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Tom Ford Extreme Collection Spring 2018

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

This Spring we are in for a treat with the new Tom Ford Extreme Collection. As I said the other day, this is just the first part of Tom Ford Spring 2018 Beauty Collection. There are a lot of more new products coming our way in May 2018. So if you are addicted to Tom Ford’s lipsticks, then wait to see what they’ll have in store for you later this year.


U.S. Launch Date – 5 March at Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Tom Ford

UK Launch Date – March 2018 at Selfridges

Tom Ford Extreme Collection Spring 2018

TOM FORD introduces the TOM FORD EXTRÊME COLLECTION, a series of special edition color cosmetics and future classics. A pure iteration of Tom Ford’s unconstrained vision, Extrême beckons experimentation with a lineup of the new must-haves for eyes, lashes and brows to create the coveted futuristic Tom Ford look. Every shade is a statement unto itself, with a daring element of limitless discovery, inciting the wearer to push and invent new extremes. Encased in sleek, reflective chrome tone packaging, the Extrême Collection features luxe color and flawless form, to create the future look of the Tom Ford woman.

Tom Ford Shadow Extreme – $39.00

TOM FORD SHADOW EXTRÊME is a light-reflective, long-wearing shadow that mimics the look of melted metal in two distinct finishes—micronized glitter, which gives a lustrous, opulent finish, while a bolder, shinier look is achieved with a foil finish. Longwearing polymers ensure each shadow glides an ultra-thin, water-resistant gloss of color effortlessly onto lids. Twenty clutch-sized eyeshadow singles, from shimmering sapphire and silver to fabulous fuchsia and lemon, are housed in a mini-mirrored compact, finished in reflective chrome tone packaging, a signature for the Extrême collection.

  • TFX2 Gold
  • TFX20 Gold
  • TFX14 Bright gold
  • TFX4 Copper
  • TFX5 Garnet red
  • TFX3 Fuchsia
  • TFX15 Pink
  • TFX12 Dusty rose
  • TFX16 Lavendar
  • TFX13 Red-blue
  • TFX7 Deep purple
  • TFX8 Teal
  • TFX17 Teal
  • TFX6 Violet
  • TFX9 Sapphire blue
  • TFX18 Khaki green
  • TFX11 Emerald green
  • TFX1 Silver
  • TFX19 Silver
  • TFX10 Black

Lash & Brow Tint – $49.00

TOM FORD LASH AND BROW TINT coats lashes and brows and defines eyes with dramatic, gilded effects. Buildable, molten color formulas come in four intense, amplified shades; blue, bright aubergine, iconoclastic turquoise and polished copper. Experiment with abandon with these lash tested and brow-approved formulas, intended for versatility of mixing and matching for limitless eye and brow looks. Premiering in the signature sleek reflective chrome tone packaging of Tom Ford Extrême.

  • TFX21 Blue
  • TFX24 Copper
  • TFX22 Magenta
  • TFX23 Turquoise

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