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SUQQU Origami Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

I invite you to take a first look at SUQQU Origami Spring 2020 Makeup Collection which features bright, colorful shades but also a good dose of pastels. Origami is the art of paper folding, which we often associate with Japanese culture but in our modern times, Origami is used as an inclusive term for all folding practices, regardless of their culture of origin.

Asia Launch Date – 10 January 2020 | UK Launch Date – Spring 2020 at Selfrdiges, Harrods


SUQQU Origami Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes

There will be available two eyeshadow quads, a new one and the other a limited edition release.

SUQQU Pure Color Blush

We get two colorful limited edition variations of blushers with a pattern inspired by Origami, the art of paper folding, which is associated with Japanese culture.

SUQQU Shimmer Highlighter

An easy-to-use and popular liquid highlighter that gives a smooth light to the cheeks. The new color is a healthy gold color that creates a natural and delicate and is perfect for any makeup color.

SUQQU Vibrant Rich Lipstick

The new SUQQU sprig collection presents 13 lipsticks with a matte texture and high pigmentation. There will be 10 new shades and 3 limited edition ones.

SUQQU Glow Touch Eyes

This popular liquid eye shadow offers a three-dimensional appearance and comes in two new colors and a limited edition one. These colors are soft, pastels and ideal for spring and they go well with a bright matte lipstick.

SUQQU Eyelash Mascara Waterproof

We get two spring limited edition colors which are born from deep natural colors that will give a colorful look to your makeup.

SUQQU Nail Color Polish

The new springy pale colors create a beautiful manicure, elegant and feminine. We get three limited edition shades in a grayish blue, coral orange and a pastel blue.

SUQQU Nude Wear Liquid EX Foundation

Nude Wear Liquid EX contains the first oil-coated translucent plate powder and compression powder.

A new blend of powders creates a thicker serum-like texture than conventional products so the foundation adheres well onto the skin with applying too much pressure during the application. The effect is a beautiful luster with a high transparency and natural coverage.


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