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Bobbi Brown Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

UPDATED ON 8 September 2020 with New Photos

I’m bringing you the first photos of the upcoming Bobbi Brown Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection which is launching in October. A lot of limited edition featured in this collection along with very classic eyeshadow palettes. These are not the only Bobbi Brown Holiday 2020 launches so make sure to check out my previous post.

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U.S. / UK Launch Date – October 2020 at at Bobbi Brown | SEPHORA Nordstrom, Saks, Harrods, Selfridges , Feel Unique, Net-a-Porter , Harvey Nichols | Japan Launch Date – 23 October 2020


Bobbi Brown Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

I talked about this collection a while ago on my Patreon Page so if you’re already subscribed then this is not completely news to you.

For this Bobbi Brown Holiday 2020 Collection we get a ballet-themed illustrations and green accent on the limited edition packaging. The items will be available for pre-order one week before the official launch date. So if you are in Japan you can check these items off your list on 16 October and I’m guessing it will be October for U.S. release as well.

Luxe Gilded Highlighter – Limited Edition

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2020 Highlighter

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Luxe Eyeshadow Bronze Palette – Limited Edition


  • Luxe Eyeshadow Chestnut
  • Luxe Eye Shadow Copper
  • Luxe Eyeshadow Champagne
  • Luxe Eyeshadow Chocolate

Bobbi Brown Luxe Eyeshadow Bronze Palette

Luxe Eyeshadow Burgundy Palette – Limited Edition


  • Luxe Eyeshadow Pink Tulle
  • Luxe Eyeshadow Golden Pink
  • Luxe Eyeshadow Cabernet
  • Luxe Eyeshadow Ruby

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Bobbi Brown Luxe Eyeshadow Burgundy Palette

Luxe Prismatic Lipstick – Limited Edition

The circumference of the lip is covered with blue pigment, and the finish is a metallic. When applied, the metallic finish is mixed with blue pigment to create a colorful glow.

Luxe Prismatic Lipstick

Essential Brush Kit – Limited Edition

Set contains:

  • Travel size brush brush
  • Travel size Full Coverage Face Brush
  • Travel size eyeshadow brush
  • Travel size brow groomer
  • Travel Size Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush
  • Brush case

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Sheer Indulgence Extra Lip Tint Trio – Limited Edition

  • Extra Lip Tint 06 Bare Nude
  • Extra lip tint 01 Bare Pink
  • Extra Lip Tint 09 Bear Poppy

Sheer Indulgence Extra Lip Tint Trio

Sooth & Repair Extra Skin Care Set – Limited Edition


Bobbi Brown Holiday 2020 Palettes

I have new information on more Bobbi Brown Holiday 2020 Palettes that will be launching in November. There are so many to choose from that I’m sure you can find something you like.

Modern Symphony Eyeshadow Palette -Limited Edition

The concept of “Modern Symphony Eyeshadow Palette” is “chic vintage”. The basic base color and brown eyeshadow are set with plums, which are all-purpose colors and accent colors that give a sense of complexion and transparency. There are various textures such as matte, shimmer, metallic, sparkle, metallic.

Golden Slipper Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

The “Golden Slipper Eyeshadow Palette” is an eyeshadow with the theme of “city scape illuminated by the sun”. To the basic base color and brown theme, we added red orange which gives a healthy impression with a fresh complexion. A rich variety of metallic colors made for gorgeous eyes.


Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

The “New Wave of Smokey” is the key word for the “Hiber Eyeshadow Palette”, which is a luxury eyeshadow palette of 12 colors including 4 new colors. The four different textures of the brown eye shadow, which are indispensable for making smoky eyes, are the center and move, rose, peach nude, and pale gold that are accents are packed in a set.

Amber Light Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

This palette is based on the concept of “warm camel” and comes in five colors including new colors such as gold, bronze, chocolate and nude colors. 

Luxe Eye Shadow Quad – Limited Edition

Includes four Luxe eyeshadow shades that are part of the permanent collection. This Luxe Eye Shadow Quad (10g / .35 oz) is a good value for money especially if you are not familiar with Bobbi Brown Luxe eyeshadows. Everyone is raving about their formula and I’m really tempted to buy this quad even though you can find swatches and reviews everywhere.


  1. Overheated Luxe Eyeshadow – rich luster
  2. Moonstone Luxe Eyeshadow (pale pink gold with sparkle) – rich shimmer
  3. Heat Ray Luxe Eyeshadow (mid tone copper) – rich metallic
  4. Metal Rose Luxe Eyeshadow (silver pink mauve) – rich luster

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Julie September 10, 2020 - 8:49 am

Finally a product from Bobbi Brown I’m excited about. Can you please tell me what date these will be launching in the U.K. thank you

Tavia September 10, 2020 - 12:26 pm

Hi Julie! I don’t have launch dates for UK at the moment. They usually have all the Gifting collection by November but this year has been so crazy that I don’t even know if they’ll launch everything in UK. 🙂

Chloe September 30, 2020 - 3:51 am

Just saw their little promo on YT. I always look forward to their mini brush sets but can’t say I’m looking forward to that case – their zippered cases have always broken down so fast. As always, I want all of those palates!

Tavia September 30, 2020 - 1:53 pm

I bought only their highlighters lately to be honest. But this holiday season I’ll get the Luxe Eyeshadow Quad too. 🙂


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