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SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer & Cream Foundation for Fall 2020

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

We are going to see a lot of new SUQQU products launching for the Fall 2020 season, including the SUQQU Vialume skincare range. In September SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer and The Cream Foundation will be joining the permanent makeup range.

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Japan Launch Date – 4 September 2020 | UK Launch Date – September 2020 at Selfridges, Harrods


SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer & Cream Foundation for Fall 2020

SUQQU The Cream Foundation – New

The cream foundation, which has received the greatest support in the history of SUQQU, will undergo further evolution in the Fall of 2020. From the SUQQU’s unique pursuit of luster, we have further enhanced the luster quality to create SUQQU’s most luxurious foundation.

Due to its high-quality luster, SUQQU was particular about the “powderless” texture with a soft and moist feel. By applying an amino acid derivative coating to all pigments, it has evolved into a moist texture. It will give a second-skin kind of feeling being extremely lightweight on the skin. It’s super easily blendable and sinks into the skin immediately giving a smooth luster finish.

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The formula contains 13 domestic beauty moisturizing extracts. By containing green tea extract and silk protein, a richer formulation has been achieved.

The color range is limited to 12 shades including a yellow beige ochre, beige ochre, pink beige ochre, as well as a wide variety of color tones. You can choose your favorite skin color according to the delicate luster. Being an Asian makeup brand SUQQU doesn’t offer a large variety of shades and targets mostly the light skin of Asian women.

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In addition, a special SUQQU Foundation Brush made for the new cream foundation will be released on the same day. Inspired by the Japanese brushes of Japanese dance, the brushes have a wide plate shape and plenty of hair. 

SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer – New

The new SUQQU concealer has a high coverage without a thick coating and will be available in 7 shades. It covers the problems you are worried about such as uneven skin color, discoloration, under eye circles and manage to conceals all imperfection. Even though it provides a high coverage it adds luster and a delicate, glossy finish so is not completely matte.


The formula uses oil with a firm texture like honey, which melts immediately at body temperature and spreads smoothly. It adheres well onto the skin and doesn’t smudge, move around or look cakey. 

I’m definitely intrigued to try the SUQQU Intense Cover Concealer and see how a full coverage texture can feel so comfortable and on the skin. I’ll report back all the details in my review!

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