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Guerlain #06 Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Color Review, Swatches, Makeup Look

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

During the holiday season a new shade joined my lipstick collection and this time it was Guerlain #06 Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Color. I received this lipstick along with the beautiful golden case as a Christmas Gift from Escentual, a website that I love to shop for high end brands.

I’m often recommending you to head over to Escentual as they have the lowest prices on high end or luxury beauty brands. Not to mention they over free delivery over £30.00 purchase. It was such a wonderful surprise and I guess they already know my taste in makeup judging from all the purchases that I made from their website.

U.S. – Now at Sephora, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom

UK – Now at Selfridges, Harrods, Debenhams, Feel Unique , Escentual (BEST PRICE)


Guerlain #06 Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Color Review

Well let’s get back to our #06 Rouge G de Guerlain shade right here, a shade that launched along others back in 2018. Once Guerlain announced this launched, I got super excited and I knew my money will go on several shade and lipstick cases.

In the very beginning I went and bought a few shades and lip cases and you READ MY REVIEWS HERE. Since it’s so easy to fall in love with Guerlain Rouge G lipstick formula it was just a matter of time for me until I purchased a new shade.

This time I went with something more neutral so I purchased Guerlain #62 Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Color (review, swatches).

The lowest price for Guerlain lipsticks is at Escentual as they cost £22.05 each comparing to £24.50 in other stores. The lip cases as well have a special price of £13.05 comparing to £14.50. So basically you are saving up to £4.00 per shade if you buy a lipstick + lip case.

Guerlain #06 Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Color (2018) ($32.00 / £24.50 / €31.50 / 238.00 Lei for 0.12 oz. / 3.5 g) is ) is a medium nude pink with warm undertones and a natural sheen. It had a good color payoff, with a rich and pigmented color.

It shows a full coverage in almost two layers with a luminous sheen. When it comes to nudes with just a twist of pink to them, this is a perfect shade. I love the fact that is not that classic nude when you want something extra.

It looks good on any skin tone, from light to medium and dark as I’ve seen this color on others as well. My lips look a bit plumped due to the gentle glossy finish this color has.

It applies on evenly and glides effortlessly across the lips without pulling or tugging. The formula is lightweight and creamy without being heavy. It gives me a comfortable feeling throughout the wear, feeling lightweight all the time that I barely forget I’m wearing a lip color.

It doesn’t sink into lip lines, nor emphasizes them and adding just a touch of natural glossy finish is perfect. Guerlain #06 Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Color is the one that is perfect for everyday use, if go to work, school or even later in the day if you go out to dinner or hang out with friends.

I love it because is a different kinda of nude lip color when you are bored of the classic beige-nude on your lips. It also feel hydrating throughout the wear and stays on put even after I had a meal.

Overall it lasts well on me for about six hours. Even when I have something to drink or eat, I don’t need to retouch my lip color, but the shine is definitely diminished.

The formula has a sweet scent to it which is not noticeable when worn on the lips.

I got this shade along with the limited edition Electric Gold Lip Case (is still available in on line & in stores). This is such an elegant lip case that comes with a double mirror so you can easily retouch your lip color when needed.

You can choose from a multitude of styles, as Guerlain offers an entire range of lip cases from the most timeless to the trendiest. HERE are the ones I have so far. I’m planning on getting some new ones along with more shades in the near future.

A limited holiday version of the Rouge G Lipstick Case. Guerlain has created its first customizable lipstick with a double mirror: Rouge G de Guerlain. Choose your shade and case to create your own lipstick. Choose from a multitude of styles, from the most timeless to the trendiest, to meet your every wish. Made in France.

Guerlain #06 Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Color Swatches

Here’s how the lip color swatches in one layer on my hand. On my lips I applied two layers of Guerlain #06 Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Color for a full, opaque coverage and bit more of that shiny finish.

Guerlain #06 Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Color Makeup Look

Last but not least, here’s my most recent makeup look where I’m wearing Guerlain #06 Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Color. What I’m wearing on the rest of my face I’ll disclose in an upcoming review, because there are some new products that I’m sure you’ll want to hear about.

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