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Clinique Pansy Pop Cheek Pop Blush Review, Swatches, Makeup Look

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

Clinique Pansy Pop Cheek Pop Blush is a permanent shade but along with others have been released as a limited edition under this gorgeous pattern. I fell in love with beautiful peony pattern and I bought it because I never tried this shade, nor do I have others from Clinique. If you like this color you can buy it in the standard packaging with daisy pattern.

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Clinique Pansy Pop Cheek Pop Blush Review

Clinique (15) Pansy Pop Cheek Pop Blush ($25.00 / £18.00 for 3.5 g /0.12 oz.) is a bright, light-medium lavender pink with a satin sheen. It had a soft and light coverage applied in a single layer but easily buildable to a semi-opaque coverage in 3 layers. The color leans pretty much towards the soft side, not being highly pigmented and intense in a single swipe.

If you prefer gentle, more natural looking blushes then you’ll love Clinique Pansy Pop Cheek Pop blush. You can check out today’s Instagram stories where I posted a video where I wore this blush. If you are reading this review later on then I saved the video in the highlight section of MOTD (makeup of the day).

The texture was super soft and smooth to the touch and blended seamlessly across my cheeks. It gave me a natural, luminous and dewy finish that made my cheeks look very natural just touched with a flush of color. It didn’t emphasize my pores, nor my skin texture, on the contrary it gave skin a smoother appearance.

I admit that this shade is more suitable for those with fair and light skin tone while medium skin tones will have to build it up in 2-3 layers. It may be too light and softly pigmented for someone with darker shade who can choose from the other Clinique Cheek Pop more intense colors.

I used a fluffy blush brush for application as I wanted just a wash of color and a super natural makeup look. The color kinda blends itself so you don’t need too much effort with the application. I think the official description of the formula “vibrant yet natural-looking cheek color” is exactly on point. It doesn’t feel powdery at all.

It wore well on me for about eight hours before fading.

Clinique Pansy Pop Cheek Pop Blush Swatch

Take a closer look at this swatch applied on bare skin in two layers. It looks quite nice and soft but keep in mind that I have a light skin. I wonder if it will look a bit ashy on tanned or deeper skin. If you tried this shade please let me know about your experience. 🙂

Clinique Pansy Pop Cheek Pop Blush Makeup Look

For this makeup look I applied Clinique Pansy Pop Cheek Pop Blush in two layers as I’m not wearing any foundation, concealer or base. During Summer I tend to wear foundation as less as possible and using daily the Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging Moisturiser SPF 30 (review) helps even out my skin tone.

So this is how the color looks applied directly on bare skin just after finishing my skincare routine. It’s a blush that I will enjoy wearing this Summer and whenever I want just a natural, fresh look. 🙂

On my lips I’m wearing a combination between Tom Ford Baby Lip Spark (review, swatches) which I applied as a base and Hermes Rose Velours Rouge Matte Lipstick (review, swatches, makeup look). On my Hermes lipstick review you can see a makeup look where I’m using first the Rose Velours shade and after the Tom Ford Baby Lip Spark. The difference being that the last combination is more long lasting on the lips while the first one bring more luminosity and has a moisture feeling from beginning to end.

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