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Dior Diorskin Forever Cushion Spring 2018

by Tavia

Hello babes!

The launch of Dior Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation 24H Full Coverage is a hot subject. I previously disclosed everything I know about this product at this point on a separate article. Since yesterday, I posted several sneak peek on Instagram about the new Dior Diorskin Forever Cushion compact. This one will be launched as a limited edition for Spring 2018.


Japan Launch Date – 2 March 2018

Dior Diorskin Forever Cushion Spring 2018

I’m just gonna go straight to the point and tell you that this is not only a limited edition but Asia exclusive as well. It will be released in five shades so you can easily guess we are talking about light skin tones. The upcoming version of Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation 24h Full Coverage will offer 26 shades from light to darkest so this is a product everyone is talking about lately.

The cushion version has a very elegant and stylish packaging. I would absolutely want it just because it looks so trendy. I would put it in my purse and use the mirror for daily touch-ups when I’m on the go. By the way, I’m also loving the new Dior bag from the promo photos.

The new foundation will be offering a matte finish with a lightweight, cushion formula. It will give a fresh and illuminating effect to your skin.

I don’t want to twist the knife anymore about the Cushion foundation, but if you are lucky enough to visit Japan in the spring keep your eyes open for this one. 🙂

I posted a closer look at this foundation on Instagram earlier today!

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Aly Stolba December 18, 2017 - 2:23 am

Thanks for sharing!! I live in the US so the availability makes me sad : ( Do you know why so many cosmetic companies wait so long to release in the US? I have been eyeing the new Armani cushion for a while!

Tavia December 18, 2017 - 12:02 pm

Always my pleasure! There are a lots of Asian exclusive items, especially when it comes to cushion products because they are so popular in Asia and not so much in US or other countries. I even think it’s easier to release just a few foundation shades in light tones and make it limited edition. For US it would mean discrimination if you just bring a cushion in white shade and make it limited edition. If you think companies wait too long to release stuff in the US you should try Europe, where rarely Asia or US limited edition make their way here.

Crystal February 13, 2018 - 9:01 am

Hii Tavia,

thanks for the info. when you say Asia does it mean all the Asian countries will have it or just Japan bc I notice only one release date and that’s for Japan. Thanks

Tavia February 14, 2018 - 8:37 pm

Hi Crystal! It will be released in other Asian countries as well. I’m following a few Influences from Asia and they’ve already posted the products so it must be available already. 🙂


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