefer the rounded shape of a lipstick because it’s easier to apply it onto your lips. With this format, until these edges will smooth out you won’t get a precise application.

This is the reason why I took photos with my lips wearing only the lipstick and no lip liner. So you can see how it looks around the edges of the lips, because you can’t get a precise application.

Another thing which I think is very important is the quantity of product that we get. I honestly don’t believe that we get our worth of money here (even though these were a gift for my b-day). I could see me finishing a lipstick like this in a month or less. This is the kind of lipstick that you need to re-apply during the day and I’ll tell you in a second why.

Basically I consider these lipsticks to be very expensive for the amount of product that we are given (3 g/ 0.1 oz). The entire quantity of the product is the one that you see in the photos. I actually pulled out the lipsticks to a max so you can see how much quantity you are getting for this price. Without any further due let’s move on to a shade by shade review.

Huda Beauty Cake Day, After Party Power Bullet Metallic Lipsticks Review & Lip Swatches

Huda Beauty Cake Day Power Bullet Metallic Lipstick ($21.00 / £18.00 for 3 g/ 0.1 oz) is a bright magenta pink with blue and silver glitter and a metallic finish. It has a medium pigmentation in a single layer which can be build up to an opaque coverage in second layer.

Huda Beauty describes these as “intensely pigmented” but I think she’s referring to the final result and now how the colors look on the lips after the first application. I’m definitely liking Cake Day as a color since it’s a metallic fuchsia and you know my preference.

Huda Beauty Power Bullet Metallic Lipsticks are definitely not for those who are color shy. These colors are so bright, glittery and have that intense metallic effect that will put you into the spot light. I hope you’ll enjoy the attention as you’ll get noticed everytime you’ll be wearing these colors.

I’d say they are holiday, festive or party appropriate so you can wear them in any of these occasions. This was the color that I wore the most as I felt it’s more suitable for my light skin comparing to After Party.

The formula is sweet vanilla scented and feels comfortable on the lips but during the wear it gave me a bit of a drying sensation. I didn’t get a precise application with this lipstick just because of its shape, so make sure to use a lip liner before applying the color.

The texture is smooth, you won’t feel the glitter that much onto your lips, it won’t be gritty or anything. The annoying thing for me was that this color transferred on anything. Every time I ate, drink or touched my lips, the color transferred heavily. This means you’ll have to keep your lipstick close-by in your purse and touch up during the day. The result will be finishing this product pretty quickly, probably in a month, considering you don’t have too much product to begin with.

Because the color gets transferred so easily, if you don’t re-apply you’ll get a patchy looking color on your lips. The glitter will be more visible once the color wears off. Basically in the end you’ll be left with a heavy stain and a lot of glitter.

I had around 5-6 hours wear with this color and an intense stain behind + glitter. I’m personally not really comfortable with how this lipsticks performs and that I have to be so very careful when I’m wearing it. Make sure you have a mirror in your purse as well.

Huda Beauty After Party Power Bullet Metallic Lipstick ($21.00 / £18.00 for 3 g/ 0.1 oz) is a bright purple berry with blue undertones, lots of glitter and intense metallic finish.

The color has a medium coverage in a single layer being buildable to an opaque coverage in three layers. I’d definitely recommend you to build up this color as it looks uneven and patchy in just one layer.

I’m seeing Huda Beauty After Party as a similar color to MAC Heroine. Therefore I’m inclined to see this color more suitable for those with olive and darker skin tones. On me it doesn’t look so flattering to be honest and gives an yellow cast to my teeth whenever I smile.

It has the same formula as the previous shade, Cake Day, feeling comfortable on the lips but slightly drying throughout the wear. This shade stains a little bit less comparing to Cake Day, but you’ll be left with the same amount of glitter in the end.

The color does sink into lip lines but because of those intense glittery particles it won’t be noticeable from a close-up distance. I had the same transfer problem with this color during the wear. Basically it got transferred on the glass or cup whenever I drink or onto my fork or tissues. 🙂 It’s definitely not a kiss-proof lipstick so I wouldn’t recommend any kissing while wearing this shade. 😉

I had around 5 to 6 hours wear with a noticeable stain behind and lots of glitter.

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