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Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions Palette Review, Live Swatches, Makeup Looks

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

After trying out Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions Palette for 3 days I’m here with my detailed review. This is an anniversary palette, in celebration of Cult Beauty carrying Huda Beauty for 5 years. They offer international shipping and this palette may not be available at other retailers.

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U.S. / UK & Internationally – Now exclusively at Cult Beauty


Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions Palette Review

Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions Palette (£27.00 for 5.4 g) is a limited edition, 9 pan eyeshadow palette featuring an array of molten golds, brown and nude pinks. We have three finishes: pigments, mattes and metallics.

This palette leans gold but with a mixture of pinkish undertones. If you are a Huda Beauty collector you can definitely recreate this palette from her existing Obsessions Palettes. The matte shades are super dupable and nothing that you haven’t seen before but quite pigmented and easy to work with. They do have a smooth texture and soft matte finish but they kick out some powder in the pan.

Now about the metallics they are adorned with flakes while the pigments are quite loose and cause fall out. Huda mentions you can use these shades with a brush but for me it honestly just didn’t work as the pigmentation was incredibly sheer. The best way to make shimmers and metallics work and show pigmentation on the lid was to apply them with my fingertips. I tried to apply them with a damp brush but the color payoff was just so weak compared to when I used my fingertips. Also I see the pigments more as toppers and they have quite loose shimmer that tends to move around.

We have 2 distinctively gold shades but also white gold and rose gold.


It comes in a see-through plastic that covers the compact. The palette itself comes in a plastic, lightweight packaging that snaps shut and has a mirror inside. I commented on Instatories when I unbox this that the packaging feels and looks very cheap to me. Honestly I feel like I’ve purchased a drugstore eyeshadow palette and I’d have expected a golden, metallic-looking outer packaging.

Now the interesting part is the actual quantity of the product included in this palette. While this is made in China just like her other palettes, the product quantity is different. Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions has 5.4 grams of product compared to her other Obsessions Palettes that have 9.9 grams. I’d say the difference is more than noticeable as we get almost half the product for the same price. Some people may not be bothered by this information but I need to point it out so you can make an informed purchased decision.

Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions Palette Live Swatches

You can enjoy LIVE SWATCHES of Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions Palette on my Instagram. I also did swatches on bare skin and applied each color in two layers to show up pigmentation. I normally do swatches in a single layer but most of these shades would have been very sheer and uneven looking.

These look like the most intense shades from the palette, still build up in two layers. The matte shade was so powdery and with a lot of excess everytime I dipped my brush or made a swatch.

Here are the final shades, all swatched in 2 layers as well. That gold is surely the winner. 🙂


Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions Palette Shade by Shade Review

Gold Obsessions No.1 is a light pink with gold shimmer and a shiny, shimmer finish. It had a sheer pigmentation applied in a single layer and dry. It can be intensified a little bit if applied with fingertips. The formula is very soft and smooth to the touch while the color looks very luminous.

I had a hard time trying to apply this shade with brush (wet or dry, shyntetic or natural) so it worked best for me applied with my fingertips. This was the only way to intensify the color which I see more as a topper. I didn’t try a glitter glue for this one to be honest but I think that could help. I got around six hours wear with this formula before it started to fade.

Gold Obsessions No.2 is a light, rosy-beige apricot with subtle warm undertones and a matte finish. It had a good color payoff being almost opaque in two layers. The texture was smooth, soft but kicked off a lot of powder in the pan when swatched or picked up with a brush. It feels a bit dusty and powdery at the same time.

It applied on well, blends easily and adheres on even on bare skin. For me it works best as a transition shade being very close to my natural skin color. I got around eight hours wear before it started to fade on me.

Gold Obsessions No.3 is a light gold with silver shimmer. It had a very sheer color payoff in a single layer which couldn’t be intensified applied wet or using my fingertips. The consistency is soft and smooth but it has some flakiness to it, almost like a texture. It didn’t apply evenly and it was prone to fall out when blended. I tried picking up this shade with a damp brush but the color payoff was not that great. Same result I had when using my fingertips, not to mention I had shimmer particles flying all over.

The consistency is far to loose to be able to apply it with a brush so even though I tried several brushes I couldn’t make this shade work.

Gold Obsessions No.4 is a deep brown with reddish undertones and a matte finish. It had a good color payoff in a single layer being easily buildable to full opacity in one and half layer. It had a smooth, soft texture that applied well and blended out nicely. You can see in the second makeup look how I intensified this shade on the outer part of my lid and lower lash line.

It’s one of those shades that even though are intense they blend out nicely and seamlessly so it worked beautiful on me. On me it lasted for about eight hours before it started to fade noticeably.

Gold Obsessions No.5 is a bright, medium bronze gold with olive undertones, multi-color shimmer and a metallic finish. It had a great pigmentation in a single layer delivering a very intense and rich color payoff. The consistency was smooth, creamy but a bit slippery. It adhered well onto the skin when applied with my fingertips which I find is the best way to go. I tried using a damp brush but I didn’t get that level of intense pigmentation that I got when using my fingertips.

It doesn’t feel a bit flaky, at least compared to shade No.9 which is a lot smoother in consistency. In terms of long lasting I got about eight hours wear out of it without fall out.

Gold Obsessions No.6 is a medium mauvy beige with pink undertones and matte finish. It had a good pigmentation in a single swipe being fully opaque. The texture is very smooth and soft but quite firmly pressed into the pan which led to a lot of excess powder when swatched or applied with a brush. It adheres well even on bare skin, the color is even and blends out easily. I got around eight hours wear before it started to fade.

In my second makeup look you can see this shade applied on my upper crease and blended all the way through.

Gold Obsessions No.7 is a light rosy beige with soft warm undertones and a shimmer finish. It had a semi opaque color coverage when swatched but looked very sheer when applied on the lid. The texture is smooth, creamy but flaky and prone to fall out during the application. As much as I tried I couldn’t make this shade perform with a brush (dry or wet application) so the only option was to use my fingertips. Like this I could get some color payoff, especially when layered on top of other shimmers.

The application with a damp brush gave me very subtle shimmer with an uneven color. I got around six and a half wear before it started to fade and minor fall out throughout the wear.

Gold Obsessions No.8 is a light coppery rose-gold with warm undertones and a shimmer finish. The color swatched semi-sheer in a single layer applied dry on bare skin. It was buildable up to a medium opacity but the application with a brush didn’t result in an even or opaque coverage. Just like the other shimmers this one works best when applied with fingertips due to the flaky texture. Even though the formula is smooth and quite creamy it has these big flakes and causes fall out. It wore well on me for about six and a half hours.

Gold Obsessions No.9 is a bright gold with warm undertones and a metallic finish. It had an excellent color payoff in a single layer applied on bare skin. The texture is dense, smooth and feels dry. It applied well when I used my fingertips and gave no fall out. I tried using a damp brush but I couldn’t get the same intensity as when I used my fingertips, which was the best application method.

Adheres well onto the skin and strikes an intense metallic finish. Just like the other gold No.5 they are the best performing special shades in the palette. It wore well on me without fall out for 8 and a half hours.

Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions Palette Makeup Looks

Here you have two of the makeup looks that I did using Huda Beauty Gold Obsessions Palette. Let’s start with the first one for which you also have a video posted on my Instagram IGTV. I used a lot of the shimmers and metallics, layering them as I wanted a beaming effect.

Products used:

You’ll think that I used the same lip color for my second makeup look but I didn’t. Yes, it’s still Lancome but it’s the new L’Absolu Rouge Cream in 196 Crystal Flame (20% OFF now) (upcoming review) from their Holiday 2020 collection. The finish of this one is a cream and very luminous and quite sparkly on the lips.

On the rest of my face I’m wearing:

I used all the 3 matte eyeshadows along with the shade No.9 metallic gold (bottom right corner) and No.8 applied in the inner corner of the eye. The shimmers I applied them using my fingertips and only on the half inner part of the lid.

That dark brown really helped me intesified the color and I had to build up the color a little bit but I like the final effect. What do you guys think? 🙂

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