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Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying & Plumping Daily Booster Review

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I’ve decided to make a comeback on reviewing skincare products due to the fact that being in my late 30’s I’ve bought and tested more skincare than makeup. Chicprofile was focused more on makeup rather than skincare over the past few years but I want to change this. I want to have a balance between skincare and makeup from now on, because you see…when you are not in your 20’s anymore… makeup can only do so much and skincare should be taken seriously.

Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying and Plumping Daily Booster is a product that I personally purchased two times since it launched and last year I’ve also received it as PR. I’ve used several products from Vichy Mineral 89 family but today I’ll tell you my thoughts on the Fortifying and Plumping Daily Booster.

U.S. / UK – Now at ULTA, Escentual (best price), Feel Unique, Look Fantastic

Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying And Plumping Daily Booster Review

I always took care of my skin and I developed a skincare routine since I was 18. I made mistakes but I also learned from them and I want to share with you at least some of the products that I’ve been using for the past few months & years. Believe me or not, I’ve been photographing almost every product that I’ve used for the past 5 years, studying its ingredients and learning as much as I could about a healthy skincare routine.

This being said, let me start with my thoughts on this daily booster that I’ve also used during the hot days of summer and cold days of winter.

Vichy Mineral 80 Fortifying and Plumping Daily Booster (£22.50 for 75 ml at Feel Unique / £18.70 for 50 ml at Escentual) comes in a transparent, sturdy glass bottle with a pump. It’s available as 30 ml/ 50 ml and 75 ml


Aqua / Water, PEG/PPG/Polybutylene Glycol-8/5/3 Glycerin, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Methyl Gluceth-20, Carbomer, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Citric Acid, Biosaccharide Gum-1.

My Experience & Opinions

The formula contains 89% of Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water which is really a lot of water. This is a plus for anyone who is looking for hydration from a skincare product and not only that.

There’s a difference between water and Vichy’s Thermal Water so keep this in mind next time you want to try out any of Vichy Mineral 89 products.

Thermal Water is rich rich in minerals which gives moisture and soothing properties to the skin. Ups, forgot to mention skin-strengthening properties but that’s not all that you can find in this booster.

Vichy’s Mineral 89 Daily Booster has 15 minerals, some of them being calcium, magnesium and potassium. Call me fancy but I don’t like to drink tap water. I always consume bottled water and look carefully at what it contains and the quantities. I see this daily booster as a quality water for my skin.

I mentioned above 11 ingredients which a super friendly even for the most sensitive skin like mine. Take a closer look at the ingredient’s list and you’ll spot glycerin and and sodium hyaluronate which have the role of drawing moisture from the environment and place it into your skin. They are called humectants.

I love its light, gel-like formula that sinks immediately into the skin leaving it soft and moisturized. Sodium Hyaluronate which is a form of hyaluronic acid is the ingredient responsible for providing all this moisture, because it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water! Isn’t that impressive?

I like how lightweight it feels on the skin and how fresh my complexion looks. This is only a daily booster which means that you still have to apply a moisturizer. My skin is combination and sensitive so I love lightweight formulas like gel-type, lotions and serums.

Applying Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying and Plumping Daily Booster doesn’t give me the right to skip my serum and lotion. It works great with any other product, layers beautifully and won’t cause flaking. Just apply it after you cleansed your skin and I hope you won’t forget about your Vitamin C serum or cream. 🙂

I’d recommend this product to any skin type but especially to those who have dry or sensitive skin and need that extra burst of moisture. It’s a great product to add to your skincare routine especially when the cold season starts and you need that extra hydration but also during the hot summer months when the temperatures are going crazy.

I personally turn to this product in those extreme months of summer and winter. How about you? When you do feel that you need a boost of hydration? 🙂

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