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Guerlain Lovely Matte, Miss Glitter, Sensual Glitter Liquid Lipsticks Review, Swatches, Makeup Looks

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

I bought these three shades of Guerlain Lovely Matte, Miss Glitter, Sensual Glitter Liquid Lipsticks a few months ago actually, when they just launched and I’ve been obsessing over them ever since. You’ve seen me wearing these shades in the makeup looks I’ve posted on my NEW INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT.

I’ve been postponing this review for so long that I’m almost finishing Guerlain Lovely Matte liquid lipstick shade and I’m on the lookout for a new wearable nude with the same formula. 🙂 I remember buying these Guerlain liquid lipsticks from Escentual as it is my go to shopping website for high end products since they have the best prices. They had a 20% OFF Sale back then so even though the original price was £29.50 I got a pretty good deal for all of them.

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U.S. / UK Launch Date – Now at SAKS, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Debenhams, John Lewis, Selfridges, Douglas, Escentual, Harrods


Guerlain Lovely Matte, Miss Glitter, Sensual Glitter Liquid Lipsticks Review

Now you can still find them at Escentual for £26.55 (Free UK Delivery) or on sale at John Lewis for £23.60 which is definitely a deal compared to the original price of £29.50 / €36.00.

I have swatches of the entire Guerlain Liquid Lipstick range in matte, glitter and shiny finishes. Make sure to check them out before you make a purchase. I’ll definitely be shopping some new Guerlain liquid lipstick matte shades pretty soon.

The packaging is on point, classy, stylish and elegant, yet with a transparent tube that allows me to see when the product is about to finish so I can repurchase. You have also the doe-foot applicator which picks up enough product for a single application and disperses the colors easily across the lips.

The matte formula feels so comfortable on the lips thanks to the hyaluronic acid and infusion of cranberry oil and Japanese pine oil. It’s definitely a lightweight, non drying formula which doesn’t emphasizes lip lines and maintains lips fairly hydrated throughout the wear.

Guerlain Lovely Matte, Miss Glitter, Sensual Glitter Liquid Lipsticks Swatches

Take a closer look at the swatches in a single swipe and see how pigmented the colors are. I’m mesmerized by the luminous and sophisticated glittery finish of L365 Sensual Glitter and L364 Miss Glitter that makes lips appear fuller and with a juicy wet lips effect.

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Guerlain Lovely Matte, Miss Glitter, Sensual Glitter Liquid Lipsticks Shade by Shade Review

Guerlain Lovely Matte (L366) Liquid Lipstick is a medium rosy nude with warm undertones and a matte finish. It has a great color payoff being fully opaque in a single layer. The consistency is creamy, not liquidy or runny at all and applies evenly and easily across the lips.

It dries down to a soft matte finish quite fast and it doesn’t sink into lip lines. It’s a beautiful classy, everyday color and elegant I must say, a different kind of nude that warms up the face. I’ve worn this shade again and again over the past few months and even those who are following me on Instagram have asked me the name of this shade.

It’s a one of the most forgiving matte formulas that I’ve come across with and it keeps the lips soft and fairly hydrated throughout the wear. I got around 7 hours wear with this shade and even when I had a meal the color was still lingering on my lips.

Guerlain Sensual Glitter (L365) Liquid Lipstick is a bright fuchsia pink with cool blue undertones and fine violet, gold and pink glittery particles with a wet glittery finish. It has a rich color being fully pigmented in a single layer. The formula is creamy, glides smoothly and evenly across the lips.

It doesn’t sink into lip lines, on the contrary it makes lips appear fuller and plumped. The formula feels very comfortable on the lips and the tackiness is very very lightly felt. I adore the intense shine and wet lips effect that I get from this liquid lipstick but what I love the most is the sparkling, glittery effect that gives a luxurious twist to this color.

Adheres well on the lips and gets me close to 6 hours wear. Even after I had a meal the color still lingers on my lips, less intense is true but the glittery finish really help to keep an even finish.

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I usually wear Guerlain Sensual Glitter as a single color on my lips but there are times when I like to layer it on top of a lipstick to give it that pop of color and sparkle.

Guerlain Miss Glitter (L364) Liquid Lipstick is a light baby pink with cool, blue undertones and gold, pink and violet glitter. It has a good color payoff but offer a medium opacity in a single layer. This color offers a sense of transparency and can be built up to a higher intensity in second layer.

What I find beautiful about this shade is the high glittery reflexes that makes lips appear fuller and fresh while giving them a barbie-like look. Because it’s not so pigmented as Sensual Glitter, I like using Miss Glitter more as a topper, changing the aspect of my usual lipstick.

It has the same creamy and slightly tacky consistency that feels very comfortable on the lips. Erases lip lines by giving you that fresh and beautiful wet-lips effect. I’d see this color suitable for an younger audience as well, teenagers, millennials or any woman who likes a bit of sparkle on her lips.

I got around 5 hours wear and once the color wore down and the shine disappeared, I was left with a good amount of glitter on my lips.

Guerlain Lovely Matte, Miss Glitter, Sensual Glitter Liquid Lipsticks Makeup Looks

Here I’m wearing Guerlain Lovely Matte liquid lipstick in a sunny day so the photo is taken in natural sunny light. I’m not wearing any makeup, no foundation, just the lipstick, mascara and I’ve done my brows with the Benift brow pencil.

I took the photos with my Iphone so is not the best resolution for PC version I know that but you can still see what a great pinkish nude this shade is. Without wearing any makeup I do feel this shade warms up my face but still gives me a casual, everyday look.

Here is another look where I’m wearing Lovely Matte shade with a quite natural, fresh and casual day makeup look. I took the photo in natural day light but the weather was pretty clouded.

You know I’m a pink addict and lip colors like Guerlain Sensual Glitter are my most favorite. I’ve said it before that every time I’m wearing bright fuchsia pink shades my entire face looks radiant, I have a smile on my face the entire day and gives me that confidence and state of comfort.

Guerlain Sensual Glitter will brighten up any complexion, giving your lips a strong pop of color with an amazing glitter finish that will definitely attract eyes on you. 🙂

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