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Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette Review, Live Swatches, Makeup Looks

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

One of the highlights of 2020 for me when it comes to be beauty world, was to discover Samer Khouzami makeup brand. Better said the brand discovered me and offered me to try out their products. I did an unboxing video on IGTV at that time, showing you all the Samer Khouzami makeup products that I received. I’ve been using their products for almost two months now and my review of Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette was long overdue.

Samer Khouzami Makeup Products

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Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette Review

Since is the first time that I’m talking about this brand here on the blog, let me make a quick introduction. I’m new to this brand as many of you probably are but I know it’s very popular in the Middle East being available at Sephora. The brand reached out to me indeed and they send me a bunch of products to try out, even though their overall line is quite small.

Samer Khouzami is an entrepreneur and self-made makeup artist who’s famous for his bridal makeup looks. Once I found out about him I couldn’t have enough of his Youtube makeup tutorials and the bridal makeup looks were my favorite. The brand has not many products indeed, but they do have the essentials.

As a disclosure, this post is not sponsored but I’m sure you’ve seen me constantly using his products almost in all of my IGTV video makeup tutorials. I’m honestly charmed by the quality of the products, no joke. To tell you the truth I had no expectations whatsoever from this brand. It’s an awesome feeling to see that I basically discovered a new holy grail in a brand that I was unaware it existed until recently.

I love using all the products that I received but I find myself reaching out for the Face Palette the most. There are three versions available in light, medium and dark and I’m sure they will be matching all skin colors.

Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette Close Up

Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette ($65.00 / £52.00 for 21 grams) is a permanent, all-in-one face palette with a luminous blush, one radiant highlighter and a satin matte bronzer. The shades have a good color payoff with a great pigmentation, especially the blusher which really too me by surprise. This is the ideal face palette for fair and light skin color but I do have to say that the blusher and highlighter will work on medium skin as well.

Now I’m really curious to try the Medium Face Palette for which indeed the bronzer may be too dark for me but I can surely work the rest of the shade. The soft texture of all three shades was impressively smooth and silky to the touch, reminding me of the Burberry Essentials Glow Palette Harmony (01) (review, live swatches, makeup looks). I’m going to have to do a video comparison on IGTV so you guys can see that the highlighters are super similar. You will really have to use both palettes to know what I’m really talking about. I was truly impressed….no joke.

Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette Packaging


Samer Khouzami Face Palette comes in a square, mirror-like golden compact which looks very luxurious. The reflective compact is indeed hard to photograph and you’ll get fingertips on it each time you’ll use it… but it does feel luxury. The price is not cheap as well so I’m glad it matches the quality of the products inside. It comes in a compact that snaps shut with a large mirror inside in which I can look when I do my makeup looks.

Again the packaging is very similar to Burberry Essentials Glow Palettes which are very luxurious.

One disatvange is the brand doesn’t list the ingredients list for their products on the website. People would appreciate the ingredient list knowing many of them are allergic at some type of ingredient. I really hope they can fix this and list the ingredients for every product. It will be very helpful. 🙂

Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette Live Swatches

Here we have swatches in a single layer on bare skin taken under natural light. If you want LIVE SWATCHES you have them on my Instagram so you can see the real beauty of these shades. Swatched they may not tell you much at first glimpse honestly, but once applied on the skin they’ll work their magic.

Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette Swatches


Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette Shade by Shade Review

The bronzer is a light-medium brown with soft warm undertones and a luminous matte finish paired with super fine gold sparkle. It had a great color payoff, being pigmented and easily buildable. This is such an interesting color because even though it leans a bit warm toned it looks beautifully and so natural on the skin.

You can see my IGTV video tutorials where I’m wearing this shade quite often and on me it looks natural and quite flattering. It is luminous thanks to those extremely fine sparkling particles. These particles are barely detectable, very very tiny and spare but all together they give a great effect. No, you won’t be glowing, looking shiny or sparkly. If you want a soft, natural looking bronzer, not yellow, this is a great shade.

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The texture is super soft and silky to the touch, not powdery at all and doesn’t causes fall out during the application. It’s so easily blendable into the skin, without looking muddy. I’m OK with applying two layers and blend them gently to create that shadow and warmth to my complexion.

This shade can work for fair skin, just one layer applied softly. For medium skin I think it can be too light so try the Face Palette in Medium. I used this shade on the eyes as well in the next makeup look and the shade looks quite natural on me, adding just a soft shadow. In terms of longevity I had around eight and a half hours wear before it started to fade noticeably.

The blush is a bright pink with neutral-to-cool undertones and a matte finish. It had a great color payoff being semi-opaque in a single layer. The color is quite intense and bright but it blends out so easily and seamlessly that you can tone it down. The first time I used this color I didn’t expect so much pigmentation so I dipped my brush generously into the pan. I got an intense shade which I managed to diffuse it beautifully but now I know to apply it with a light hand.

If you are fair skin, one layer should be more than enough for you but if you are medium skin color, I’m sure this shade will work on you as well. The texture is super soft, smooth, not powdery so it doesn’t causes fall out.

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It’s the kind of shade that gives a natural, youthful flush of color. I love using this shade so much, because of the subtle matte finish and fresh color. On top of this shade you can add either a subtle highlighter to keep the natural effect or add a beaming glow. It’s an absolutely versatile color for me. I even used it as an eyeshadow in the makeup look bellow and it performed very well. It applies well, adheres well onto the lid (doesn’t stain) and blends easily with the other shade. I had around eight hours wear with this formula before starting to fade on me.

Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette Details

The highlighter is a light rosy shade with a white base and cool undertones with a subtle sheen. It had a good color payoff being buildable to full opacity in two and a half layers. The color is very soft and gives the skin a subtle, beautiful and dewy glow. It doesn’t have glitter or sparkle, just some fine shimmer which gives luminosity to the skin.

This highlighter really reminds me of the sheen that Burberry highlighters give to the skin. This kind of finish has become my favorite since I first tried Burberry highlighters from their Essentials Harmony palettes. I so pleasantly surprised to see this Samer Khouzami highlighter fells in the same category.

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It doesn’t emphasizes skin texture, fine lines or anything. The subtle sheen is so discreet and elegant at the same time that I’m truly recommending this for women at any age. It’s a flattering looking highlighter that gives elegant, freshness and a youthful glow. You just have to try it to see what I’m talking about.

The texture is very smooth, silky and soft to the touch without being dry or powdery. It doesn’t causes fall out during the application and it performs well as an eyeshadow as well. In the following makeup look I used this shade on my brow bone and on the inner corner of the lid. Just a touch of luminosity.

I had around eight and a half hours wear with this formula without fall out throughout the wear.

Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette Makeup Look

I have a video makeup tutorial for this look on Instagram. You can also browse through my video tutorials and see constantly wearing at least one Samer Khouzami product in each look.

Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette Makeup



  • Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette

Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette Makeup Look


  • Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette used as eyeshadow


Samer Khouzami Light Face Palette Face Makeup

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