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Guerlain Golden Bloom Holiday 2020 Collection & Pearl Glow Collection + Chinese New Year 2021 Collection

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

I have been waiting for the moment to be able to post Guerlain Golden Bloom Holiday 2020 Collection for a long time. I know you were curious about this release too, but now the wait is over. I’m bringing you not the Guerlain Holiday 2020 makeup collection but also two more makeup releases for December 2020.

Guerlain Holiday 2020 Lipstick

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U.S. / UK Launch Date – Now SELFRIDGES (international shipping) | FeelUnique, SEPHORA, Nordstrom, SAKS, Harrods, John Lewis, Selfridges, Hudson’s Bay | Pearl Glow Collection – December 2020 | Chinese New Year – December 2020


Guerlain Golden Bloom Holiday 2020 Collection

Guerlain’s precious Golden Bee has taken flight from 68 Avenue des Champs Elysees with magical festive frenzy, spreading a path of golden enchantment that shimmers with sparkle as it goes. The new Guerlain holiday collection celebrates the golden bee and features limited edition products.

Golden Bee Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition – $80.00 / £59.00

You’ll find 10 eyeshadows in a an array of natural colors for day, alongside more festive shades for evening. All divided according to three matte, iridescent or satin finishes. Consider it a secret essential from the more discreet to the daring, for a look that’s special by day or night.

As for the brush, it comes with a double tip: One end is made from foam for broad sweeps, the other comes with fibers for drawing precise, graphic lines such as eyeliner.

Guerlain Golden Bee Palette


Terracotta Golden Bee – Limited Edition – $59.00 / £42.00

Applied over the high points of the face such as cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, chin and forehead, its coppery tones brighten all complexions without exception – from the lightest to the darkest. Once the powder is finished, its little box becomes perfect for small treasures.

Guerlain Terracotta Golden Bee

Golden Bee Meteorites – Limited Edition – $64.00 / £45.00

Taking the emblematic shades found in the 01 Harmony, it has been enriched with  the addiction of a new gold-color pearl. Fine mother of pearl creates an invisible veil on the surface of the skin, leaving it seamlessly and continuously illuminated with golden glow.

Guerlain Golden Bee Meteorites

Rouge G Golden Bloom Lip Case – Limited Edition – $37.50

Two new Rouge G cases scattered with precious rhinestones:

  • the first, Golden Ruby celebrates the emblematic red and gold color
  • the second, Golden Diamond blends gold and silver shades for even more preciousness.

Guerlain Rouge G Holiday 2020

Golden Bloom Rouge G Lipstick – Limited Edition – $33.00 / £26.00

Two new lipstick shades engraved with the bee symbol:

  • 32 Red – the red shade is deep, bright and matte, yet comfortable.
  • 64 Rosewood -the woody pink colour offers fresh pigments to the lips with one simple stroke.

One diamond-like faceted top coat that can be used alon or on top of a matte lip color.

Rouge G Case Shiny Bee – Limited Edition – $290 

The jeweler Lorenz Baumer celebrates the bee in all its splendor with rhinestones nestled inside a prestigious gift box, including the must-have shade in No.214. These sparkling precious rhinestones have been individually set by hand. 

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Guerlain Rouge G Case Shiny Bee

Here’s the information regarding the two upcoming Guerlain releases for December 2020. If you want to see photos make sure to join my Patreon Account for exclusive content!


From the pearl to the purest light, this is how the new Guerlain Pearl Glow collection is described. The collection will be launching in December 2020.


  • Meteorites Pearl Glow $64.00
  • Rouge G Lipstick Cases $37.50 in Pearl Glow and Pink Pearl
  • Rouge G Lipsticks $33.00 in 2 sheer shades


This collection also celebrates the golden bee with a red packaging that became a statement for Chinese New Year makeup releases. Will be launching in a limited edition starting from December 2020.

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  • Rouge G Case Blooming Bee $290
  • Rouge G Premium Set Lucky Bee + No.214

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In the know September 10, 2020 - 9:15 pm

I guess no one cares about plastic tubs of cheap chemicals right now. I really hope young women of this generation know better than to waste money on this. There is so much more pleasure to be found and less exploitation by avoiding cheap chemicals and plastic. Cosmetics defraud young women

Abigail September 17, 2020 - 11:06 am

Another boring release from Guerlain for Christmas! I so used to look forward to this every year but again, this is disappointing. More gold, more of the same, no lovely spray powder or really special Meteorites. Since the fabulous Neiges et Merveilles back in 2015, the magic has gone from Guerlain Christmas collections, surely they can be more inventive than this, so I won’t be buying this year. What about silver as a theme Guerlain? What about about a lovely festive pink Mon Guerlain collection, L’Heure Bleue in blue and silver for the night sky and the stars? Those are just off the top of my head, surely you can do better!


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