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Pat McGrath Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Holiday 2019 Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

The news of Pat McGrath Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Holiday 2019 Collection just hit today and I couldn’t be happier to see that the new shades are right up my alley.

I already have my eyes on a palette and because it’s going to be another Selfridges Exclusive launch make sure to check back on the launch date as I’ll be posting swatches and first impressions on the blog. If you want to see LIVE SWATCHES make sure to follow me on Instagram as I’ll be in store when this collection launches. 🙂

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UK Launch Date – 13 December 2019 exclusive to Selfridges | U.S. / International – 26 December 2019 at Pat McGrath


Pat McGrath Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Holiday 2019 Collection

Decadence Mothership Palette – Limited Edition – $125.00  / £115.00 (New Packaging)

  • Gold Standard Glistening yellow rich gold
  • Sterling Luminous polished silver
  • HedonisticFiery crimson
  • Lapis LuxuryFrosted multidimensional turquoise
  • Blue Blood Deep frosted vermillion
  • Inferno Radiant metallic copper
  • Sinful Platinum gold
  • Divine Min Frosted grey-brown sheen
  • Enigma Glittering grey-beige
  • Underworld Deep metallic matte cerulean

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Galactic Gold MTHRSHP Star Wars Palette – Limited Edition – $65.00 / £60.00

  • Celestial Moon Platinum with golden chartreuse flash
  • Corruption Fiery bronze duo chrome (repromote)
  • Bronze Brilliant metallic bronze (repromote)
  • Electron Rose bronze with a glittering blush flash
  • Violet Void Deepened violet with pink flash
  • Gold Standard Luminous 24KT gold (repromote)

Dark Galaxy MTHRSHP Star Wars Palette – Limited Edition – $65.00 / £60.00

  • Cosmik Diamond sparkle pink
  • Venomous Void Mid-tone magenta matte
  • Saturnalia Chromatic crimson with pink flash
  • Smoked Amethyst Blackened aubergine with pink sparkle (repromote)
  • Odyssey Lilac taupe with pink sparkle
  • Bronze Nebula Metallic golden bronze

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Lip Fetish Lip Balm – $40.00 (Limited Edition Packaging)

These 4 existing colors are being revamped in a new special limited edition packaging with a new lipstick tube as well.

  • Clear Blue/white packaging
  • Flesh 3 Gold packaging
  • Nude Astral Red/black packaging
  • Gold Astral Gold packaging

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