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Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

After almost two month I’m finally posting Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette review. I know, it took me a long time even though I bought this right on the day it launched. The selection of colors mesmerized me from the start so I had to have it. Huda Beauty Desert Dusk has all the colors that I love to wear and feels like the right addition after Huda Beauty Rose Gold Textured Shadow Palette (review). I know the hype that has been created around this brand and is not like the products are always amazing but the quality is good and if you like the colors even better. Personally, I just seem to have the same taste in colors like Huda as I like the 18 shades she picked for this palette. I might not agree that all of them have a super quality but that’s another story.

Where to buy:

U.S. / UK / International – Now at Sephora, CultBeauty, Selfridges, Harrods

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette Review

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette ($65.00 / £56.00 for 0.89 oz.) features 18 eyeshadows in 4 ready-to-layer textures: 8 buttery mattes, 6 pressed pearls, 3 duo-chromes toppers and one daring glitter. You can dab the toppers on the center or all over your lid for a shiny pop of color. You can layer an extra coat using just your fingers and get an extreme iridescent effect. The pure glitter can be used all over the lid or lined across the lid like an eyeliner.

My review will be based on the official information. I’m expressing my opinion if the quality of the shades, pigmentation, application and so on matches the official description.

As for the packaging, I feel that Huda has done a good job this time. She definitely learned from the previous palette and this one has a better packaging. It feels sturdy and heavier (which I don’t mind) which definitely gives me more courage to pack it in my suitcase when I travel. It comes with a large mirror inside and has a magnetic closure. The packaging looks good, more resistant and compact so I have not complaints here.

Now if you want to talk colors I guess that just a matter of preferences. I personally adore pinks, plums, purples and nudes so for me is pure heaven. If you wanted something more colorful like green, blue, oranges or yellows then you should pick the new Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette (upcoming review). You have a fine variety of shades that can be used for day or night makeup, four different finishes so there’s a pretty good palette here. Now let’s break down each shade for individual reviews.

Desert Sand Eyeshadow is a light nude-peach with warm, orange undertones and a matte finish. It has a semi-opaque pigmentation and comes close to my skin color. I like to use this shade as a transition shade, to blend in the crease and goes well with the other colors. The texture is thin and feels dry, not very smooth to the touch. The application went fairly well, but I had some minor fall-out when blended. It’s easily blendable and gave me around seven hours wear.

Musk Eyeshadow is a medium taupe brown with warm undertones and matte finish. It has a good pigmentation, being fully opaque. The texture feels smooth and improvement comparing to Desert Sand, but still a bit dry. It applies great, blends easily and has no fall out. I had a bit over eight hours wear with this shade.

Eden Eyeshadow is an intense, brick-orange with warm undertones with matte finish. The color is pigmented, almost full coverage in a single swipe. The consistency is thin and very dry to the touch. The application went well, no fall out and it was easily blendable. It didn’t sheer out when I blended the color. This is one of the colors that I’ve used the least from this palette, not really among my favorites. I had around seven hours wear with this formula.

Amber Eyeshadow is a medium reddish brown with warm undertones and matte finish. It has a great pigmentation, being fully opaque and intense even without using an eyeshadow primer. It was easily blendable and had not fall out. The texture still feels dry but doesn’t have that chalky feel comparing to Desert Sand. This shade got me closer to eight hours wear.

Blood Moon Eyeshadow is an intense medium-dark copper with red undertones and a metallic finish. It has a great pigmentation, being rich and fully opaque. It is in my opinion one of the best shades from this palette if we are talking about quality. The texture is so creamy, feels so smooth and silky to the touch, just a pleasure to play with it. The application went perfect, no fall out, easily blendable while keeping it’s intensity. I enjoyed this color for eight hours.

Oud Eyeshadow is a dark brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. It has a good color payoff, good pigmentation and shows beautifully on the lid. It’s one of the best matte eyeshadows of this palette. The texture was soft, just a bit dusty and didn’t feel so dry like the others. Definitely one of the matte shades that I’m usually reaching out for. I had about seven hours and a half wear with this formula.

Celestial Eyeshadow is a medium peachy-brown with gold undertones and a pinkish-gold duochromatic sparkle. It has a good color payoff, not truly opaque but shows beautifully. The texture feels smooth to the touch but the application was a bit tricky. Applied dry didn’t go so well, didn’t show the intensity of the color and looked sheer. I applied it with a damp brush or over a creamy eyeshadow. You can use it directly over an eyeshadow primer if you want as well. I’m just saying that used dry this color doesn’t perform well so it needs something to stick to. It shows some fall out as well and gave me a bit over 7 hours wear.

Nefertiti Eyeshadow is a medium brown-gold with a sparkling finish. It has a good color payoff but without being very rich or intense. The texture was a bit dusty even though it felt smooth to the touch. During the application I had some minor fall-out and it the color tended to sheer out. I got about seven hours wear out of it.

Twilight Eyeshadow is a bright lavender with pink undertones and metallic finish. This is my favorite color from this palette and is a bit tricky to describe it right. Depending on how the light hits you can see it more a bluish violet with pink undertones. It’s beautiful as it shifts from violet to pink and it looks so different in different lights. I absolutely adore this shade and I was sure it will be amazing since I saw Huda’s dress from the promo photos. I can’t say it’s totally opaque, intensely pigmented but if you apply it damp you get there. Applied dry you’ll get a semi-opaque coverage with a smooth texture. The application went well, no fall out, easily blendable and I can say is the best Duo-Chrome of the palette. The formula took me close to eight hours wear.

Amethyst Eyeshadow is a dark, purple-magenta with pink undertones and a matte finish. I had high hopes for this shade as I absolutely love how it looks on the pan. Unfortunately it isn’t as pigmented as I thought, but buildable to a semi-opaque coverage. I wish I could get an intense, rich and opaque coverage but not likely with this shade. The texture is dry and dusty while the application was a bit difficult. I tried to apply more layers of color so I can intensify this shade but it kept sheering out when I blended. It was a challenge to get that semi-opaque coverage and even finish. Is one of the colors that I was really looking forward to using it but was one of the most difficult to work with. It lasted on me for about seven hours.

Royal Eyeshadow is a medium-dark plum with warm brown undertones and a pink pearl finish. It has an amazing pigmentation with opaque color payoff. It’s a beautiful color, a bit of a dense texture but smooth and silky to the touch. The application went well used both wet or dry, without any fall out it. It’s easily blendable and last for almost eight hours on me.

Retrograde Eyeshadow is an intense copper-brown which shifts in different lights to green and blue sparkle. It’s definitely one of the most interesting colors of this palette. It looks semi-sheer when applied dry but you can get more pigmentation out of it if you use a damp brush. Over an eyeshadow primer or a creamy base it does show a more intense color, up to a semi-opaque coverage. I had a bit of a fall-out during the application as the texture was a bit loose. The color lasted on me a bit over seven hours before fading.

Cashemere Eyeshadow is a light to medium taupe with warm undertones and metallic sheen. It’s a rich and intense color with opaque coverage. The consistency is soft, smooth and just a bit dusty. It blends out easily and adheres well on the lid even on bare skin. I got around eight hours wear with this formula.

Angelic Eyeshadow is a light peachy-pink with warm, golden shimmer. The color offers semi-opaque coverage. It looks beautifully applied on the lid or on the center of the lid for luminosity. The texture is dense but it feels smooth and silky to the touch. I had a bit of a fall-out during the application when I used it dry. I got around seven hours wear with this color.

Cosmo Glitter Eyeshadow is a medium-dark copper with glitter finish. It is a loose glitter compacted in a palette. Once you touch it, turns into a loose glitter so you must treat it accordingly. I advise you to use a glitter glue or a creamy base with this one. If you use it on its own, over a powder eyeshadow it will not impress you. It will look sheer, you get fall out during the application and after that. It’s a shame that Huda didn’t mention more details for this one, like what is the best way to apply it. There are people who are not makeup experts or maybe beginners and don’t really know how to work this shade. It’s a pure glitter so make sure to apply it over a glitter glue or creamy consistency is order to stick and look intense. Throughout the day it tended to migrate so is one of the tricky shades of this palette.

Turkish Delight Eyeshadow is a medium cranberry-red with copper undertones and a metallic sheen. It has a good pigmentation and a beautiful rich color. It’s one of my favorite shades from the palette but it doesn’t apply so evenly. The texture is dense so I had to use an eyeshadow primer to make it adhere better onto the lid. It worked best when I pat it over my lid and not using it to blended in the crease. I got around eight hours wear with this formula.

Saffron Eyeshadow is a muted red with warm undertones and a matte finish. It has a good color payoff and can be easily buildable to full opacity. It had the same dry texture when swatched. The application went well, easily buildable and blendable without any fall out. I got it to stay on my lid for almost eight hours.

Blazing Eyeshadow is an intense, dark-orange with red undertones and a matte finish. It had a good color payoff, looking fully pigmented and intense. I still feel the dry texture when swatching this shade. It applied well, easily blendable and got me close to eight hours wear.


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genevieve November 9, 2017 - 5:45 am

Thankyou for the informative comments and accurate ratings of these shades. The colours here are not for me, but I know how popular they are and it really makes a difference when someone, like yourself, provides an unbiased and systematic rating of the shades.

Tavia November 11, 2017 - 4:43 pm

Hi Genevieve! I absolutely love these shades and I know the palette is not for everyone as it leans more towards pink, purples and nudes. :)Thank you so much!


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