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Autumn came! How do you treat our skin?

by Tavia


Autumn comes with the sad feeling that sunny days are ending, with lovely memories from vacation but also with concerns about our skin.

Now it’s a good time to repair the damaged caused by the hot summer sun. Dehydration, skin deterioration, visible wrinkles, lack of shine, pigmentation spots due to sun burns, exfoliated and irritated skin, broken capillaries, are some of the symptoms that we are feeling in this period, that’s why our skin needs a gentle approach, special care different from the one in the summer and treating these problems.

  • For the beginning, exfoliation will help the skin to get rid of the dead cells, to facilitate the hydration and nourishment of the skin. Also, exfoliation will stimulate the production of new collagen, contributing to regeneration and cell renewal. It’s recommended an enzyme based product for sensitive skin, or predisposed to acne and a mechanical exfoliation, with products that contain granules, for dry or normal skin.


Other professional exfoliating procedures are recommended in October, when sun looses its intensity and doesn’t cause other damage.

  • The next step after the exfoliation is hydration and nutrition. After a summer with a very hot sun, when skin looses very much water, is necessary balancing the  hydration. Is recommended the use of hydrating masks once or twice a week. If your skin is dry you should be using buttery creams, based on oil and water, and if is oily, gel products or with light texture, like oil free type are the best.

Cosmetics treatments with concentrated serums and emulsions which contains vitamins and antioxidants that improve skin condition and reduce the harmful effects of the sun, are necessary.


  • Vitamin C is not only a good antioxidant, which acts against free radicals, ameliorates the damaged caused by the sun, toning down brown blemishes, stimulates collagen production and improves skin micro-circulation.
  • Vitamin E works together with Vitamin C to protect the skin from the UV rays. It’s a strong antioxidant with anti-aging properties.
  • Vitamin A (retinol) is efficient in anti-aging treatments, improves the epidermis quality and stimulates the collagen synthesis. Retinol can cause sensitivity and side effects of the sun, that’s why autumn, when the sun action is not that strong, it’s a good time to start treatments with Vitamin A.

vitamins & minerals - healthy skin

When skin is dehydrated, the barrier against environmental risks and free radicals, is very low which goes to the acceleration of  aging process. In order to stimulate the hydration and protection level, hyaluronic acid is known for its quality to maintain the skin healthy and beautiful.

Further cosmetic treatments at home with antioxidant products, anti-aging or energizing, is a condition in order to increase the efficiency.

Change of season offers the possibility to treat solar blemishes, to make whitening treatments and it’s recommended using SPF, even though sun action is not that strong like in the summer.

No matter how sophisticated are the treatments that we apply, we won’t see very good results if the vitamins and minerals contribution doesn’t come from inside.

The beauty of the skin comes from a healthy nutrition, rich in vitamins ( we also must not forget about quality sleep). Our diet must include fruits, good fats ( fish oil, olive oil).

  • Vitamins A, C, E, F are know because of their protective and healing properties, are also the best anti-wrinkles, regenerate skin deep. Vitamins B are essential for the proper functioning of the skin, zinc has a critical importance in the function of healing the skin, reduces the inflammation and fights the acne, Omega 3 fat acids improves skin texture, magnesium improves blood circulation, and we also must not miss iron, calcium and potassium.


Autumn offers a great variety of fruits and vegetables, that provides the nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need to maintain from inside a beautiful skin.

This is a wonderful time to enjoy the changes of the nature, and in order to maintain and optimal skin quality we need lots of exercises in open air, walks and hiking.

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