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SUQQU Base Makeup Spring 2021 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I have more news for you today so get ready to take a peek into the SUQQU Base Makeup Spring 2021 Collection. We have two new products launching next Spring, a foundation and a makeup base. These are perfect to be joining their Spring 2021 Color Collection.

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UK / International – TBA 2021 at Selfridges, Cult Beauty, Harrods, Liberty London | Japan Launch Date – 5 March 2021


SUQQU Base Makeup Spring 2021 Collection

SUQQU Glow Powder Foundation – New

SUQQU proposes a new concept of base makeup with the arrival of a new season. The birth of this foundation is inspired by porcelain, by the “glaze” that covers the surface of porcelain and makes smooth corrections.

Light is used to supplement areas of concern such as roughness and unevenness of the skin. Foundations and makeup bases are developed that create “transparent skin” that is smooth like white porcelain and makes you want to touch it with your fingers.

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There will be 9 colors refills for this new compact foundation. I know, not a wide variety of color choices and I’m afraid that not many will find it suitable for their skin colors. If you are fair or light skin tone you have good changes but darker skin may not find a color match.


SUQQU Glow Powder Foundation

The new SUQQU Glow Powder Foundation is a foundation that creates a refined and mature glossy skin by taking advantage of the texture of powder, which tends to interfere with the gloss of the skin. With a soft and creamy texture, it fits so that it sticks to the skin. The moderately thick foundation spreads evenly on the skin, naturally covering the areas of concern. Although it is a powder, it has high adhesion and reduces the fluffiness and powderiness of the powder.

The transparent pearl creates a glossy feeling with high brightness. With an elegant luster that is not too glaring, it gives an adult glossy skin.

SUQQU Smooth Cover Primer – New

The makeup base SUQQU Smooth Cover Primer (30 ml), which is recommended for set use, firmly wraps and covers pores and irregularities. The thick film covers the imperfections of the skin and by adhering tightly, the foundation is firmly fixed.

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Although it has a high compensating power, the finish is natural and does not give a feeling of hiding. While covering the skin with a thick film, it allows light to pass through and keeps the skin feeling. The color is a milky white-based beige color that removes dullness.

SUQQU Smooth Cover Primer

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