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MAC Light Star-Dipped Face Compact Review, Swatches, Makeup Look

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

MAC Light Star-Dipped Face Compact is a makeup product that screams holiday season, festivities and will definitely melt your heart with that glitter pinky packaging and stars pattern. This joyful and blitzy packaging got the best of me so I couldn’t resist purchasing it. Do I really need in my life? I probably already own a few blushes and highlighters in the same shades so I can’t justify this makeup purchase as something that I really needed to have in my life.

To be honest I bought it for review purposes as I had it on my list for holiday 2019 shopping and I really think it’s a gorgeous product that definitely gets you in that holiday mood. Did I mention it is guaranteed to impress anyone and become the perfect gift? 🙂

U.S. / UK Launch Date – October 2019 at Nordstrom, MAC , Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Cult Beauty, Net-a-Porter, Harvey Nichols, Escentual, MAC UK, SelfridgesHarrods


MAC Light Star-Dipped Face Compact Review

MAC Light Star-Dipped Face Compact ($42.50 / ÂŁ39.00 for 0.48 oz.) is a new, limited edition quad designed for light skin which features two blushes and two highlighters. All 4 colors are Extra Dimension formula and they can be applied dry for a gentle, natural color for a day makeup or wet, using a damp brush for a more intense pigmentation and glow.

I personally liked all the shades and I do find them wearable for fair and light skin tones but I do think even medium ones can play with this palette.


If you are not familiar with Extra Dimension formula by now you should know you’ll get a better application by using a moderate dense brush. Even though I’m a light skin I still needed to dip my brush firmly in the pan and swirl it a few times to pick up product which looked very natural applied dry.

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Because the colors don’t look so harsh and pigmented in one layer is perfect and easy to build up the intensity and if you are a fair skin you shouldn’t be afraid to use this palette. For medium skin tones, I definitely recommend working the shades with a moderate hand and even a dampened brush. These powders will melt so beautifully and evenly into your skin that you won’t have to be afraid of looking cakey or emphasizing your skin texture.

Dipped in Stars is a luminous, medium pink with warm undertones and a luminous sheen. It had great pigmentation being almost opaque in a single layer but still looking natural and subtle. The consistency is smooth but feels dense in the pan. It took so courage to swatch this shade as I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful stars pattern but it will take a few uses before they will disappear.

For this shade I like to use a moderately dense brush and I’m not afraid to pick up a generous amount of product and blend it on my cheeks. If you have very fair skin then you can just use a light hand and easily built it up, so don’t be afraid that you’ll be applying to much. It’s so easily blendable and melts into the skin beautifully that will give you an even, luminous finish. It didn’t emphasize my skin texture, nor did it look powdery or cakey. I had around eight hours wear with this color before it started to fade on me.

Sippin’ on Stars is a light-medium coral with warm, orange undertones, fine gold sparkle and a luminous sheen. It had a great color payoff with an opaque coverage. The texture was smooth but just as dense as the other blush even though for this one I had to use a firm hand to pick up the color on my brush.

It blended so easily and seamlessly on my skin without emphasizing my skin texture or looking cakey and powdery. I had around eight and a half hours wear with this color before it faded noticeably on my skin.

If you are into peachy-orange blushes then you’ll definitely enjoy this one as it will give you a beautiful natural color with a luminous sparkle.

Show Gold is a light, translucent white pink with subtle gold sparkle. I can’t talk about opacity and higher color payoff for this shade as the finish is very sparkly and glittery. I love this shade for its beautiful sparkling effect so I don’t mind that is not so pigmented on my skin.

The color also shifts depending on how the light hits so it definitely gives a pop of luminosity to your entire makeup. I apply this shade with a dry brush just on the top of my cheeks but it can also be layered over other shades. The texture is quite smooth and blends out effortlessly without any fall out. I wore it well for almost nine hours but the sparkle tended to migrate just a bit and lose its intensity over time.

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Hi-Sequincy is a bright, champagne white with very fine gold shimmer and a luminous finish. It had excellent color payoff with opaque pigmentation in a single layer. This baby is quite potent but it can be easily diffused and blended into the skin. For me applying this shade with a dry brush is more than enough to give me a beautiful glow but if you are looking for something more intense just use a dampened brush.

The consistency is very smooth and silky, the best from the entire palette in my opinion. It applies so easily and evenly, without any fall out or powderiness. I absolutely love it as it is so forgiving even on light skin and will definitely work for any skin tone. It doesn’t emphasize my skin texture and wears well on me for an average for eight and a half hours.

MAC Light Star-Dipped Face Compact Swatches

I took these swatches on bare skin, applied dry and in a single layer. Just like this they are beautiful and complement light skin very well. If you want more intensity you can always use a damp brush or built up the color in 2-3 layers. I usually prefer to go easy on my blush and highlighter, especially for a day makeup.


As a blush I was happy with Dipped in Stars (applied dry) in a single layer and Hi-Sequincy applied with my dampened brush by MAC Fix+ setting spray and gently swiped on the top of my cheeks.

MAC Light Star-Dipped Face Compact Makeup Look

I took this photo indoor in a natural light, on a grim London weather, so is not quite the best to reveal how this product looks on me….but days like this are what we get here. A flush of color and a subtle glow was exactly what I was going for.

Later in the day my makeup was looking like this, still with a very subtle rosy blush and gentle glow. I wanted more of a fresh look and youthful looking complexion overall, rather than just a beaming intense glow. 🙂

At my age I do feel that more natural rosy cheeks with a subtle color are what can give my complexion a fresh, healthy and youthful look that will drive the attention away from my dark circles. Also I don’t tend to bring the highlighter very close to the outer part of my eye because I don’t want to emphasize any fine wrinkles that will slowly turn into wrinkles. We all age!

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