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YSL Hidden Temptation Fall Winter 2020 Collection

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

I have news on the new YSL Hidden Temptation Fall Winter 2020 Collection launching actually sooner than expected. The theme for this collection is Hidden Temptation which unveils a passionate, sensual eyeshadow palette, lips, cheeks and nail colors that unleash the inner charm hidden in shelters.
YSL Hidden Temptation Eyeshadow Palette

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U.S. / UK Launch Date – end of July 2020 at YSL, Escentual, Nordstrom, Sephora, John Lewis, Selfridges, Douglas, Harrods


YSL Hidden Temptation Fall Winter 2020 Collection

YSL Hidden Temptation Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

The Eye Palette Hidden Temptation, features a gorgeous Python leather motif case and comes in 6 different colors with a bright red accent. Two textures, shimmer and matte, are interwoven to create a nudie and sensual eye area. Each shade is also embossed with a Python motif, and attention is paid to details.

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  • Shimmer white that adds brilliance (Shimmer)
  • Pale pink that attracts sensual charm (Shimmer)
  • Rich raspberries that bring warmth (Matte)
  • Warm brown that creates a three-dimensional effect (Matte)
  • Sensual shimmering hazelnuts (Shimmer)
  • Jet black to accentuate the accent (Matte)

Vinyl Cream Lip Stain – New Shades – $38.00

Liquid rouge Vinyl Cream lip stain has a beautiful color and a long-lasting moisturizing sensation. Two dusty colors are added to create a captivating lip.

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  • No.428 Last in Rosewood – vintage pink
  • No.431 Plum Me Now – plum purple

YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain

Blush Couture – New Shade – $42.00

A new color, Luminous Pink, has been added to the blush couture cheek color, which blends into the skin and gives a sensual luster. With a flushing sensation that bleeds from the inside, an attractive expression is achieved.

  • No.14 Rose Kaftan – luminous pink (New)

YSL Blush Couture

La Laque Couture Nail Polish – Limited Edition – $28.00

The lineup of two bold, limited-edition colors has been added to the La Laque Couture, a nail color that shines like jewelry. With wild coloring and mirror-like luster, it produces a passionate fingertip.


  • No.126 Wild Lilac – mauve violet
  • No.127 Saltory Rose – seductive rose

YSL La Laque Couture

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