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SUQQU Spring 2021 Color Collection

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

I cannot believe I’m blogging SUQQU Spring 2021 Color Collection right now after only yesterday I posted SUQQU Holiday 2020 Eyeshadow Palette Review (live swatches, makeup looks). The new collection is inspired by Spring mornings and focuses on earth and pale tones that symbolize nature itself.

SUQQU Spring 2021 Color Collection

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UK / International – January 2021 at Selfridges, Cult Beauty, Harrods, Liberty London | Japan Launch Date – 8 January 2021


SUQQU Spring 2021 Color Collection

SUQQU Signature Color Eyes – New

The highlight of this collection will be the new SUQQU Signature Color Eyes. SUQQU has reformulated their eyeshadows so we are looking at an entire new line of 6 permanent quads and one in a limited edition. Honestly I don’t know what they could have improved since the formula was perfect to me.

SUQQU Spring 2021 Color Collection Eyeshadow Quads

The new formula is described as a ” thin film of color and luster”. So you still need to layer the colors and build up pigmentation but we’ll get the same experience. You won’t get muddy colors or a thicker texture as you keep building up the shade intensity.

Clear pearls are abundantly blended in the eye shadow, creating a transparent feeling even in dark colors. For the matte texture color, a spherical snow powder that is fluffy like snow is used to achieve a smooth feel that doesn’t give a feeling of powder.

SUQQU Signature Color Eyes


  • 01 Mauve Taupe x Sepia Gray – PermanentThe combination of mauve and gray with a cool and sophisticated impression gives a feeling of intelligence and individuality while having a gentleness like a flower.
  • 02 Orange Coral x Taupe – PermanentWith a warm coral-tinted orange and yellow-brown gradation, you can feel the temperature of an adult’s skin.
  • 03 Sand Beige x Golden Brown – PermanentA beige-brown palette that raises the basic rating. A modern 4-color palette that focuses on light and color to bring out the brightness of the skin.
  • 04 Charm Pink x Salmon Pink – PermanentA pink palette that gives a feminine and dignified impression like this, with loveliness and strength. Carefully selected pink that suits adults for a three-dimensional and loose finish.
  • 05 Saffron Red x Chic Brown – PermanentAdd grayish brown to red, which is vivid yet familiar to the skin. Chic and dignified colors create the gorgeousness of adults.
  • 06 Khaki x Nude Brown – PermanentWith exquisite khaki and brown that is close to the skin, it has a modal look. Use a light pink color to add just the right amount of sweetness and femininity.
  • 101 Spring Cloud ( Purple x Sun Lid Orange) – Limited EditionA combination of shades of purple like clouds fluttering on a spring morning and oranges like sunshine. A fresh and modest palette that expresses the spring itself with dazzling light.

SUQQU Signature Color Eyes Eyeshadow

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SUQQU Signature Color Eyes Eyeshadow Quads

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Nuance Eyeliner – New

In addition we have these Nuance Eyeliners which are recommended to be used together with the new eyeshadow quads. With this new SUQQU Nuance Eyeliner you can draw both thick lines and delicate, ultra-fine lines.


  • 01 Black: standard black color (Permanent)
  • 02 Brown: sophisticated brown which is close to beige, goes well with pink and cool eyeshadows. (Permanent)
  • 03 Gray: white gray that makes your eyes look seasonal with a single stroke. (Permanent)
  • 04 Orange: a dull orange that you feel the warmth of the Spring’s morning. (Limited Edition)

SUQQU Nuance Eyeliner

Comfort Lip Fluid Fog – New Shades

  • 08 Spring Picking – a light beige that is a warm like a spring breeze (Permanent)
  • 104 Teruyo – a rich and deep earth brown like the earth shined by the morning sun. (Limited Edition)
  • 105 Overflow – a bluish pink of the leading role, like a blooming morning flower. (Limited Edition)

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SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog

Comfort Lip Fluid Glow – New Shades

  • 08 Gloss Flax – a dignified mocha beige that is universal flattering. (Permanent)
  • 102 Dyed Sky – fire orange with the brightness of the sky dyed by the morning sun. (Limited Edition)
  • 103 Rinkago -a nuanced pink with a lovely and gentle elegance. (Limited Edition)

SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Glow

 Pure Color Blush – Limited Edition

  • 124 Pale Pink x Lemon GoldA spring gradation that shifts from a lemon color that contains plenty of pearls to pink. It dyes your cheeks softly and creates a lovely expression. (Limited Edition)
  • 125 AkatsukiA gradation of softly colored pale orange and mellowly glossy pink. It goes well with any makeup and gives a sophisticated look. (Limited Edition)

SUQQU Pure Color Blush

Nail Color Polish – New & Limited Edition

  • 129 Glitter Silk – high-quality pearl beige like linen that fits lightly (Limited Edition)
  • 130 Kazeha – caramel brown with a mordern and modal feel (Limited Edition)
  • 131 Kiri Ao – smoky green with a motto that contains a moderate amount of gray (Limited Edition)

SUQQU Nail Polish

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