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Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist LipBrush Lipstick for Fall 2020

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Last week I went to my local Sephora store to check out the new Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist LipBrush Lipstick line. There are 60 new lip shades and this stylish packaging that catches your eyes instantly. In store they didn’t have all the 60 shades and I was really unlucky as they didn’t have any of the ones I wanted.

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist LipBrush Lipstick

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U.S. Launch Date – Now at Make Up For Ever | Europe Launch Date – Now at Sephora France, Sephora Italy, Sephora Poland | soon at Sephora US


Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist LipBrush Lipstick for Fall 2020

So, I went home thinking I’ll order them online. I still haven’t honestly because my package from Rouge Bunny Rouge arrived and it contained 7 new lipstick shades that made me pause my order for MUFE lipsticks. Some of you already bought a few of these new shades and you were kind enough to share swatches with me on Instagram. 🙂

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist LipBrush Red Lipstick

Make Up For Ever is one of my old time favorite brands with a great quality when it comes to its makeup products but who’s rarely in the spotlight. It’s a dear brand used by makeup artists and unfortunately one that so many don’t talk about. Their products actually sell without needing to be advertised all the time.

So I’m still puzzled if I should still buy the 3 shades I have on my list or let this launch go as I have enough lip products and I should focus on the upcoming Holiday 2020 launches.

MUFE Rouge Artist LipBrush Lipstick – New, Permanent – $23.00 / €25.00

This long-lasting lipstick combines the intensity of a matte and the comfort of a cream to instantly blur, smooth and hydrate. With packaging that mimics the precision of a lip brush, you can achieve effortless, feather-proof application easily. Available in 60 new shades.

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A makeup artist’s expertise in the palm of your hand, Rouge Artist’s unique packaging mirrors every pro’s essential tool: the brush. This innovative lipstick delivers ultimate precision, while its long-lasting formula pairs the intensity of a matte and comfort of a cream to blur, smooth and hydrate.

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist LipBrush Lipsticks 60 Shades

Warm Nudes Rouge Artist Lipstick

  • Empowered Page (100)
  • Vivid Naked (102)
  • Bold Cinnamon (104)
  • Gusty Blush (106)
  • Striking Spice (108)
  • Flesh Rush (110)
  • Chic Brick (112)
  • Boldly Bare (114)
  • Unruly Gray (116)
  • Burning Clay (118)
  • Raw Pride (120)
  • Magnetic Brown (122)

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Cool Nudes Rouge Artist Lipstick

  • Inspiring Petal (150)
  • Sharp Nude (152)
  • Brazen Pink (154)
  • Bare Lace (156)
  • Fiery Siena (158)
  • Exposed Guava (160)
  • Brave Punch (162)
  • Sassy Rhubarb (164)
  • Poised Rosewood (166)
  • Generous Dahlia (168) (Online Only)
  • Rose Flair (170)
  • Upbeat Mauve (172)

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist LipBrush Lipstick Lip Swatch

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Pinks Rouge Artist Lipstick

  • Spirited Pink (200)
  • Perky Lollipop (202)
  • Bubbly Fuchsia (204) (Online Only)
  • Dragon Fruit (206)
  • Elegant Hibiscus (208)
  • Juicy Grape (210) (Online Only)
  • Creative Violet (212)
  • Dashing Plum (214)
  • Vibrant Aubergine (216) (Online Only)
  • Daring Mulberry (218)
  • Ardent Fig (220)
  • Brave Blue (222)

I have LIP SWATCHES on Instagram so make sure to swipe left and check out all the slides. 🙂

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🚨AVAILABLE NOW in some countries @makeupforever 🚨 NEW Lip Brush Rouge Artist (60 shades 😱). SWIPE ⬅️for LIP SWATCHES! ▪️It’s been a long time since I haven’t tried anything from #makeupforever and I’m really tempted on buying some of these shades because they are already available at my @sephora ▪️ With Rouge Artist, Make Up for Ever make-up artists have developed the ideal lipstick 💄 that combines the color intensity of a matte lipstick with the brightness of a creamy and moisturizing lipstick. ▪️The two formulas, matte and satin, are now combined in a single lipstick, for a maximum color impact and for an instantly sublime look of the lips. ▪️Its formula is enriched with a complex of "beautification" with powders that smooth and reduce the appearance of imperfections and fine lines. ▪️The nourishing care capsule is made from natural camellia oil for fuller and more hydrated lips. Rouge Artist's innovative design is inspired by lip makeup brushes. Thus, it allows an easy and precise application. ———————————————————————— #bestlipstick #fall2020 #mufe #mufelipstick #beautynews #makeupnews #makeupreview #beautyjunkies #beautytrends #makeupaddict #luxurymakeup #luxurybeaury #beautylovers #beautytalk #beautynewsfamily

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Corals Rouge Artist Lipstick

  • Gorgeous Coral (300)
  • Daring Peach (302) (Online Only)
  • Stylish Lychee (304) (Online Only)
  • Edgy Marmalade (306)
  • Cheeky Candy (308) (Online Only)
  • Cool Papaya (310) (Online Only)
  • Saucy Tangerine (312) (Online Only)
  • Glowing Ginger (314)
  • Subtle Cider (316)
  • Fancy Candlelight (318) (Online Only)
  • Virtuous Goji (320)
  • Cheeky Chestnut (322)

Reds Rouge Artist Lipstick

  • Killer Kiss (400) (Online Only)
  • Untamed Fire (402)
  • Arty Berry (404) (Online Only)
  • Cherry Muse (406)
  • Visionary Ruby (408) (Online Only)
  • True Crimson (410)
  • Grafted Wine (412) (Online Only)
  • Rockin’ Rust (414)
  • Cherry Chili (416)
  • Drama Burgundy (418)
  • Might Maroon (420)
  • Edgy Black (422)


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