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Medik8 Retinol Eye TR Serum Review

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I bought Medik8 Retinol Eye TR Serum last year as part of the Medik8 Encapsulated Forest Gift Set. I talked about this set previously in several Instastories and I even mentioned it one time in my skincare kit. The entire Medik8 skincare kit featured four products from which two were Retinol based.

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Medik8 Retinol Eye TR Serum Review

From the start I was keen in trying Medik8 Retinol Eye TR Advanced Eye Vitamin A Serum and see what results it will bring. You can purchase it as part of the same set as I did or individually. It comes in this dark glass mini bottle with a spatula-style applicator which is very easy and comfy to use.

Medik8 Retinol Eye TR Serum (£19.00 for 7 ml / 0.2 fl oz) is an advanced vitamin A night serum that uses a specialised time-release delivery system to care for the delicate eye area. If it is safe enough to be used around the eye area then I can use it on my face as well. This is what I actually did when I pack it with me last January for my vacation. You can check out my full video on IGTV. I’ve been using some Medik8 skincare products for years and from time to time I want to try out new ones.

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Of course you shouldn’t use Retinol if you are breastfeeding or pregnant so make sure to consult with your doctor.


I want to mention that my skin is combination type and a bit sensitive and I’ve used Retinol products in the past but with a small % of Retinol. So make sure to start gradually, especially if your skin is not used to Retinol.

This product is supposed to be incorporated in your night-time skincare routine online. After cleansing your skin, use the applicator to sweep a small amount of Retinol Eye TR across the under eye and brow bone, but make sure to avoid the eyelids. Start using it gradually at first if you are not used to using Retinol products. Use twice a week for the first 2 weeks, every other night for the next 2 weeks, then every night.

It has 0.1% retinol so it’s quite soft but if you used more powerful concentration in the past then your skin should be fine.

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My Thoughts & Personal Use

Medik8 Retinol Eye TR is an oil-based retinol serum for your eyes. The first thing I noticed was the oily formula that felt really rich on the skin. I’m not keen on this type of formula to be honest but someone with dry skin will definitely love it. My mum got to use it a few times and she actually liked the formula, but then she likes face oils too. 🙂

It takes a couple of minutes for the oil to sink in so I have to pause my skincare routine for a bit before moving on to the next product. You can detect the Retinol in the ingredients list, which is a form of Vitamin A and the only thing scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet. It really targets your wrinkles and can make a difference if you use it constantly. It just takes time to see results so make sure to not skip it from your skincare routine.

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Is there a downsize here? It is! Retinol can be irritating and that’s why I said to start with a low concentration and use it gradually. Don’t start with 1% Retinol if you’ve never used it before. Our Medik8 Retinol Eye TR Serum here with 0.1% is a good start point. The percentage may seem insignificant, but it’s pretty powerful trust me.

Medik8 uses a Time Release technology which in translation means it releases retinol over a period of several hours instead than hitting skin all at once. It’s just a fancy way to put it! 🙂 I had results and my wrinkles around the eye were diminished but I used it for a few months. Don’t believe in miracles and expect to see results after 2 weeks because you won’t!

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Safflower Seed Oil is the first ingredient on the list and has the role to moisturize the skin. The effect is a softer and smoother skin. I didn’t feel my skin dry throughout the night and actually in the morning when I woke up I could feel my around the eye area very smooth and soft. It was well moisturized throughout the night but of course I went on and applied a cream on top of the Retinol serum as well.

Medik8 Retinol Eye TR Serum firms and rejuvenates skin while you sleep and when you wake up you have that refreshed, youthful look. I appreciated the results I just didn’t like this type of formula so much since it was oil based. It wasn’t greasy at all, don’t get me wrong, but I just think it was too much for me. I switched to trying another Retinol based product which has oil-to-gel formula that I like so much better.

Just keep on using it regularly and give it time to act and show you results. 🙂


Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, PPG-12/SMDI Copolymer, Tocopheryl Acetate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Retinol, Lecithin, BHT.

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