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Review – La Prairie Age Management Eye Repair

by Tavia

Hello ladies, as you may know by know, I’m a fan of La Prairie products and today I will  review The Age Management Eye Repair cream. In the last couple of months I’ve been testing three eye-creams from La Prairie

  1. Age Management Eye Repair
  2. Cellular Radiance Eye Cream – Restorative Eye Therapy
  3. Cellular Eye Contour Cream – 24 Hour Age Fighting Eye Care

they are all great products with visible effects within days. I hope that in the next few days I will review the other two creams and tell you my impressions about their wonderful effects.


Now, let’s talk about our first cream La Prairie Age Management Eye Repair that I’ve been using for more than 2 weeks. About 2 months ago when I stopped by Sephora to check out the prices on La Prairie products – because my Prairie anti-aging eye cream a cellular intervention complex SPF 15 was coming to an end – I was engaged in a conversation by the Sephora seller that asked me if she can help me in some way. She wanted to know if I’m familiar with La Prairie products and after noticing that I’ve been using them for quite a while and I know very well what I’m looking for and I’m now interested in testing other creams she offered me 3 samples of those 3 creams that I’ve just told you about.


  • Being a sample of 2 ml I didn’t expect to last longer than a few days, but again this company surprised me in a pleasant way. This little sample last me about 2 and half weeks, and trust me I’ve been using it 2 times a day (morning and evening). So, first of all I know that La Prairie has some high prices but they are explained. Their products last much longer than others, you only need to apply a very small amount of product and you will see it’s ok. When you are using it for the first time, the pump should be depressed several time in order to be activated. Be careful not to press the pump to hard, but if you do it’s ok cause the amount of product will be enough for both eye’s areas, so you just make sure to divide that amount in two before applying it on your orbital bone. Anyway, for portion control you just have to depress the pump halfway.
  • The original tube has 15ml of product so I think it will be enough for about 5-6 months. I was previously using La Prairie Anti-Aging eye cream a cellular intervention complex SPF 15, which is also a great eye cream (I’ve already bought it again) and has the same amount of 15 ml that last me about 6months.
  • The packaging. Usually companies don’t give to much importance to samples packaging, but as you can see from the photo the tube is very chic and classy. I also like that it’s transparent so I can see the amount of product that remains inside and I found very stylish its silver cap. The box is also silver but very shining, like all La Prairie products ( I had a hard time making photos because  the box it’s almost like a mirror and every object is reflected in it). Being so small it fits perfectly in any bag (especially the small ones) and you can take it with you anywhere. I think it’s also ideal to take it with you when you go to trips leaving your 15 ml eye cream at home (to bad I’ve already finished it ).
  • The texture is creamy and soft but also light. Is not heavy on my face and it sinks right away into the skin but persisting for hours to come. The eye area becomes very hydrated and retexturized. Since I was previously using the anti aging eye cream, my fine lines were reduced, but during the time I’ve tested the Age Management Eye Repair cream they didn’t came back so this one has also the effect of reducing the appearance of fine dry lines. It just continued the great job that my previously eye cream had done.
  • My skin texture felt smooth and being a cream gel fluid it penetrates the skin quickly. My skin firmness was increased and the under-eye puffiness and dark circles were reduced. During these 2 weeks while I was using this cream gel I had a couple of party-nights so I think it read my thoughts ( smart cream ) and figure it out that I don’t like to wake up with dark circles around my eyes, no matter the time I went to bed. My eyes looked smoother and brighter even if I’ve missed a night of sleep. I could see within days how my skin condition improves.
  • It was still summer outside when I was testing this eye cream, high temperatures (+40 degrees C)  if  I can be more specific, but the skin recovered instantly from the damaging effects of the sun. If you didn’t used eye creams with SPF before, Age Management Eye Repair will help you heal those sign that sun left on your eye area. It will also help your skin combat the effects of stress and pollution.
  • It’s a perfect cream for young ladies, who don’t have severe signs of aging, deep wrinkles ( I’m not talking about the visible wrinkles of expression that are normal) or very dark circles around the eyes. You can use this cream in your 20’s without woring that is to early for you to start using an eye cream. Like specialists said, we don’t have to use an anti-aging eye cream only after we start seeing the first signs of aging. This cream is perfect for a first type of eye cream. Later on you can use anti-aging creams targeted on your specific eye area problems.



  • The price: I know is an expensive cream, not so many ladies can afford it,  you can find it between 100 -150$ on internet. Sorry guys I’m from Europe so I don’t know the exact price in the US shops.
  • No SPF, so if you want to use it during the day you must apply your sun cream first. Even though you’ll see your skin recovering instantly from the damaging effects of the sun doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a sunscreen or you can choose and eye cream with SPF during day time and Age Management Eye Repair during the night time.

How to apply:

Apply it daily using a light patting motion, apply over the orbital bone and under the eye but be carefoul to avoid the eyelid. It’s also recommended to avoid the contact with eyes, lips and broken skin.

Other info:

I know this may not be so important for some of you, but I want to mention that ( it may be important for those who use this drugs) you should consult your physician if you are using a prescription drugs like Retinoic Acid or Accutane.

I hope you enjoyed my review and please let me know in the comments bellow what you think about this eye cream, if you had the chance to test it or if you can recommend another great eye cream that you’ve been using at the moment. If you have any questions regarding this cream post a comment bellow and I will answer you shortly.

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kpriss September 16, 2009 - 8:04 pm

Haven’t had the chance to get to meet La Prairie products personally. I only swear on Vaseline, actually, I’m a really lazy beauty-person: I rarely apply skin care products and/or makeup. (that doesn’t imply I’m a militant against skin care products and/or makeup). I do believe beauty comes from inside out so I tend to be careful with what I eat/drink and my sleep.

However, good for you, your consistency could serve you well in the future!

Bailey (Makeover Momma) September 17, 2009 - 2:56 pm

I should definitely try this cream… my hands get so dry… great post! : )

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