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Hermes Rose Hermes Spring Summer 2021 Collection – Silky Blushes, Brushes, Matte Lipsticks

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

As beautiful as the new Hermes Rose Hermes Spring Summer 2021 Collection is going to be I know is going to hurt my wallet tremendously. I still cannot resist adding some of these new Hermes Silky Blushes to my wish-list and I would even want to try a lipstick or two. I have swatches of the blushes right after the jump and lots of photos. Keep on reading!

Hermes Rose Hermes Spring Summer 2021 Collection

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U.S. / UK – 14 April 2021 in Asia | soon at Nordstrom, Harrods, SAKS, Selfridges, Neiman Marcus, John Lewis


Hermes Rose Hermes Spring Summer 2021 Collection

Following the success of Rouge Hermes, the second Hermes beauty line, Rose Hermes Collection is inspired by the pink story spun by the Maison. The pink color is inspired by Hermes archive objects and is incorporated into this new collection.

Hermes Rose Hermes Summer 2021 Collection

Rose Hermes Silky Blushes

The spotlight is on the new Rose Hermes Silky Blushes and only by looking at the promo photos you can understand why. Stunning packaging! The white and gold case, looks like a jewel box, enhances the beauty of the rose color inside. When you close the case you’ll hear a whispering sound and you’ll enjoy a comfortable feeling. Even the position of the blush was shifted intentionally give a more playful feeling.

Hermes Silky Blush

Teak is a powder that is as fine as silk. The surface is engraved with a pattern reminiscent of the texture of the scarf “Kare”, which symbolizes the Maison Hermes. The incense tone of sandalwood with green tea is also a point. There will be 8 colors available but one of them will be exclusive to Asian market.

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Hermes Silky Blushes


  • 19 Rose Abricot -an orange pink color reminiscent of a thick apricot in the bright sunshine
  • 23 Rose Blush – pink with a mixture of coral
  • 28 Rose Plume – delicate dew, bluish, cool, watercolor like pink
  • 32 Rose Pomette – striking bright pink
  • 37 Rose Poivre (Asia Exclusive) – soft, elegant pink
  • 45 Rose Ombre – beautiful peony, a delicate pink
  • 49 Rose Tan – a faintly tanned golden pink that resembles shinning skin in the sun
  • 54 Rose Nuit – delicate and deep pink with a faint bluish tint

I already shared SWATCHES of all Hermes Silky Blushes on Instagram. Take a look and see what shades would you like to add to your list!

Hermes Rose Silky Blushes

Blush Brush & Exclusive Pouch

The new Blush Brush will be released together with the Hermes Silky Blushes. It combines goat hair with gentle skin, a lacquered wooden handle and a metal base. Lightly place it on the dents of your nose and cheeks to add a healthy glow. If you use it in a circle motion on your cheekbones, you will get a three-dimensional and lively impression. If you extend it from your cheekbones to your temples, you will get a sharper and more sophisticated impression.

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Hermes Brushes

There will also be a leather pouch with a shoulder strap designed to fit the Hermes blushes and brushes perfectly.


Travel Size Cheek Blush

You can have the Hermes Blush Brush in a mini size to easily fit it in your purse or makeup kit.

Rose Hermes Rouge a Levres Lipsticks – New

Hermes Rose Matte Lipsticks

The new lipstick comes in a matte pink and shining gold case. The tip of the lipstick is finished in a rounded form that is different from the classic Rouge Hermes. Now let’s talk a little bit about the texture which is inspired by the feel of the leather released by Hermes in 2012, giving it a smooth buttery feel. When the lipstick touches your lips, it will melt at body temperature, giving you a moist and matte finish.

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Hermes New Matte Lipsticks

It also contains moisturizing ingredients such as raspberry seed oil to protect your lips from dryness and keep them smooth. The sweet scent based on sandalwood is also attractive. There are three colors that reflect the freshness of rose.


  • 30 Rose D’Ete: The most gorgeous, gentle and fresh pink.
  • 49 Rose Tan: Amber, warmest, deep pink.
  • 14 Rose Abricote: The brightest pink color, reminiscent of a refreshing morning.

Hermes Rose Matte Lipsticks 2021

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