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Guerlain Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers Bronzing and Blush Powder Review

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I’m continuing my rant about amazing Summer 2019 products with Guerlain Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers Bronzing and Blush Powder. Yes, I know is a 2018 limited edition release but you can still get it on Amazon and other independent websites, not to mention I have seen it on Ebay too.

Just the other day I posted my review of Guerlain Terracotta Sahara Jewel Bronzer & Blush which was released at the same time and is still available in various shops. My mistake for posting these reviews so late is that I trusted Instagram, for keeping my account active till the end of days so when my Instagram account was disabled I lost everything. This meant all the photos, videos and mini reviews that I posted on that platform.

U.S. / UK / Internationally – Now at SAKS, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Selfridges, Douglas, Escentual, Harrods

Guerlain Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers Bronzing and Blush Powder Review

Just because Guerlain Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers Bronzing & Blush Powder (£44.10 for 25 g / 0.8 oz) is a gorgeous limited edition collector’s item it deserves to be reviewed here on the blog as well. I just don’t always have the time to show you everything that I buy and with Instagram I admit it was easier to just pop on there a quick video where I would talk about products.

If you are a Guerlain fan I’m sure you know everything about the newest Guerlain releases but in case you are not obsessed with the brand here are some basics about this limited edition Terracotta beauty.

I was sold to the gorgeous design with the palm leaves instantly as it’s so summery and unique. The product comes in a XXL packaging, more like a metallic round compact which includes a mirror. It’s a re-usable packaging so keep that in mind for further Guerlain Terracotta purchases. You can see straight away is high quality, luxurious and focused on details. I will never finish this powder and blusher and I’m OK with this.

Guerlain Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers Bronzing and Blush has a the palm leaves as a golden overspray so once you touched them with your brush you won’t get the same glamorous look of your product. Once the overspray is gone, you get to use the bronzer and the blusher more easily compared to those from Guerlain Terracotta Sahara Jewel Bronzer & Blusher. All is nice when the overspray is there and you must not be swept away by a gorgeous design if you intend to use the products as well and not keep it only as a collector’s item. I did dipped by brush into the pan for months using this product all summer long and a few times throughout the year but more frequently than the Sahara Jewel version.

The first benefit of Guerlain Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers is the distribution of blusher and bronzer. They are almost half and half, very well positioned in the pan so you can easily use them separately if you want without touching the other shade. You can definitely mix the colors together and gently apply them on your cheeks (I do that sometimes and I love the effects).

Did I mentioned the wonderful fragrance of Guerlain Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers which instantly transports your mind to the perfect vacation location. 🙂 Every Terracotta product just smells like a dream and I love it.

Guerlain Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers Bronzing and Blush Powder Shade by Shade Review

Guerlain Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers Bronzer comes in a light coraly-brown with warm undertones and a luminous sheen. I could slightly detect slightly very fine luminous particles that I won’t eve dare to call shimmer. They were so finely milled and barely noticeable when swatched to the point that I can’t say the finish is a complete matte one.

It gives the skin a beautiful natural tan that allows even a fair skin to give it a try and not be scared by its pigmentation. You can build up the color so you can have that beautiful sun-kissed glow without being afraid to ever adding to much to your complexion. The formula is firmly pressed into the pan, gives no fall out during the application but feels smooth to the touch.

It wore well on me for around eight hours and a half.

Guerlain Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers Blusher is a light peach with slightly yellow and warm undertones and a satin finish. It had a good color payoff, being easily buildable in 2-3 layers. The texture was smooth, soft and well pressed into the pan but it wasn’t prone to fall-out during the application.

This shade is for everyone from fair to light and medium skin tones. Those with darker skin will probably want a more intense blusher and will have to take their time to build up the color.

I love the gentle touch of color on my cheeks which brought freshness and a luminous look. Is not my usual pink blush color that I like to wear but this gentle peach goes so well with the bronzer so I always use them together, or I dare to pair the bronzer with another peach blusher from time to time.

I got around eight and a half hours wear with this formula before it starts to easily fade away.

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