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Jill Stuart Holiday 2016 Makeup & Relax Collections

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

The new Jill Stuart Tweed Party Holiday 2016 Collection looks absolutely adorable. Pink chiffon and sweet, fresh colors are making a comeback next season in Jill Stuart Christmas 2016 Collection. Relax Collection has not been forgotten and the products are getting a limited edition, festive packaging. How I wish I’d receive some of these as a Christmas gift this year….unbelievable cute.


Bringing a variety of colors and qualities to your eyes and fingertips, create your own unique arrangement and become cuter than anyone else with stunning tweed makeup. Add them to the products you normally use and enjoy that little extra something during the holiday season.


Japan Launch Date – 4 November 2016

Jill Stuart Holiday 2016 Makeup & Relax Collections

Jill Stuart introduces a super cute, pink and feminine makeup bag, which I could see myself using as a pouch as well. You can fit inside the limited edition Shimmer Couture Eyes palette, Tweed Face Powder, Airy Tint Watery CC Cream and Tweed Gloss Balm.

Jill Stuart Mix Eye Shadow – Limited Edition

  • 01 Fairy Tweed – Purple-pink tweed, with the fragility of a fairy
  • 02 Happy Tweed – Red tweed, with a feeling of blessed happiness
  • 03 Melodious Tweed – Purple tweed, rich with elegance
  • 04 Midnight Tweed – Navy tweed, like a pure and clear night
  • 05 Holiday Tweed – Brown-beige tweed, with an elegant sparkle

Jill Stuart Lash Jewel – Limited Edition

  • 01 Diamond Wink – A crystal silver sparkle like diamonds
  • 02 Sweet Wink – A radiant pink sparkle like pink rubies

Jill Stuart Opal Dew Lip Gloss – Limited Edition

  • Clear color that encloses the delicate sparkle of opals

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R – 10 ml

  • 59 Holy Song – Sparkling rose gold, as clear as a holy song (Limited Edition)
  • 60 Party Invitation – A cute milky pink
  • 61 Cherry Pie – A deep red, like ripe cherries
  • 62 My Present – A bright red, like pure happiness (Limited Edition)

Jill Stuart Nail Art Liner –  6 ml

  • 10 Brilliant Crystal – Brilliant silver, as though packed with delicate diamonds
  • 11 Sparkling Gold – Sparkling gold, with a brilliant glitter
  • 12 Pale Blue – Pale blue, pure and cool (Non Pearl) (Limited Edition)
  • 13 Pale Pink – Pale pink, charming and cute (Non Pearl) (Limited Edition)
  • 14 Milky Gray – Milky grey, with a gentle sparkle (Non Pearl) (Limited Edition)

Jill Stuart Eye Color Brush – Limited Edition

An eye color brush that feels soft against  the skin and provides a beautiful, uniform finish.

Jill Stuart Relax Holiday 2016 Collections features Oil In Fragrance Hair Mist, Moisturizing Body Shimmer, Hand Cream and Melty Whipped Body Cream.

Enjoy more photos…

jill-stuart-holiday-2016-makeup jill-stuart-holiday-2016-makeup-1 jill-stuart-holiday-2016-makeup-2



jill-stuart-holiday-2016-makeup-collection-1 jill-stuart-holiday-2016-makeup-collection-2 jill-stuart-holiday-2016-nail-polish


jill-stuart-holiday-2016-relax jill-stuart-holiday-2016-relax-collection jill-stuart-holiday-2016-relax-collection-1

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