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Dolce&Gabbana Mysterious Baroque Summer 2020 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

We are getting new items featured in Dolce&Gabbana Mysterious Baroque Summer 2020 Collection which launches in June. Apart from those gorgeous Solar Glow products now we are looking at a new face, eyes and lips palette along with gorgeous powders and lipstick.

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U.S. / UK Launch Date – June 2020 at Harrods


Dolce&Gabbana Mysterious Baroque Summer 2020 Collection

Mysterious Baroque Makeup Essential Palette – Limited Edition

“Mysterious Baroque Makeup Essential Palette” is a makeup palette inspired by the mysterious atmosphere of the Middle East. When you open the gold and dark blue damask pattern package inspired by the tradition of the luxurious Baroque era, colors such as blue, amethyst, and dahlia that are beautiful like a jewel appear.

Contains 4 colors of eye shadow, 2 colors of lip powder, highlighter and bronzing powder. It also has a large mirror and double-ended brush built in, so you can use it on the go.

EYESHADOWS: Beige, amethyst, blue, and dark gray are set from the left. In addition to jewels, we have prepared dense colors inspired by the beauty of nature such as the deep sea, the desert, and the night sky. The smooth powder instantly develops vivid color, giving it a shimmery glow while naturally blending into the skin.

LIP POWDERS: Two colors, Almond and Dahlia, are set from the top. It uses a new formula that changes from powder to glossy, semi-matt lipstick. When you put it on your lips, it spreads when you do it, and the color develops densely. You can also adjust the color to your liking by overlaying two colors.

HIGHLIGHTER & BRONZING POWDER: The lightly-powdered powder controls the shadows on the entire face, giving a warm, three-dimensional face.


Light Highlighting Powder – Limited Edition

Is a compact gold powder and has an elaborate damask pattern on the surface of the powder. The formula containing pearls is a highlighting powder that leads to healthy glossy skin. The fluffy feel lasts all day.
  • 1 Precious Gold
  • 2 Antique Bronze
  • 3 Opulent Pink

Luminous Color Lipstick – Limited Edition

  • 235 Blooming Garden – coral pink

The limited color is part of “The Only One Luminous Color Lipstick,” which achieves a satin-like glossy color with a single application. Coral pink, which adds a warm impression to the lips, matches every scene.

From the separately sold cap “The Only One Cap to Complete”, you can enjoy the mood of the collection even more by choosing the same gold and damask pattern as the highlighting powder design.

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