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SUQQU Color Collection Fall Winter 2019

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

You will be excited to see SUQQU Color Collection Fall Winter 2019 because it brings a lot, and I mean a lot of products but also new shades. I’m talking about an entire line of single eyeshadows, several eyeshadow quads and just a lot of more makeup products. So make sure you have time to scroll down for this post because it’s a long one. 🙂

UK Launch Date – August 2019 at Selfrdiges, Harrods

SUQQU Color Collection Fall Winter 2019

Single Color Eyeshadow

You can choose from 15 colors and 3 different finishes. So you will have a pretty good variation of shades in silky, stellar or frosty finishes. The stellar finish contains large pearls that reflect light to create a glittery look that shines like a starry sky. Its formula is blended with heavy oils so the pearls will stay in place without falling.

The silk finish uses a highly transparent and light-reflecting base, so it colors the eyelid with a silky smooth light. You may see the frost finish looking like a matte at first, but will become softer then more you blend. It gives a sense of transparency without looking powdery. It is a non-pearl formula.

  • No.01 Shadow color – neutral brown (Frost)
  • No.02 Sweet Potato – deep berry (Frost)
  • No.03 Cold Moon – pale gray (Frost)
  • No.04 Translucent Ink – inky gray with a touch of green (Frost)
  • No.05 Soft – sugar brown with fine pink pearl (Silk)
  • No.06 Tin Silk – gray brown (Silk)
  • No.07 Saki Akira – purple (Silk)
  • No.08 Ryosuke – classic blue (Silk)
  • No.10 Yu Hua – antique pink (Silk)
  • No.11 Orange – volcanic orange (Silk)
  • No.12 Fall – beige with large gold pearls (Stellar)
  • No.13 Amber – pink with a large purple-colored pearl
  • No.14 Flame – orange with orange pearls
  • No.15 Comet – changes colors with a multi-colored pearl star light black

Designing Color Eyes Eyeshadow Quads – New & Limited Edition

  • No. 13 – orange bronze and purple with low saturation(New Colors)
  • No.14 Color Lacquer – a combination of shimmer red and delicate brown (New Colors)
  • No.126 Akebono Meteor – translucent black and blue glitter (Limited Edition)

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Color Eyeliner – Limited Edition

  • No.103 Sick Khaki
  • No.104 Autumn Orange
  • No.105 Cat Pink

Pure Color Blush

  • No.10 Light Color – combines warm beige shades (New Shade)
  • No.12 – a honey pink combined with brown and yellow (New Shade)
  • No.115 Red Ice – crystal blue and bloody red (Limited Edition)

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Moisture Rich Lipstick

  • No.11 Crimson – dusty rose (New Shade)
  • No.12 Gold Ginkgo – maron brown with a soft yellow (New Shade)
  • No.111 Amber – glossy chocolate with a multicolored pearl in reddish brown (Limited Edition)
  • No.112 Winter Fireworks – bluish pink with blue and pink glitter (Limited Edition)
  • No.113 Black Jun – glitter black (Limited Edition)

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Water Color Lip Ink

  • No.101 Water Lacquer – clear with a bluish tone
  • No.102 Tree Honey – citrus clear juicy amber
  • No.103 Sumiege – clear plum with deep redness

Nail Color Polish – Limited Edition

  • No.118 Dull Sand – charcoal brown
  • No.119 Dark Blue – nice bitter orange
  • No.120  – a light clear navy

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