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SULWHASOO Powder Compacts

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

Sulwhasoo is one of the brands that I never got to blog about but always admired the finesse and beauty of their products. I’ve been staring at SULWHASOO Powder Compacts for a few days now. I mean at the promo photos as I only wish I could own such beauties. These two limited edition SULWHASOO Powder Compacts impress me with their simple beauty, sophisticated hand made compact case and elegance.


U.S. / International – Now at Nordstrom, Beautylish

SULWHASOO Powder Compacts

I have my eyes on this brand for a while now. I’m not talking only about makeup here as they have skincare as well. Since I never got to try any of their products I didn’t dare to blog about it.

Today I just couldn’t help at least posting about these two beautiful powder compacts right here. It has been a while since a makeup product has lingered for so long on my mind and made me crave it. Unfortunately I can’t get pass these luxurious prices. Yes, they come in a super elegant packaging, box, pouch, mini brush and everything but I can’t afford to pay $180.00 right now.

Have you ever tried SULWHASOO products? If you are lucky enough to get one of these beautiful compacts do share your thoughts with me. I’d love to know how they perform and swatch. 🙂

ShineClassic Multi Powder Compact – Limited Edition – $180.00

A multihued blush compact formulated with plum blossom petal extracts and Korean ginseng flower that delivers a natural-looking glow to your skin.

This limited-edition, handcrafted powder compact features elegant visual representations of the white deer, a traditional symbol of longevity and absolute power. Formulated with natural color pigments, the pink, coral and ivory blush shades instantly brighten the complexion and add vitality to the skin.

ShineClassic Powder Compact – Limited Edition – $180.00

The finely milled, pure powder leaves a clear, translucent veil on your skin, leaving your complexion brightened and soft to the touch. A combination of ginseng flower, a precious Korean traditional herb, and plum blossom extract creates a luminous finish.




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