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Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Review, Live Swatches, Makeup Looks

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

I purchased the two shades of Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips which were released this week as part of her new Jewel capsule collection. Among the new products you can find the cream shadows Jewel Pots available in the same shades as the new Jewel Lips. While though this is not the best time to be purchasing lip gloss and lip products in general, I couldn’t contain myself.

I’m a lip gloss addict but I do admit is not the best sensation when your face mask gets stuck onto your lips. I wish that brands will look more towards developing long lasting lip products during this time, like lip stains or lip tints.

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Review

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Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Review

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips ($32.00 / £22.00) is a new hydrating, plump-effect lip gloss with a glittering shiny texture. The formula is enriched with Hyaluronic acid to moisturize your lips and Vitamin E known for its conditioning and nourishing abilities.

Charlotte Tilbury markets these Jewel Lips as having a “non-tacky feeling film over lips”, statement with which I have to disagree. They are lip glosses in the end and they do feel a little bit tacky. For me is normal and it’s something that I actually expected from Jewel Lips so I don’t get why to market them as non-tacky.

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Another claim is the formula will last on your lips up to 7 hours. There are even lipsticks that don’t last this long, but then again is Charlotte Tilbury we are talking about. She’s know to market products differently than what we should really expect from them, just like she markets her skincare products highlighting an ingredient which is at the bottom of the list.

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Pillow Talk Walk of No Shame Review

To be honest I quite like the packaging with that glittery festive cap that feels smooth to the touch. The shape of the doe-footed applicator is not my favorite but I didn’t have any issues with the application. It’s a pretty basic applicator but I’d prefer something with a pointed tip for more precision.

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Applicators

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Walk of No Shame Review

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Walk of No Shame ($32.00 / £22.00) is a medium ruby-red with warm undertones and gold-copper glitter. It had a good color payoff delivering a medium color payoff. It delivers a good amount of color considering it’s a lip gloss and needs to allow that see-through impression.

The texture is thick but spreads easily and evenly across the lips. It feels a bit tacky on the lips so I wouldn’t say it’s not sticky at all. It does feel comfortable on the lips, moisturizing but I detect a slight tackiness whenever I press my lips against eachother.

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Walk of No Shame Lip Swatch

What I like about Jewel Lips in Walk of No Shame is that it has enough pigmentation to change my natural lip color and create that luminosity and natural-looking glow. My lips are plumped and that fine copper-gold glitter creates a multi-dimensional look which shines beautifully in the sun.

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I always like to wear lip glosses because I love that wet lips effect and freshness that it brings to my lips. The formula doesn’t sink into lip lines and it actually hides fine lip lines which is a plus. I got around 3 and half hours wear with this formula but once I ate or drink the color washed away leaving behind fine gold sparkles.

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Walk of No Shame Lip Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Pillow Talk Review

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Pillow Talk ($32.00 / £22.00) is a light nude beige with gold sparkle and strong shiny finish. The color was quite sheer and looked very natural on my lips, resembling pretty much my natural lip color. I’d go for the other shade if you want something more pigmented as this one tends to be more natural.

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It has the same thick formula with a slightly tacky sensation but it applies evenly on the lips. It leaves behind an intense shiny finish creating that beautiful sensation of wet lips. My lips look plumped, fresh and more youthful as the formula optically erases lip lines.

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Pillow Talk Lip Swatch

This color is perfect for an everyday look or a natural / nude makeup makeup look but with a touch of rose gold sparkle. I got around 3 and a half hours wear as the color faded away when I had a meal. I would wear Jewel Lips Pillow Talk applied over a any lipstick but especially over a darker brown or burgundy to lighten up the shade.

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Pillow Talk Lip Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Live Swatches

I took these swatches under natural light applied in 2 layers. I also have LIVE SWATCHES on my Instagram so make sure to swipe left to see the video. Surprisingly the Pillow Talk shade looks more pigmented swatched on my arm than it does on my lips. This is natural considering my skin is so white by my lips have a different color which fades the Pillow Talk shade, making it look very natural on me.

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Makeup Looks

Here I’m wearing Jewel Lips Walk of No Shame and I used SUQQU Powder Blush Compact 101 (review, live swatches)  on the cheeks and on the eyes. On the cheeks I went on and dusted a bit of the darker shade (top left corner) as a bronzer to create some shade and then applied the pink blusher on top. I always admired SUQQU highlighters for creating that gentle glow and here I’ve used the pinkish blusher (top right corner).

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For my eye makeup I choose to apply the pink blusher all over my crease and blended as much as I could towards the brow bone where I went with the pinkish highlighter again. I also dusted just a bit of the highlighter on the inner corner of my lid. I went on and applied the bright peach on the entire lid, gently blended a bit of the darker blush on the other V and up in the crease to create some dimension.

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Walk of no Shame Makeup Look

I paired my Jewel Lips Pillow Talk with Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Instant Eye Palette (review, live swatches). The look is a bit more natural than the previous but still has that pink vibe. The lip color is so much more natural.

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips Pillow Talk Makeup Look

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