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Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Better late than never for my review of Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Palette. I told you I have a lot to catch up when it comes to reviews and I was not kidding. When you are about to move to a new house, you start packaging everything and especially my makeup collection was the hardest one to pack.

I tested every product that I bought and then I carefully place it in a box, only to be opened after I’ve settled in my new home. 🙂 So I hope you won’t mind me coming out a little bit late with some of the products’ reviews.

Where to buy it:

U.S. – Now at Sephora US

UK – Now at Selfridges, Cult Beauty, Harrods

France – Now at Sephora.fr


Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Palette Review

Listed as a limited edition, Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Palette ($27.00 / £25.00 / €30.00 for 9 x 1.1 g / 0.04 oz) features mostly purple and pink shades. The finishes vary from matte to shimmer and metallic.

In terms of color preference, I adore this palette, as these shades are the ones I usually like to wear. I LOVE pinks, purples and plums so this is the only new Obsessions Palette that I bought.

The new Huda Beauty Precious Stones Collections features five new Obsessions Palettes so do check it out to pick your favorite. I own all Huda’s palettes that have been released so far but from this new collection I wanted only Amethyst.

Since the first moment I saw the collection Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions looked like a dream to me. Basically is a purple-pink-themed palette and a mix of finishes which I absolutely love in a palette.

I swatched all the shades on bare skin in a single layer, with a normal pressure. You can judge for yourselves the pigmenation if you like. In my opinion this palette definitely needs an eyeshadow primer to bring some of the colors to live.

Working one with the shimmers and metallics, you’ll definitely need to use a dampened brush to pack them on the lid. Otherwise you will get some fall out and sheer shades. I admit that I had a better experience applying some of these shades with my finger.

Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Palette Shade by Shade Review

Amethyst #1 is a medium-dark, purple-berry with cool undertones and a pearl finish. It had an intense pigmentation and great color payoff in a single layer. Even applied on bare skin it showed almost a full coverage.

It applies well on the skin without any fall out. I feel that it needs to be blended a little bit to get an even coverage but is still easy to achieve it. The texture felt smooth, rich and a bit dense. I could pick up product easily even with a dry brush.

In terms of long lasting, I wore this shade well for around eight hours.

Amethyst #2 is a medium plum with warm undertones and a sparkling pink finish. The color was pretty sheer in a single layers and I definitely needed a primer and a several layers to build up the intensity. Even though is a nice color with a lot of sparkle and frost finish, if you want a rich pigmentation you got to work for it.

The texture was very smooth, soft and not to dense as the previous shade. I noticed it was a bit slippery so it didn’t apply so well and evenly. I prefer to layer this shade with my fingers or use a dampened brush. Applied with a dry brush I got fall out during the application. I got around eight hours wear and a bit of creasing.

Amethyst #3 is a medium purple with warm undertones and a soft matte finish. The color payoff was disappointing, as it looked pretty sheer and patchy in a single layer. You can see even from the swatch bellow how uneven the color applied.

It took me three layers and an eyeshadow primer to build up the color close to an opaque coverage. The texture was very thin, powdery but it blended out easily. I use this color as a transition color and I blended in the crease. I wouldn’t count on this color for pigmentation and just use it to blend other colors.

Having a very thin consistency I preferred to use it only in combination with the other mattes in the palette and not apply it under or over the shimmers. It took me close to seven hours wear.

Amethyst #4 is a dark violet plum with subtle, warm undertones and a soft matte finish. It has a semi-sheer color coverage in one layer. This was the most problematic eyeshadow in this palette. Being a darker shade I would have expected a rich color payoff.

I would have loved to smudge it on my lower lid or intensify the outer corners of my lid but it wasn’t pigmented enough. It applied on pretty sheer and took several layers to build it to an almost opaque coverage. In the swatches bellow I used 3 layers to make the color show up. It was patchy and applied uneven on the skin.

The texture was thin, powdery and kicked off excess powder in the pan and had fall out during the application. Honestly I felt so bad I couldn’t make this shade work the way I wanted. It brought me close to seven hours wear.

Amethyst #5 is a light rosy-plum with coppery undertones, pink-lilac shimmer and a metallic finish. It was easily buildable close to an opaque coverage in two layers. The texture is soft, thick but creamy and easy to work with.

I prefer to apply this shade with my finger so I can get a richer and better color payoff. This shade won’t work too well with a dry brush as you can hardly pick up any product. If I use my finger to apply the color, I don’t get any fall out and adheres beautifully even on bare skin.

It’s a shade that I like to use on my lid or in the inner corner for a luminous effect and touch of sparkle. I had around eight hours wear with this formula.

Amethyst #6 is a dark purple with cool undertones and a pearl sheen. It shows a good color payoff, being pigmented but not fully opaque in a single layer. You can easily intensify the color as it applies evenly.

The texture feels smooth, creamy and light. It was easily blendable and works fine applied with a brush or your finger as well. In terms of long lasting formula, this shade lasted for eight hours with no fall out.

Amethyst #7 is a medium pink with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had a good color payoff, being almost opaque in two layers. In a single layer it looks a bit patchy when I swatch it but it applied on effortlessly nonetheless. It was the best performing matte finish shade in the palette. It was a pleasure to work with, blend and combine with other shades.

I use this as a transition shade or applied all over the lid. The texture was soft, a bit thin but without feeling powdery. It applied on evenly and was easily blendable. After eight hours wear it started to fade easily.

Amethyst #8 is a light pink with warm undertones and a frosted finish with a subtle gold shift. It has a good color payoff in a single layer and can be easily buildable. The consistency feels a bit chunky and thin at the same time so I had noticeably fall out in the pan.

I find that is best to apply this shade with a finger rather than a brush. I just like to press it on the lid with my finger rather than try to blend it. You can try with a dampened brush as well and get more pigmentation but careful with the blending.

If you want a light, sheer coverage then using a dry brush you’ll get you that result but you’ll notice some fall-out during the application. I had around eight hours wear with this shade. It was one of the problematic shades in the palette even though I absolutely love the color.

Amethyst #9 is a medium fuchsia with cool, blue undertones and a metallic finish. It has a great color payoff, being rich and intense in a single layer. The color applied on evenly and without looking patchy or having fall-out.

The texture feels creamy and dense which made it adhere well even on bare skin. It was easily blendable with no fall out during the application. For me this is one of the best performing shades in the palette.

It lasted longer on my lid than the other shades so I got around nine hours wear. It is also one of my favorite shades in the palette so I was happy to see it perform so well.


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genevieve October 22, 2018 - 4:33 am

Thank you once again for your honest review. I think it was a good move for the brand to separate the colour families into different palettes so then you could buy what you fancy.
These shades work so well with your complexion and it was a shame that some of them didn’t work the way you wanted them to. It’s still lovely nonetheless.


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