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MAC Patrick Starrr Slay Ride Set Powder Review, Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

MAC Patrick Starrr Slay Ride Set Powder is the centerpiece of MAC Patrick Starrr Slay Ride Holiday 2018 Collection. This was the most requested product to makeup a comeback after it was released part of MAC Holiday 2017 Patrick Starrr Collection. Consumers and MAC fans absolutely loved this product and they constantly requested it in future collections. I don’t have the previous edition, but I did saw it in stores so I can compare the packaging, while the formula is the same.


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MAC Patrick Starrr Slay Ride Set Powder Review

MAC Patrick Starrr Slay Ride Set Powder ($39.50 / £24.50 for 14.5 g / 0.51 oz) is a very light beige-pink that looks colourless on the skin and has a matte finish. It has a ultra-fine texture and it’s very easy to work with.

This powder has a silky, finely-milled quality and leaves a beautiful matte finish. You can use it to set your makeup in place or even bake and it would still give you a fresh natural look.

The powder puff is a nice addition to this powder, very easy to use and soft to the touch. I like to squeeze the puff and apply powder under my eye area and around my nose, while on the rest of my face I can use it normally. But my favorite way to apply this powder is by using a beauty blender and just gently tap it on the zones where I need it and then buff it out with a brush.

Considering I’m in my late 30’s I definitely reduced the amount of setting powder that I apply on my face. A few years back things were different! Adding to much powder it can give you that perfect matte finish but it will also harden your features, emphasize your lines and make you look older. I just go on very lightly only on my T-zone and is enough to keep my makeup in place for the day.

I like that is so finely milled as it doesn’t emphasizes my fine lines. It blurs the skin, giving you like a smooth but fresh canvas. It definitely feels light and comfortable on my face as well.

I notice it helps my foundation look fresh for longer and keeps my skin mattified. I’m not saying it will keep my oiliness in place for morning till evening, because no powder has ever done that. My skin is combination type so I get shiny pretty quick on my T-zone. This shine usually transforms into oiliness after 4-5 hours. With MAC Patrick Starrr Slay Ride Set Powder I get a decent 7-8 hours wear with a noticeable shine.

After like 7 hours the powder started to break down a little bit around my nose, on my nose and chin. That is a win for me as I usually get 4-5 hours with most powders.

Now just a quick observation about the packaging. I know it’s gorgeous, glamorous, red metallic shiny packaging and all of that. It’s definitely a glam packaging that will look great on your vanity but…

I personally would prefer a normal, simple packaging for any day use. I would love a see-trough packaging. After all you do want to know how much product is inside before you run out of it. Considering we have half the product here comparing to the previous edition I would like to know when I’m running out of product. Imagine if you take this with you on a trip and you just simply run out of it.

The TEA about MAC Patrick Starrr Slay Ride Set Powder

There’s been a lot of hot tea surrounding MAC Patrick Starrr Slay Ride Set Powder. Mostly because it was a confusion with the initial price. Secondly because most influencers didn’t address the price change and the quantity. Initially the price was set at $29.00 as I myself mentioned in my post of MAC Patric Starrr Slay Ride Holiday 2018 Collection. Later on I updated the price to the current version which is $39.50.

 I didn’t think the initial price of $29.00 was a mistake. We are getting half the quantity so it didn’t raise any alarm signs. But then the price changed and I don’t think it’s fair. Why is that?

So with the new version of Slay Ride Set Powder we get 14.5 g / 0.51 oz. I don’t mind getting half of the quantity but I do mind the price. I’m talking about the sudden price increase. MAC changed the initial $29.00 price to $39.50.

I don’t know if MAC simply made a mistake (in the press release was $29.00) or was just a marketing strategy. All I know is the final result where we get half the product for more money. Because back in 2017 MAC Patrick Starrr Set Powder retailed for $30.00 for 30 g / 1.0 oz.

This was by far the most requested product by MAC fans to be brought back in a future collection. In 2017 the original Patrick Starrr Set Powder launches as limited edition but gets re-stocked 2 weeks later.

MAC Patrick Starrr Slay Ride Set Powder is a limited edition BUT it will become permanent. MAC Cosmetics replied to a comment on their Instagram page, suggesting that this powder will become part of their permanent collection. If we are getting it in the original packaging, for the original price and quantity I couldn’t tell you. We’ll just have for all the details, but make sure to check the new price vs the quantity when the permanent edition will launch.

I’m definitely hopping that we will get the full size powder of 30 g / 1.0 oz and for a decent price. Also I wouldn’t mind if MAC would go back to the original packaging of this setting powder. Slay Ride Set Powder has a super festive, glamorous, metallic red and shiny case but it has its disadvantages.

Final Thoughts

I’m curious to know what you lovelies think about this product and the entire “drama” that was created around this new release. My thoughts regarding the quality of the product are different than the ones regarding “price vs quantity”. I tried to keep them separately as the quality is definitely a 10 while “price vs quantity” is disappointing. In the end the price should reflect the quantity of product you are paying for so that’s why I gave this product an 8.

I received this product in PR along with MAC Slay Ride Lipstick (review, swatches) and MAC Twerk for Gifts Dazzleglass (review, swatches). I definitely encourage you to check out other reviews as well or see the product in person. If you do trust my review then please go ahead and buy it online. 🙂


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