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NARS Air Matte Lip Color for November 2020

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

After the launch of NARS Soft Matte Complete Foundation we get a new lip line. NARS Air Matte Lip Color has a similar packaging to the new foundation which makes me think of a new makeup range where more products are going to join in the future.

NARS Air Matte Lip Color Nudes

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U.S. / UK Launch Date – November 2020 at NARS, SEPHORA, NORDSTROM, SAKS, ULTA, John Lewis, Selfridges, Douglas, Harrods


NARS Air Matte Lip Color New Line

Air Matte Lip Color – New & Permanent – 7.5 ml

The new line will be available in 10 colors. Are these 10 colors going to be available for Asian market while internationally we’ll see many more? I don’t know the answer to this question yet. Only by looking at the promo photos I can distinguish more than than 10 shades for sure. I mean the entire range of vibrant pink and purples? I really hope we are going to see all of them in November.

NARS Air Matte Lip Color Pink Purple

NARS Air Matte Lip Color is a liquid lipstick with a light texture as if “kissed by the air”. It is soft like a cushion and light like a feather, giving you soft matte lips. This sounds so good, especially now when under my mask I want to wear a lip shade that will not stain and will be long lasting.

NARS Air Matte Lip Color Trio

It comes in a squeezable matte plastic tube with a bent doe-footed applicator.

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NARS Air Matte Lip Color Applicator


  • 00031: Pink nude
  • 00033: Rose nude
  • 00035: Mauve
  • 00037: Warm beige

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NARS Air Matte Lip Color Collection

  • 00039: Warm pink
  • 00041: Brick red
  • 00043: Coral
  • 00045: Orange red
  • 00047: Bright Red
  • 00049: Deep red

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NARS Air Matte Lip Color Red Shades

I’m not seeing the pinks and the purples shades in here so I’m really hoping the collection will be available (at least online) in a wider variety of shades.

What are your thoughts?

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