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Milani Cosmetics Available at Boots UK – Swatches, First Impressions

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Milani Cosmetics is now available at Boots UK as well. I got to use Milani makeup for the first time, five years ago, when I fell in love with their blushes. Over the years I kept trying lip colors and new blushes but I never got to use their eyeshadows.

U.S. / UK – Now at ULTA, Beauty Bay, Target, Boots


Milani Cosmetics Swatches, First Impressions

I have a Beauty Base counter near me, which allowed me to keep a close eye on this brand but I got more excited about Milani launching at Boots with their entire range of products.

Some of these products I got them in PR at the launch event a few weeks back where I got to fully experience the Milani Cosmetics makeup world.

There were two eyeshadow palettes that got my interested so I went to the store and bought Milani Gilded Violet Eyeshadow Palette (£28.00) as you can obviously tell it has most of my favorite shades. There’s a blue in there that I won’t probably use that often but the rest of the palette is right up my alley.

Here are the swatches but you can also go to my Instagram and check out LIVE SWATCHES on my IGTV videos!!!

Milani Gilded Violet Eyeshadow Palette has a good variety of matte, metallic and shimmer shades along with 2 highlighters. I’ll be posting a separate review for this palette as well as for the other products.

Not all the shades are super pigmented as you can see but do keep in mind the swatches were taken on bare skin without any primer applied.

These two highlighters look beautiful but even though I like the Seeing Stars color better (left) I do appreciate more the formula of It’s Delicate (right). They have different formulas, they apply and behave totally different but more about that in my upcoming review.

Here are the two blushes that I have. I received in PR the shade 02 Rose D’Oro (£11.00) but I went and bought a lighter version which is 03 Berry Amore. These also come with a mini blush brush and a mirror which are housed underneath the blush inside the compact.

The colors are pigmented and deliver a sheen of healthy luminosity and can be used by any type of skin color. Is very easy to blend them and sheer them out or layer them for a more intense color coverage. Watch out for my upcoming reviews!

Milani Gilded Noir Eyeshadow Palette (£28.00) is the one I got in PR and if you know me you’ll probably hint that I wasn’t to enthusiastic about this one because of its color selection. That’s why I went and purchase the Gilded Violet instead but. There shades in Milani Gilded Noir that I’ll be using and consider among my favorites but once I got to swatch even the green, gold and blue….I was shocked with the pigmentation and how smooth and soft the formula was.

Here are swatches of Milani Gilded Noir Eyeshadow Palette taken on bare skin in a single swipe. Once I’ll post my review on the blog I’ll also show you LIVE SWATCHES on my Instagram!

I do admit these aren’t among my favorite colors, but they swatch like a dream, they are super pigmented and smooth and I can’t every deny that.

This is my favorite row of shades from this palette, except the blue Gasp shade but they all perform wonderful and swatch incredible well in a single layer on bare skin.

The first shade from this row is called Dripping and OMG how this reminds me of Huda Beauty Retrograde from Desert Dusk Palette (review, swatches, photos). I was pleasantly surprised that Dripping is so much more pigmented and behaves so much better than Huda’s Retrograde.

Last but not least I have 2 lipstick shades with matte finishes that I’ll be reviewing next. I got 08 I’m Positive lipstick (£9.75) in PR and I bought the 13 I’m Happy just because the pink shade I was after was sold out. 🙂

Do let me know if you’ve tried Milani Cosmetics before and what products from their range have reached your heart.

I think my most used Milani product so far is their Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation Concealer (£14.00) and my shade is 03 Light Beige. I got in the PR the wrong shade but because I liked the product I went to the store and purchased my shade. 🙂

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genevieve November 20, 2019 - 3:12 am

I have been a long time Milani fan, since I found out about the brand about six years ago. I have enjoyed all of the Colour Statement lipsticks that I have: Bronze Beauty, Cinnamon Spice, Toasted, Candied Toffee and more. Stunning. Only in the past year have I bought their eyeshadows – Soft and Sultry, which has been everything warm neutral to me tha the Naked palettes were not.
Personally I would find the Noir palette above more to my liking and colouring. I was pleased to see the swatches and read your comments that it was so good. I always find that there is a shade or two that I don’t like or use in any palette (definitely black, reds and oranges). I love the cool tone shades in this one. I wish the Violet palette was of better quality for you.


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