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Chanel Duo Bronze et Lumiere / Bronzer and Highlighter Duo Review, Swatches

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Maybe I’m a bit to harsh when I say Chanel Lumiere et Contraste Summer 2019 Collection didn’t look appealing to me at all apart from Chanel Bronzer and Highlighter Duo. This is the only item I purchased from this collection once it launched. It comes in two variations as Clair and Medium.

I purchased the Medium one and maybe you’ll be surprised as I have a light skin. If you have a really fair skin and you want just a wash of color then yes, Clair is the best option.

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Chanel Duo Bronze et Lumiere / Bronzer and Highlighter Duo Review

Chanel Bronzer and Highlighter Duo ($70.00 / £52.00 for 8 g / 0.28 oz) features a matte bronzer and irridescent highlighter to sculpt and contour your complexion. I admire the packaging as well with the double-c monogram embossed on the powders.

The product comes in a square black compact that snaps shut. It has a mirror inside and a mini rounded brush. I used the brush just one time for review purposes and is OK if you want just a wash of color, pretty sheer coverage, but I prefer to use my own tools. 🙂

To be honest I was put on the spot when I had to choose between Clair and Medium. I really liked the Clair highlighter while the Medium Bronzer was more suitable for me so I went in the end for the Medium version. 🙂

Shade by Shade Review

Medium Bronzer is a medium beige-brown with slightly neutral-warm undertones and a soft matte finish. It had a medium coverage applied in one layer (even on bare skin) and it was easily buildable to a fuller coverage in a second layer.

I like it a lot that the pigmentation is forgiving and I can go softly on my cheeks with a single layer of color without looking too dark. For day time look I apply a single layer while for evening I dare to go for a second layer and blended more.

The texture is smooth, soft, doesn’t feel dry and it well pressed in the pan without kicking off powder during the application. It applies easily and evenly across the skin and adheres well.

It doesn’t look muddy or orange on me at all, it doesn’t emphasizes my skin texture and blends easily. I got around eight and a half hours wear with this formula before it started to fade easily.

If you have a fair skin the Clair version would be a better option. I wasn’t afraid of choosing the Medium Bronzer but even light skin ladies will be more tempted by the Clair one if you want a lighter color. I’m planning on getting a tan this summer so the Clair Bronzer wouldn’t show on my skin and that’s why I went to Medium where I can build up the color in 2-3 layers if I want too.

Medium Highlighter is a light, golden-peach with soft gold shimmer and iridescent finish. It has a good pigmentation in a single layer and gives a luminous finish. This color will complement beautifully medium or darker skin tones and anyone who is in love with a golden highlighter.

I’m not a fan of gold highlighters, I tend to keep away from them as I don’t believe they complement my light skin. Therefore I’m always wearing this highlighter paired with a pink or peachy one or just gently swiped on the top of my cheeks.

The shimmer is very fine and if you build up the color you’d achieve more of a mettalic glow rather than a shimmery one. It reflects the light beautifully and gives this irridescent glow.

It’s a very forgiving highlighter which is not super intense in a single layer so it works for day and night time as well. Applied with a dampened brush it gives more of a metallic sheen and has a higher color payoff.

The formula is soft and smooth, without kicking off powder in the pan. I didn’t get any fall-out during the application, due to the powder being well pressed in the pan, which I loved.

During the day I like to wear this shade applied with a dry brush, just for a wash of color and that beautiful irridescent glow. When I want to intensify the color I apply a dampened brush and get that metallic finish with a more intense and luminous glow. I do like how beautiful it looks either way, just that the gold shade is not really my first option for a highlighter. 🙂

It wore well on me for close to nine hours, with very slightly fall-out of the shimmer particles during the wear.

Chanel Duo Bronze et Lumiere / Bronzer and Highlighter Duo Swatches

In the first photos you have swatches of Chanel Duo Bronzer and Highlighter applied on bare skin in a single layer. I took the photo under a natural light and I applied the colors with a dry brush.

Here you have the same swatches but shot under white studio lighting. They swatches are in a single layer, on bare skin without any primer or foundation underneath.

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