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Bobbi Brown Camo Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I’ve bought this Bobbi brown Camo Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette way back in the Summer through a personal shopper. I shared with you swatches and my first impressions of the Bobbi Brown products I purchased back then. I wore it a few times in the summer and discovered it again now when the holiday season started. Yes, it’s one of those products that I haven’t had time to review it and put it aside for a while.

Since it’s still available online now and even on sale in some stores I think it still deserves your attention. The Camo Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette is part of Bobbi Brown Camo Luxe Collection from which I also bought the Jungle Luxe Eye Shadow (review, swatches).

Where to buy:

U.S. – Now at Nordstrom, Sephora, Bobbi Brown US

UK – Now at Bobbi Brown UK (20% OFF), Selfridges, Harrods, Debenhams (On sale for £41.24)

Bobbi Brown Camo Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette Review

Bobbi Brown Camo Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette ($75.00 / £49.50) features six eyeshadows and a highlighting powder. Each eyeshadow contains 1 g / 0.03 oz while the highlighter has 5 g / .17 oz. The palette is official priced on a value of $91.00.

You’ll probably wonder since when I’m into a palette that has mostly green and gray eyeshadows since you know I never wear them. I honestly bought it because that gorgeous highlighter smiled to me, also for the modern spin on the iconic camo print and to review something different. I mostly review products pink, purple or nude shades so why not make a change.

I definitely think the packaging is interesting, something different coming from Bobbi Brown. But if we are to talk about packaging, I also got swept away by the Highlight & Glow Powder Duo (review, swatches). That’s definitely a festive and glam packaging.

I still have some nudes and transition shades in this palette as well as a dark gray so I’m usually sticking to those shades. I’ve posted a makeup looked inspired by this palette back in the summer on my Instagram (which is currently disabled, sorry guys).

The palette comes in a plastic and heavy compact case with a mirror inside and magnetic closure. It feels very sturdy and even travel friendly. I’m personally mesmerized by that gorgeous highlighter.

Bobbi Brown Camo Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette Shade by Shade Review

Bone Eyeshadow is a light white vanilla with a matte finish. It has a good color payoff with light and soft formula. It feels just a little bit dry but it applies well without any fall out. It blends easily and is a great transition color or to apply it on the brown bone.

This color matches my skin tone so well and I prefer to use it even alone for a no-makeup makeup look. I got around 7 hours wear with this formula.

Wheat Eyeshadow is a very light beige with nude undertones and a matte finish. It has a good color payoff in a single layer with a smooth texture. It kicks off a bit of powder in the pan so make sure to tap off the excess before applying it.

This is another great nude shade that can be used as a transition shade. It applies well and adheres well onto the lid without any fall out during the application. I got around 7 hours wear with this formula.

Cool Grey Eyeshadow is a medium taupe with nude undertones and a matte finish. It doesn’t have such a great color payoff I’m afraid. It does look patchy and uneven when applied in a single layer and without an eyeshadow primer.

I definitely recommend using an eyeshadow primer with this one and add 2-3 layers. It wasn’t so easily blendable like the previous 2 matte shades. I prefer to pat this color on the lid better than layering it in the crease. The texture was smooth but it did kick off some powder in the pan. It took me close to six and a half hours wear.

Smokey Brown Eyeshadow is a medium taupe-brown with slightly warm undertones and a metallic finish. It has a great pigmentation, being easily buildable and very easy to work it.

It has a very smooth and velvety texture that gives an even coverage. In a single layer is gives a soft, medium coverage being fully opaque in two layers. It’s by far the best performing shade in the palette and my favorite as well. I had no fall out during the application and adheres well onto the lid. It took me close to seven and half hours wear.

Camo Eyeshadow is a dark green with a gray base and lots of gold sparkles. It is a rich and intense color with a good color payoff in a single swipe. The color looks very shimmery and I love to use it as a top coat layered on top of the mattes or paired with Smokey Brown.

It’s the kind of color that puts you in a festive mood and gives you that effortless glam makeup look. It’s a true festive eyeshadow which can be easily intensified up to a full opacity.

You can apply it dry for a softer look but you will get a bit of a fall out during the application. Applied with a dampened brush you will get almost no fall during during the application and throughout the wear. The shade doesn’t crease or looks patchy. Applied dry I got around 7 hours wear with some minor fall out.

The color is a bit messy I’m afraid and when I removed my makeup I still noticed I had shimmer particles on my lids and cheeks so make sure to remove your makeup properly. 🙂

Cool Brown Eyeshadow is a dark reddish brown with cool undertones a matte finish. It had a semi-sheer coverage in a single swipe that was buildable up to a semi-opaque coverage in 2-3 layers.

Applied in a single layer the color looks patchy and uneven and tends to sheer out when blended. I was disappointed by this color as I expected a rich and intense cool brown but I got almost the opposite. The texture was smooth, silky but very light which kicked off a lot of excess product in the pan. I got around six hours wear.

Warm Glow Highlighting Powder is a combination of gold, peachy and light bronze shades. I took swatches from different parts of this highlighter as you can see in the photo bellow. The pigmentation was fantastic while the formula was smooth and silky.

I didn’t have any fall out during the application and the highlighter didn’t emphasize my skin texture. I can mix this highlighter or just pick up on my brush just the lighter shade. I think it will complement beautifully any skin tone.

It’s the kind of highlighter that adds luminosity without having any glitter or shimmer inside. You can definitely intensify the pigmentation if you want more glow by adding an extra layer or so. I went and applied up to 3 layers sometimes and it looks gorgeous. If you are looking for a highlighter that is not that bright in your face and doesn’t have glitter, this is definitely something worth checking out.

I got around eight hours wear with this formula before it started to fade.


Enjoy more photos…

Swatches of Bone, Wheat, Cool Grey

Swatches of Smokey Brown, Camo, Cool Brown

Swatches of the highlighter

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Absolutely beautiful – love, love and love the cool toned shades.


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