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Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection for August 2020

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection was revealed earlier today and even though I’m dying over pink shades, I don’t feel the excitement for this collection. You may think that I haven’t fully recovered my health after the terrible past 2 weeks that I had, if I’m not excited about pink. I’m afraid is not that and as much as I love the new palette packaging and the shades I really hoped that Pat will launch a blush palette.

Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Palette

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U.S. / International Launch Date – 12 August 2020 at PatMcGrath.com | 9AM ET (early access) | 10AM ET (public access)


Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection

Don’t get me wrong, you know I’m the first one to jump up and down when I’m seeing a pink makeup collection, but this time I was hoping for something different. I didn’t even got to post my review about her Divine Rose II Palette yet and not this launch. I can honestly say that I had my share of Pat McGrath pink eyeshadows for this year and I was ready to pass on her future eyeshadow palette releases.

I’m really curious to know what do you think. Are you excited about this collection? I can definitely understand that those who couldn’t or didn’t want to spend $125 on her Divine Rose Palette they can enjoy now a cheaper price for the 6 pan palette. That makes total sense and I’m sure there are many who’ll pick the new Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Palette just because they skipped the two Divine Rose.

I mean Pat McGrath Dark Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette (review, swatches, makeup look) is a great combo of pink, purple and golds and I really enjoyed this palette. Then again we have Pat McGrath Golden Opulence Eyeshadow Palette (review, makeup look) with pink, nude shades and of course gold. We had quite a good variety of pink eyeshadows in both 6 pan and 10 pan palettes. I was ready to move on! How about you? I’m in love with pink and everyone here in Chicprofile knows that, but how frustrating these launches must be for those who are not so much into pink shades?

I’m thinking of all her fans who are not into pink eyeshadows and with every launch they were expecting some different shades. She had an entire year of pink eyeshadow palettes or even purples. I thought this was enough as we were all so ready for a blush palette or even highlighters.

Ups, almost forgot we have some more pinks in Pat McGrath Ritualistic Rose Blitz Astral Eyeshadow (review, makeup look) which was on sale several times on her website.

Rose Decadence MTHRSHP Palette – $65.00

All these shades are not available in her Divine Rose 1 and Divine Rose 2 palettes so they are not duplicates.

  • Pink Champagne Warm rose gold shimmer
  • Peach Dust Coral satin matte
  • Fuchsia Flame Warm fuchsia duochrome
  • Hedonistic Rose Rose plum matte
  • Scandalous Copper metallic
  • Golden Honey Antique gold metallic

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Lip Fetish Divinyl Lip Shine – $36.00

The award-winning, ultra-hydrating PAT McGRATH LABS LIP FETISH LIP BALM family welcomes another breakthrough transformative texture with the launch of LIP FETISH DIVINYL LIP SHINE, six high-gloss saturated shades, each with a level of shine never before captured in a hydrating balm.

Blazing and brilliant, PAT McGRATH LABS LIP FETISH DIVINYL LIP SHINE mesmerises with a divine, mirror-esque level of reflection. Antioxidant lychee extract and rich coconut butter deliver the benefits of a lip-treatment mask in a light-as-air, sensuously-soft lip-soothing formula. Dressed in a pink couture-chrome case, LIP FETISH DIVINYL LIP SHINE made its runway debut at the Fall 2020 Maison Margiela Artisanal couture show, transforming models into “electric, eccentric blitz kids.”

  • Nude Venus
  • Boudoir Rose
  • Electric Lotus
  • Belle Amour
  • Temptress
  • Love Interest

Pat McGrath Rose Decadence

Lip Fetish Astral – $36.00

Iconic iridescence meets seductively surreal shine. Enhanced hydration meets soothing softness. Always a subversive sparkler, this out-of-this-world formulation is on her way to adorn your lips in glow-rious holographic glamour. Two shades (plus previous shades in updated packaging).

Pat McGrath Rose Decadence  Collection

Lip Fetish Sheer Colour -$36.00

The original pout provocateur, this cult-status balm will soon unite seven impossible-to-resist sheer shades presented in a mesmerisingly minimalist white silhouette.

Pat McGrath Rose Decadence

Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil – $28.00

Featuring LABS-exclusive PermaGel technology, these ultra-blendable pencils shade, shape and elevate every lip look to a work of art; pairs perfectly with tempting NEW shades of LIP FETISH Lip Balm. 10 new shades.


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