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Huda Beauty Gemstones Obsessions Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

The latest Huda Beauty launches made me dig up through my makeup drawers for all of her products that I purchased and didn’t review. Huda Beauty Gemstone Obsessions is one of them, a 9 eyeshadow palette that I purchased  back in May. To tell you the truth I have used it 2-3 times since I bought. The reason?

Huda has been on a launching spree this year, giving us a new product almost every month and especially coming up with lots of eyeshadow palettes. That was really hard to keep up, not only as a blogger but as a consumer as well. I would love to know your opinion on that, if you like seeing a launch every month or enjoy a just a few products a year.

Where to buy:

U.S. / UK / International – Now at SEPHORA US, Selfridges, Cult Beauty, Harrods, Feel Unique, Sephora FR

Back in May 2018 she launched two more Obsessions Palettes and I bought only this one, giving up on the Coral edition. In September she came with five new Precious Stones Obsessions Palettes from which I bought only one. At this point was really hard for me to keep up with all her launches like I use to.

So, again I bought only one out of the five palettes, Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions (review, swatches). That was because I heard rumors of the upcoming New Nude Palette (pending review) which I also bought later on, not to mention the Overachiever Concealer (review) and 4 shades of Demi Matte Cream Lipsticks (reviews).

I felt the need to give you an overall view over just some of the products she launched in the past six months and that I still have pending reviews. I’m not even mentioning the mini liquid lipsticks sets, ups!

Huda Beauty Gemstones Obsessions Palette Review

Huda Beauty Gemstone Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette ($27.00 / £25.00 / €30.00 for 0.35 oz.) is a new, nine-pan palette that features shimmery shades. The palette definitely looks colorful, including quite opposite shades so is meant to give you a few favorites at least.

I personally would have removed the green and blue shade, just because those are colors that I never use. Just because I knew I’ll be reviewing the palette I used each shade once. Some of the shade had larger sparkles while the others were more metallic. In the end I definitely think is a palette that can’t be used alone so you need another palette to pair it with. There are no mattes in this palette so I definitely needed to reach out for those in another place. For me this palette is perfect everytime I want to get a dazzling look.

Use it alone would be quite hard to achieve anything but a night time look, due to all the shimmery and metallic shades in the palette. Most of the shades perform better if used with a dampened brush. You can also use your finger to get more pigmentation for some of these shades. I think is already becoming a casual thing for Huda Beauty palettes.

Huda Beauty Gemstones Obsessions Palette Shade by Shade Review

Gemstone #1 Eyeshadow is a light pinky-lavender with cool-pink undertones and teal sheen. It had a good color payoff with an intense, metallic finish. The texture had slightly larger sparkles but it felt smooth and soft to the touch. It adheres well on the skin, working better pressed with your finger or using a dampened brush.

I had no fall out during the application and the color went on evenly. On me it wore well for about eight hours with creasing.

Gemstone #2 Eyeshadow is a medium pink with warm undertones and a violet sheen with a metallic finish. It had a good pigmentation, easily buildable to a full coverage in 2-3 layers. The texture was soft and somehow creamy and it worked better applied with a dampened brush. I had a good application without creasing and looking uneven. I had around eight hours wear before I started seeing the first signs of creasing.

Gemstone #3 Eyeshadow is a medium-dark teal with green sparkle and metallic finish. When I was talking about skipping this shade from the palette, was not only because I don’t like greens. I have to say this was one of the worst performing shades in the palette. It is very glittery but I think that’s OK if you want that high shine.

The color payoff was disappointing, as it looked semi-sheer in a single layer. It needs some layering to get a decent color payoff or you can just use it as a top coat. On its own this color doesn’t do much, just sparkles and gives some nice reflections. I had problems with the application as well, since I got a lot of fall out with a dry brush. Just use your finger or dampened brush to minimize the fall-out and press it gently on the lid. I had a little bit over seven hours wear with detectable fall-out.

Gemstone #4 Eyeshadow is a light, mauvy-plum with warm undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish. The color payoff was not impressive, but better than the previous shade. The base color had a semi-medium coverage that needs layering in order to get a decent pigmentation. You’ll definitely need an eyeshadow primer and a dampened brush to work this color on your lid.

The texture was light and looser, felt quite creamy but gave fall-out during the application. As the consistency felt more emollient than others it left a noticeable dent in the pan when I used my finger to swatch or apply it. It wore well for almost eight hours showing minor fall-out.

Gemstone #5 Eyeshadow is a rich, medium purple with warm undertones and a metallic finish. It had rich and intense pigmentation with a very light and creamy texture. The application went evenly without any fall-out and the shade blended easily. It was by far one of the best performing shade in this palette and among my favorites in term of color choices. I’m trying not to be subjective here but I think the pinks and this purples were the best performing ones. I got over eight hours wear with this formula, no fall-out but just slightly creasing.

Gemstone #6 Eyeshadow is a deep, reddish-copper with warm undertones and a frosted finish. It had a good color payoff with a less metallic-looking finish than the other shades in the palette. This shade again I would use it better with a dampened brush or my finger.

The texture felt smooth but had some sleep to it that gave me minor fall out. The best way to use this shade is to press it on your lid rather than blend it too much with your brush. On its own the color wore well on me for eight hours.

Gemstone #7 Eyeshadow is a medium copper with orange undertones and a sparkling finish. It had a medium coverage which can be intensified over an eyeshadow primer. You need to apply this shade with a dampened brush and layer it for more pigmentation.

The texture was smooth and soft but the fine sparkle gave some fall-out during the application. I had the best results in terms of application and pigmentation when I used my fingertip to press it onto the lid. During the eight hours wear I had some fall out. This again was one of my least favorite shades from this palette.

Gemstone #8 Eyeshadow is a light pink with warm undertones, copper sparkle and a metallic sheen. It has a good color payoff being almost opaque in a single layer. I find best to use your fingertip to pat on this color and gently press it.

The texture felt smooth, not very thin but it gave me some fall out during the application and afterwards. I had around eight hours wear with noticeable fallout.

Gemstone #9 Eyeshadow is a medium-dark bluish-purple with cool undertones and a metallic finish. The color payoff was fantastic, rich, intense and delivering opaque coverage. To bad that I’m not into blue eyeshadows as this one performed so well. It blends easily and has no fall out. I wore it well for about eight hours.




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