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Charlotte Tilbury Dancefloor Princess Lipstick Review, Swatches

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I’m wearing Charlotte Tilbury Dancefloor Princes Lipstick on my lips as I’m writing this review. Charlotte Tilbury launched Hot Lips 2 lipstick collection which features 10 shades in customizable lip cases. Buying Dancefloor Princess came so natural to me as it was the only girly pink shade from the collection. I also took advantage of Cult Beauty offer at the time and got a 15% OFF.

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Charlotte Tilbury Dancefloor Princess Lipstick Review

Charlotte Tilbury Dancefloor Princess Lipstick ($37.00 /  £28.00) is a medium pink with warm undertones and a cream finish. It swatched more as a light brown pink on my hand but it showed up as a warmer pink on my lips. The color is permanent so you can get it in the new hot lips 2 packaging or the classic lip case.

It looked pigmented but it delivered a semi-opaque coverage on the lips. In the photos bellow I applied two layers of color to even out the finish and reduce the subtle lines left behind.

The consistency is creamy, feels comfortable on the lips but I didn’t feel my lips were very hydrated. It has a light creamy consistency but is moderately hydrating if I can say so. I didn’t sense any dryness in my lips throughout the wear but I reached for my lip balm once the color wore off.

The color is really nice, feminine and suitable for day to day makeup looks. It’s not too bright or too girly girl so I think is suitable even for more mature ladies. Hey, I’m in my late 30’s and I feel good wearing Chartlotte Tilbury Dancefloor Princess lipstick. Is an universal flattering lipstick shade for light and darker skin tones alike.

As the consistency is creamy, I noticed it tends to settle a bit in my lip lines but is only noticeable from a close-up distance. I wished for a smoother and perfect application but the lipstick didn’t glide so effortlessly across my lips. I need two layer to even out the color and I would have still reached for a third to be honest.

The color lasts for about 3 to 4 hours on my lips, a bit less if I’m drinking or having a meal. I noticed a faint vanilla scent in the formula which doesn’t linger for long though. It doesn’t leave a stain behind.

Charlotte Tilbury Dancefloor Princess Lipstick Swatches

This is a swatch of Charlotte Tilbury Dancefloor Princess Lipstick in two layers. As you can see it has a natural, luminous sheen which is beautiful. There is a difference in color as how it swatches on my arm and how it looks on my lips to be honest. I like the final effect with 2-3 layers of lipstick applied on my lips.

Charlotte Tilbury Dancefloor Princess Lipstick Lip Swatches

This is Dancefloor Princess applied in two layers as you can still see the color doesn’t look flawless. And no, my lips were not dry or dehydrated, they were normal. This morning I applied the color directly after my lip balm and the lipstick applied and glided easily.

I’ve actually just posted a photo on my Instagram page so you can see how this color looks on me.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the shades from this collection. What shades did you buy and how do you like them? 🙂

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