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Artdeco Specials for Spa & Body

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

Artdeco presents a differing kind of collection, Spa & Body Specials, which features products meant to take you into an imaginary journey of the eastern spa and get you completely relaxed.


The new Specials for Spa & Body take you on a journey through an aromatic far eastern spa. Scented candles fill your home with fresh and fruity or soft and tender smells. The nourishing bath milk pampers your skin with precious and exotic ingredients.


International Launch Date – November 2016 at Douglas

Artdeco Specials for Spa & Body

Soothing Bath Milk – €12.99 for 400 ml

The Soothing bath milk with its invigorating fruity scent stimulates your senses. The precious ingredients of ginger roots and goji berries nourish and revitalize your skin. The revitalizing bath milk transforms the bathwater into a milky, softly foaming bath sensation. After the bath your skin feels silky smooth and refreshed.

  • Ginger & Goji Berry
  • White Lotus & Rice Milk

Aromatic Candle – €19.99

  • The scented candle Deep Relaxation transforms your home into a slow-moving oasis of relaxation. The candle smells pleasantly of balancing neroli and relaxing, warm sandalwood. Indulge yourself with a moment of calm, harmonious relaxation!
  • The high-quality scented candle SENSUAL BALANCE pampers you with its exotic, sensuous scent of ylang-ylang and patchouli. Ylang-ylang has a soothing and relaxing effect on your body and soul. Indulge yourself with moments of inner balance!
  • The scented candle Skin Purity fills your home with the scent of the precious lotus flower and soothing rice milk. In Asia, white lotus represents immaculate purity. Rice milk is an allegory for luck and prosperity. Let the bewitching scents transform your home into an oasis of purity and ease.
  • The scented candle New Energy wraps your home into fruity and invigorating scents with ginger roots and goji berries. The aromatic scent invigorates your senses. Make your home a place of power and vitality.

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artdeco-asian-spa-bath-milk artdeco-asian-spa-aromatic-candle artdeco-asian-spa-aromatic-candles

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